Between White Lines

Monday: “The 120” Workout, 15 abs

Tuesday: 30 min total body cardio workout, 3m easy 8:45/pace

Wednesday: 6m track workout 4 X 800s 7:40/pace

Woo! I’m ready to talk about a few awesome workouts i’ve done over the last few days..

“The 120” – I had about 25 minutes to kill between clients so I made up a quick, fun, challenging arm workout. You start with 15 pushups (good ones!) and then do 15 TRX high rows w/shoulder rotation (if you don’t have a TRX just do inverted rows or straight up barbell rows. Then you go to 14 and 14, 13 and 13.. all the way to 1. When you finish you end up doing 120 pushups and 120 rows. KILLER shoulder/chest/ab workout. And it’s way harder than it sounds.  It starts as strength and as the reps go down so should the rest time in between, turning the workout into endurance… love it!


Last Friday’s front squat/dead lift workout w/Arielle!

Last week I did a faster than I should have run, an impromptu tempo run. My splits were 7:52, 7:36, 6:58. 7:56, 8:15. I blame that Sun Models song I told you about last week. It will be a fantastic song toward the end of fall races. And holy mother I can’t believe my legs have speed again. Fall racing is looking up!

Today I decided to hit the track for realz. I started with a 1 mile warm up 9:05/pace <—that took some restraint, but I have to focus on keeping my warm ups/cool downs and easy running EASY.


7:00am walkers

I wanted to keep the track workout simple & short. I’m still being cautious about overdoing it, but it’s time to start marathon training and to do that I have to push my legs a bit. 4 X 800s was the workout.


Reunited and it feels so gooood!

Splits (with 1-lap easy recovery in between each interval)

1 X 800 3:23

2 X 800 3:20

3 X 800 3:03

4 X 800 3:00

Mile splits: 9:05 warm up, 7:12, 6:45, 6:55, 8:00 cool down, 8:15 cool down

and I kept track of my splits like a caveman…There are literally small piles of rocks that add up to the number it should say digitally and sticks that are the colon time divider. And where there aren’t any rocks it’s means zero. I’m ridiculous, but it worked… Then I realized I had a phone to use to keep track of my splits and felt like a huge idiot haha. It was fun anyway.


I felt like I could have gone longer, gone faster, but I was just so ecstatic that it was happening I didn’t care too much about pace or distance. I just wanted to run fast. It was the first time since April that I felt like I wasn’t inhibited by an injury.

And i couldn’t help but laugh because every time I see those white lines at the track and i hit a workout hard…all I can think of is Jack Black.

Have you ever seen a girl so happy to do 800s?? Also– you know it’s laundry day when i’m wearing white socks :/

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.18.11 PM

Last Week

Monday: 3m 9:25/pace

Tuesday: 6.6m easy progressive (9:00-8:00pace), 40 min full body cardio/strength workout

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3m 9:59/pace, 30 min triceps/biceps, 15min full leg TRX

Friday: 7.3m 8:14/pace, 20 min legs (straight leg deadlifts + front squats 70lb bar)

Saturday: 5m easy 8:46/pace, 20 shoulders

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 24.6

Track  – Love it or hate it? 



Irish You Were Beer!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3m 9:59/pace, 30 min triceps/biceps, 15min full leg TRX

Friday: 7.3m 8:14/pace, 20 min legs (straight leg deadlifts + front squats 70lb bar)

So a few of you may know from Instagram last Saturday that I sat for about 4 hours to start a huge as–everyone keeps calling it–tattoo.


Kevin @ Bethesda Tattoo

I love it.—(this picture was about 3 hours in, the last hour was spent shading in black. I go back for color in about 4 weeks. The whole time I was sitting for this i kept saying to myself “stay present” because this is mental marathon training, if you believe in such a thing. Sitting still in your mind for hours and hours enduring pain–yep, sounds like a marathon to me.


After the amazing torture session, Sarah and I grabbed a few beers across the street at Tommy Joe’s. I owed her for sitting by my side for that many hours.


beer in neon

The night didn’t end there. We decided to walk over to Georgetown Cupcakes (there’s one in Bethesda), but the line was CRAZY long. We did the next best thing.. got an adult milkshake (damn you Emmeline, you got me hooked!). Then we made friends with the bartender. Wanna see what happened next?

