The Best Snow Weekend Ever


Saturday started out with good company on a 12 mile run.

(This is how Laura and I start each of our runs, creating an album cover for our next rap album)


Later that evening Maryland finally understood it’s January and instead of the rain we’ve been used to, we got a ton of fluffy, powdery snow. So Steve, Clint and I bundled up and wandered around the extremely silent neighborhood.

mvimg_20190112_210018The sky was SO bright from the snow!

img_20190112_210302Once we got back home we lit a fire and enjoyed staying warm while the snow kept falling. (picture below is from a week ago, not Saturday- but it’s a cool picture!)


Sunday morning Steve and I woke up way too early because we were so excited about playing in the snow again. After breakfast and piling the winter clothes back on, we walked to Clint’s, pounded on his door and said “COME PLAY!” (Yes we are all 30+ years old) We threw snowballs, lit another campfire and tossed Steve in a tree to get a loose branch down…


Then we wanted to hike near the river again.


This was amazing. The temperature was perfect and we got to do some urban exploring.



Steve’s album cover:




We made a beef stew and white chicken chili, watched movies and played Nintendo. Pretty sure this was one of the best weekends i’ve ever had. ❤


Author: She's Going the Distance


4 thoughts on “The Best Snow Weekend Ever

  1. Wonderful pictures – looks like you guys had a blast, and it is SO important to ALWAYS play and never stop … because THAT is when you get old!

    I love it when there is nice light snowfall like in your pictures and ‘warm’ temperatures that make it fun to get out and play around! (Yes I know that the amount we would call ‘light’ crippled the area around you and caused several deaths, not making light of that!)

    Also – as always, love these ‘loads of pictures’ posts 🙂

    • Thanks Michael! And yes light snowfall compared to what you’re used to, and a week later, it’s all about gone and it will be 50 degrees tomorrow!

      hang tight- more loads of picture posts are heading your way this week!

  2. Great pictures

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