Playground Workout! (if I say “Adult Playground” it sounds dirty.)


Tuesday: 15 triceps, 10 min lower back, 10 abs

Wednesday: 12 min elliptical, 20 minutes chest/shoulders, 15 abs

Over the weekend I tested my foot out for the first time. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I couldn’t take being cooped up in our apartment any longer. I made it about 25 minutes at a slow pace and it felt great just moving around.

There is a cool outside gym that has a full body workout you can follow. I tried it out just to see how hard it was. The workout started with some walks on a balance beam, forward and lateral (side) steps. This was where I found out that my balance is a tad off from putting all my weight into the left side.


Then we had to do pull-ups. I did a few sets—which consisted of me doing about 2 per set. Pull-ups are hard guys..Here’s a great picture of me staring at the enemy going into a third set, where I failed my muscles after one pull-up.


Success! Kinda!


Next was this bar they wanted you to jump over, i obviously wasn’t attempting that one and there was a bench for crunches, but i’m too much of a germaphobe to lay down on something like that (plus i do core work constantly) so I moved on to the thing i’m loving lately, pushups!


Overall it was a quick, decent full body workout. Definitely a little more advanced than the average person could handle, but at the same time I don’t feel like the average person would do a workout in the middle of a trail system.  Weirdos like me get excited when there’s a pull-up bar in an unconventional place.

The signs that walked me through the workout also congratulated me! So nice of them. 🙂


Big news today! I stepped on an elliptical for twelve whole minutes. I needed to sweat and get my heart beating and feel like i was working. I love my strength training and i’m glad a little bit of “injury depression” hasn’t made me lose sight of the big picture, but man alive, i needed that few minutes of full body cardio. I didn’t have pain while using it and I can put my full body weight into it again. I’m not 100%, but overall good progress this week!!

I haven’t received a dr.’s OK yet, which is why i’m not pushing any sort of cardio until I get the all clear. Aside from that I’m still taking a conservative approach to recovery– icing and resting the foot, and wearing a compression sleeve or sock part of the day.  I can put my full body weight into it again. HUGE Progress this week!!

Cardio of choice if running is not allowed?

rowing machine, stairmill

Favorite type of workout besides running?

tabata, crossfit, yoga

Author: She's Going the Distance


19 thoughts on “Playground Workout! (if I say “Adult Playground” it sounds dirty.)

  1. Ughhhh I used to row and after 2k time trials and other such torture I will never consider an erg “fun.” Favorite non running cardio is elliptical or spin class. Fav type of workout is circuits or plyo!

  2. There is a park near us that has a trail with all of those sorts of stations, we will go walking there and play tennis on the courts.

    The pre-pull up picture looks like you are saying ‘ugh, are you freaking kidding me’! 🙂

    Your questions tripped me up with the ‘other than running part’ … I don’t understand? There is something else? 🙂

    Glad things are feeling pretty good and you are taking it slow, look forward to when you can start back to running and full activity.

  3. Wow! Being able to do multiple pull-ups is so impressive! I can’t even do one! If I can’t run my favorite form of cardio is swimming and the strider machine because it mimics running so much better than the elliptical!

    • The one major thing I’ve noticed since my last few halfs is my upper body strength. During my 18 miler, i never once had to shake out my arms! and I completely agree–i love the strider machine. If i get the okay, i’m on it 1st thing monday morning!

  4. We have a World Trail workout set up at the park in our neighborhood. They are stationed around the quarter mile loop so you could get a real good workout in. If i can’t run I would cycle or swim. I love crossfit/HIIT style workouts that I do in my garage!

  5. There aren’t any of those outdoor gyms near me but that one looked awesome. Overall great workout and great news about your injury.

  6. Looks like a fun workout! I can not do a pull up for the life of me…actually I haven’t tried in like 10 years but I still doubt it.
    My cardio of choice when I can’t run is spinning…but when I can’t do that I guess I would settle for the elliptical. I am trying to like swimming more but I just can’t figured out how to breathe properly while I swim. I end up with quite a bit of pool water in my lungs, so that’s no fun.

    • i’m sooo not a swimmer. I wear contacts and i always get chlorine in my eye (or salt if it’s the ocean) and i can’t breathe out my nose well, and i get ear infections easily… but pool running i guess doesn’t mean my head is in the water..soo…

  7. That place looks pretty cool! And kudos with the pull-ups! I think I’ve only ever done one real one in my entire life.

    I’ll use the elliptical if I can’t run but I do not enjoy it. Yoga and rock climbing for an alternative workout.

  8. You are the best, Cori!

  9. I like to bike or use the elliptical if I can’t run. My other favorite workouts are spinning, trx, and climbing. If I have the time, I also like long steep hiking.

  10. That place is so neat! I wish I had one near me. I’d use it all the time. I wonder if the other parents would side eye me if I did stuff like this at the playground where I take my daughter. I’m so glad you are feeling better!

    Fave cardio besides running? Bike and hot yoga because that can DEFINITELY be cardio. My favorite other workout is always yoga in general though.

  11. Haha, adult playground does indeed sound dirty! Lol 🙂 That trail workout looks loads of (hard) fun!

    Favourite out of those two choices = stair climber.

    Other cross-training I like to do when I can’t run is cycling outdoors or some strength training.

    Cheers, Lou.

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