How to drink an Irish Car Bomb

1) Stare at it and make a disgusted, yet excited oh-my-god-are-we-really-doing-a-car-bomb?, face.

2) Cheers to your friend because you are now in a drinking competition.


3) Drop the shot of Bailey’s & Jameson into the glass of Guinness. (and it better be a tall glass not a shortie.)

4) Start chugging.


5) Man up and finish strong.

6) Slam that shit on the counter & watch the bartender make another, then another…

Our tab was extremely discounted and we got this love note with it<3

And here’s a pic of Sarah just cause she looks pretty with all the lights in downtown Bethesda.

I’m heading out for a run now! I hit a 7 miler yesterday and actually didn’t go out too fast (which has been the trend over the last week).. Started at a 9:00/pace and the last 3 miles were in the 7:40s. Super stoked about the speed coming back. I smell a 5 or 10k in my near future…

Fall races? What are you most looking forward to?



Your Biggest Running Goal

Tuesday: 6.6m easy progressive (9:00-8:00pace), 40 min full body cardio/strength workout

I don’t think anymore when I’m asked what my biggest running goal is. It’s a reaction. I say “Boston” as quickly as a dog’s head whips around when you say, “outside?” Qualifying for Boston was something I learned about while reading an issue of Runner’s World while training for my first marathon. It was something so out of reach and laughable in that moment, that i never thought i’d be actually attempting a BQ time.


just silly happy to be running

The Boston marathon wasn’t a goal when I started running and I don’t particularly have any ties to the city, but somewhere along I felt the desire to want to run this marathon. The competitive nature in me wants to be able to get into a race based on time. The exclusive, fast, cool kids marathon, as my ego likes to call it. But the closer i’m getting to Chicago–the one marathon to rule them all (or at least deem worthy to possibly enter the gates of Boston) the closer i’m beginning to realize, the marathon might be something i’ll never be great at. And it might not even be my biggest running goal—>it’s just something I feel drawn to and something that will help me see a part of this country i’ve never been too.


random sunset

Boston is the goal I gave myself for this year, if i don’t hit it in Chicago then i’m going to focus on other running goals which I think are a little more important to me. Here they are–I want to run a sub 6:00 mile, a sub-20:00 5k and I want to run a sub 1:30 half. Notice the trend, i want to run fast.

pretty much stoked to re-evaluate goals

pretty much stoked to re-evaluate goals

Now, let’s make something clear–my feelings, emotions and life in general have been all over the place. And this directly messes with my running life. My paces are jumping between 6:30-9:40s (emotions work just as hard for you as humidity works against you). I have no set training schedule and right now, i’m wearing half a sports bra so i don’t mess up the new tattoo and obviously i’m still feeling out/holding back because of the ankle. I keep asking myself what my goals are. Obviously–Boston, but then I’m asking why? I need something to light a fire behind me so I actually want to run Chicago fast. I’m hoping to have an epiphany out on a long run one of these days.

sunset at the gym

sunset at the gym

But I’m also realizing that Boston isn’t everything. A sub 3:35:00 does not define who I am as a runner or a person. It does not make me any better or worse of a runner. Wanting and obsessing over something is not healthy.  I figure as long as i’m running happy and training hard in the gym, good things will come. The times I want will post when my body is good and ready for them.

Until then, keep your hearts full and feet swift.

had to draw one out. colored pencil & cardboard.

had to draw one out. (colored pencil & cardboard)


Georgetown with Marie :)

Monday: 3m 9:25/pace

Last weekend, my BFFFF came into town and she’s never been to the DC area, so we started our weekend at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for breakfast and had crab cake eggs benedict & waffles. Being the professional I am, i forgot to take pictures, so just imagine how good those Maryland crab cakes were on top of Mr. Eggs Benedict…mmmm.


Then we came to the amazing idea of trying something new, different and SUP’ing came across the table. After we stuffed our faces breakfast we threw on bathing suits and headed into Georgetown. If you’re interested in paddling or kayak’ing on the Potomac River head over to boatingindc.com. Everyone was super friendly and laid back, which is just what we needed.


I didn’t know what to expect and i thought would be a harder than it was. We both started on our knees, stood up and just cruised around for an hour. It was so relaxing & freeing and I can’t wait to go again!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.13.21 PM

I’m sure we probably burned like, 1000 calories in that hour so we had to eat some of it back and headed to one of my favorite cupcakeries, Baked & Wired.



flapjack (maple & bacon), lemon, chai & coconut

Baked & Wired is just off of M street along the canal—very pretty walk and less congested than the main street.



And we saw this little guy big turtle in the canal..


If the cupcakes weren’t enough we almost passed by this place…


I got the smore’s flavor..


Now that i’ve successfully made myself hungry, I gotta grab lunch. Hope everyone is doing well! Expect a recap of my running life from last week soon, it’s progressing slowly but surely!

Last Week’s workouts!

Monday: 40 min TRX workout + Boxing + abs +Walking around DC

Tuesday: 3.3m 9:04/pace, 30 min chest/biceps

Wednesday: 45 min lower body (focus on hamstrings), lower back + core

Thursday: 5m fartlek 8:36/pace (pushed pace for .25 mile 1x per mile), 30 min back/triceps

Friday: 5.2m tempo 7:43/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 13.5 (i cut out my long run because I had 2 speed workouts this week, didn’t want to push it)

Have you ever tried a macaroon? 




Very Inspiring BA

First off, thank you Lauren @ Will Run for Boston & Lisa @ Running Out of Wine for sending a nomination my way. I’m always humbled that anyone thinks my life is interesting enough to read about–so thank you guys. We are all very inspiring BA’s. 😉

Rules of the Award

Thank & link the person that nominated you

List Rules/Display award

Share 7 facts about yourself

Nominate 15 blogs for the award

Optional: Display logo/follow blogger who nominate you veryinspiringblogger Here are the randoms for you. Seven to be exact.

1) I have tattoos. This one started as just a bass & treble clef with a weed in the middle. I’m not a fan of flowers, but we had these bushes in our backyard and my sister, best friend and I would pick them all the time and throw the petals for a pretend New Years Eve countdown or pretend weddings and stuff.white-flower-plant1020926


I added lyrics a few years later from this song because it reminds me of my parents.

2) I’m currently obsessed with this song Sun Models by Odezsa. It seriously gives me an out of body/i love life/summer mood chills. I could listen to this song on repeat for days and die happy with it. (Michael– show your son!)

3) I play piano & sing. I did an EP with the stage name Cori Indiana (super original). But I am proud of what I created. I still write music, it’s been years since I played a live show or did a recording though.. that makes me a little sad.cI1_1 full If you wanna hear some tunes, you can still stream them at the very ancient Myspace page. May I suggest “For The Greater Good” or “As Fast As You Do”? They seem to get good reviews.

4) My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Side fact: I like the middle movies of trilogies because it’s when the shit hits the good guy’s fan.

5) I bite my nails. I hate it and i know it’s disgusting, but it’s hard to break a habit i’ve had since I was in 2nd grade.

6) I keep peanut butter & dark chocolate chips in my drawer at work. Not gonna lie, it’s been a pretty amazing pre-workout snack.


7) I signed up for the Philadelphia half in September because this chick will be running too. And we both decided if we’re not in PR shape by then (which is likely) we will do this one together for fun 🙂


Behind the Blogger: Bloggers blogging bloggers.

Wanna see the righteous burger I ate with her?


Burger courtesy of “The Counter”. Not pictured: PB & J Adult Milkshake

Run, eat & live happy.


My First Time In Ocean City & Annapolis

Monday: 30min TRX & boxing drills

Tuesday: 3.3m easy 9:05/pace

I’ve been missing from the blog. Sorry dudes– this job and my real life is taking up a little too much time. I miss this. I miss you guys..virtual hug? No? k.

So I never got the chance to talk about my amazing weekend escape during the 4th of July weekend to Ocean City, MD. One of my awesome cool PT clients, Sarah let me tag along for the weekend. The beach was pretty. Much prettier than I expected (I’m a little spoiled since I lived in FL for 10 years).

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.18.20 PM

We had a good time telling strangers I train her and I was her trainer haha. The best part of the weekend was getting to wear these glow sticks, walk along the boardwalk & watch the fireworks. Just kidding, the best part was when Sarah and I had a few drinks and sprinted down a street. I like beer, but i really like running 😉


IMG_9041 (1)

Sarah, Me, Jenna


I didn’t stick around too long the next day because I had a long run to fit in. Crazy how my long run is like 6-7 miles right now, but i’ll take what I can get—OH did i mention i’ve been running pain free? Yep. It’s been fantastic. Anywho, on the two and a half hour drive back from from OC, I decided to do something i’ve always wanted and just randomly stop and run in a new place. I picked Annapolis. Why not? It was another city in Maryland i’ve never ran in. (Zooma holds a 1/2 marathons there in the fall, but they’ve never lined up with my race schedule. <—i might have to do this bc Annapolis was so much fun to run in.)

20140706_112841 (1)

This house stopped me dead in my tracks, i could NOT get over how freaking cute it was.. and it’s purple c’mon!

20140706_113100 (1)

I loved running over all the different bridges..


Overall the weekend was rejuvenating. Sometimes you need to get a little sun, sometimes you need to run in a fresh new location. Sometimes doing new things is awesome. 🙂

Last Week- better late right?

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.1m 8:21/pace, 20 min back

Wednesday: 3.5m 9:00/pace

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 4.8m 8:15/pace, 20 min shoulders + abs

Saturday: 7.2m 8:41/pace, 20 min triceps/biceps

Sunday: 1 hr SUP YO! Stand Up Paddle boaring + miles of Georgetown walking 🙂

Total Miles: 19.6

Where’s the last place you ran? 

Last vacation you took?



Weekend In Pictures

Monday: 30min legs

Ocean City, MD last Saturday. It was a beautiful day and a very random start to a weekend…


5th of July (but really the 4th since we had glowsticks and the fireworks were on the 5th)

Next day on the drive home I decided to stop in Annapolis to do a long run. Random fact: I almost always have running shoes & a sports bra in my car.. and after Sunday I will ALWAYS have a bag of running clothes in my car. Always.

When I travel, even overnight somewhere I try to have healthy snacks at hand so I wasn’t worried about fueling/recovery for the random run.

until the Garmin dies…


and until your legs can’t take anymore…

and when they can’t take anymore, keep a pair of compression socks in the car 😉



Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3m 9:50/pace, 15 abs, 

Wednesday: 25 min chest/shoulders, 15 legs, 10  abs,

Thursday: 4.1m 8:56/pace

Friday: 4m 8:25/pace, 20 min back

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 6m 8:52/pace

Total Miles: 17.1m

Anyone ever stop on a road trip to run?


Happy 4th~ Does Anyone Want to Buy a Garmin?

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3m 9:50/pace, 15 abs, 

Wednesday: 25 min chest/shoulders, 15 legs, 10  abs,

Thursday: 4.1m 8:56/pace

So, I started keeping track of pace while i’m out. I haven’t tried to run fast or keep any type of pace since I don’t have a real idea of what my pace is right now. It’s all about time on my feet for the next few weeks. The speed will come back. I had it once and i’ll have it again when i’m ready for it. Yesterday I did a few strides at the end of my run all 3 were in the 5:30-6:10 range. Even if only a for a few seconds it felt great to open up my stride and dig.

Tired, but getting used to AM running

Tired, but getting used to AM running

My Facebook blew up this week with race photos from a few close people. My nephews for starters.. I almost cried when I saw these pictures. I’m so proud of these kids! They ran a 60 meter race. I can’t believe how jealous I am that they were on a track.


Brant getting in the zone

And here’s Mason, too fast for cameras!


And Jaxon, who was apparently scared of the starting horn.


Then my friend Matt from Indiana ran his first 5k & placed 2nd in his age group! I remember not too long ago when he told me he just started running… love it!

And finally Andrea, an old friend from high school is in training for her first half! She’s dating a marathoner, so naturally this would happen haha.

For all the runners out there, old, new and fresh to death, I have a Garmin Forerunner 110 i’m selling right now on Ebay because I don’t use it. If you’re interested head over and throw a bid down. It’s only 11 months old and used about 15x.

I know it’s the 4th, but all I want to do is workout, run & drink beer. I guess i can since it’s a day to celebrate doing whatever the heck i want. Good deal.