Monday: 1500m row, 100 bosu burpees w/pushups, 50 bw squats, 50 hanging leg raises

Tuesday: 8.5m combo tempo (3m @ 6:49, 6:49, 6:44 -3:00 rest- 2 x 1m @ 6:22, 6:18)

I’m 4 weeks out from the OC 1/2 and 5 weeks away from my very first Spartan Beast. I know i’ve mentioned i’m afraid of the half marathon i’ve been prepping for, but there is a different fear that happens when I think about the Spartan obstacle course race i’m training for.

File_000 (112)

That fear is for the new, uncharted territory. I never thought i would be taking on an obstacle course race, let alone a tough one. I’m excited that this race is gonna be horrible/fun/terrible/awesome. I’m excited to see what my body can do, but definitely nervous for what I’m going to be put through physically and mentally. I know i’m going to cross the finish line in Ohio feeling like a different person. That’s the exciting part, now I just gotta get there.

File_000 (113)

Training for a Spartan has been a different experience, but they have so many tools to help prepare for the demands of the course which have helped me out.

1) Watch a Spartan on tv – Once in a while I catch something fun on espn or whatever sports channel… I watched an hour special about Spartan Elites a few months back and it was super motivating. (This is what really pushed me to participate!) Plus it gave me a good idea of the type of obstacles I would eventually tackle.

2) Spartan.com You can sign up for a spartan WOD (workout of the day) and they email you or your weekly workouts. Even if you aren’t training for an obstacle course race, I seriously recommend this to vary your workouts and put something fun & different in your routine. Most of the workouts include running so it’s perfect for runners trying to incorporate strength!

File_000 (111)

results from all the rope pulling in preparation for the Spartan!

3) The books! Spartan has several books to help you train and get mentally prepared for the demands of the course. They have a new book coming out called Spartan Fit! which has a 31 day diet & workout plan (that doesn’t require a gym) and motivational Spartan stories.

Oh and did I mention the somewhat famous ultramarathoner, Dean Karnazes likes these books?

Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 9:20/pace

Tuesday: 7.5m interval (8 x 800s @ 6:27/pace w/200m recovery at 10:00/p)

Wednesday: 1500m row, 30 min legs

Thursday: 9m easy 8:45/pace

Friday: Rest day-  2.3m walk w/LE

Saturday: 14m long 9:00/pace

Sunday: Rest day- 3m walk w/LE

Total Mileage: 36.5

Tips for doing a Spartan?

What type of race/activity gets you out of your comfort zone?


Espresso Protein!? It was made for me, and you–>CLICK Protein GIVEAWAY!

Obviously I’m not doing a ton of cardio while waiting for my ankle to fully heal. But I have been spending loads of time thinking about what I will do different when I return to running full time. And here’s what’s hanging at the top of my list:

Cross training. I kill it with strength training since I live at the gym, but actually doing a cardio activity besides running hasn’t been comfortable for me. I’m hoping to hit up a spin class, a yoga class or a pool 1-2x per week, and i’ll keep up with my walks.


right arm is way bigger than little lefty..oops!

Warming up. Previously my warm ups consisted of a few leg swings and half mile or so running at a slower pace. Unfortunately, a few minutes of running a tad slower wasn’t cutting it. In the future I will have to incorporate a good 10 minute pre-run warm up before I head outdoors to warm up my achilles and entire ankle. Running cold is never a good thing, especially with such tight lower legs. Looking back at my training log I can definitely say i skipped way too many warm ups.

Recovery. Fitting in foam rolling,  myofascial compression techniques, and recovery foods/drinks is another facet i’ve been slacking on. I hate admitting this, but what are running blogs for other than being honest and ice cream pics?

I’ve been bad at eating a recovery snack after running. After strength training I eat every single time without hesitation. When I finish a run, i don’t have as big of an appetite, so generally I skip eating or drinking a shake (unless it’s some crazy double digit run) OR i’d just drink coffee to get a caffeine boost and go on with the day (see video above).

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink sent me a sample of their protein powders to test out. I feel like these were made for me and will solve my post-run recovery snack problem, especially when I begin to run in the early mornings.


First, i noticed how quickly the powder mixed and it mixed well. No random chunks of powder hanging out and no chalky strange texture or bad aftertaste. I’m picky with protein powders and this is smooth like coffee and the flavor is awesome. No joke, the mocha was delicious and something I can picture having every day.  I also had the decaf mocha and was surprised how much I liked it. I’m sorry but normally decaf is a big fat no-thank-you…what? It’s not coffee!


Post-recovery: Click, compression, stretching & rolling.

I have caramel & vanilla latte left to try and I can’t wait! At 120 calories, 1.5g fat, 15g protein, this makes me happy. Check out all the vitamins and minerals…20140608_223201

Here’s the fun part, CLICK is going to give one of my readers the 4-pack sampler pack of CLICK Espresso Protein with the CLICK shaker bottle! All you have to do is like CLICK on Facebook or Twitter and then leave a comment telling me which page you followed and which flavor you’d like to try most! The giveaway will end Friday, June 13th at 12 midnight!

Also-If you want to buy the sample pack Click here <—see what I did there? eh?

Workout Recap

Monday: 2.4m walk/run, 30 min chest/biceps, 10 abs

Tuesday: 25 min legs/hamstrings, lower back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min triceps, 10 lower back

Friday: 2m elliptical, 2mile run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 50 minutes of basketball (don’t worry there are pictures), 2.4m run–don’t worry i will recap this 🙂

Total Miles: 6.8m watch out world!


Ankle Exercises!

Monday: 2 mile walk, 25 min shoulders/biceps

Tuesday: 20 back and hamstrings, 10 abs

I’m doing well keeping up with cross training and strengthening my ankle while I’m not running.  I wanted to share what i’ve been up to during this month long running hiatus (can’t believe it’s been 24 days!–yes i’m counting!) I had an encouraging post in my Facebook feed from Runner’s World. It made me feel like I won’t completely lose fitness by walking.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.22.16 PM

I’m trying to walk every day or every other day until I get the full ok to start running. On Memorial Day, I went for a sunny walk near my gym.


I saw a couple deer on the walk, small fish in the creek and I still had no pain in my ankle!

I tried my hands and feet at 30 minutes of yoga over the weekend and man, I need to do this more often. Just holding some of these basic poses made me sweat and afterward my entire body felt relaxed and loose. I took a few pictures, not to show off cause i’m not flexible, but to have a starting point. Maybe in 6 months from now I’ll have better form and flexibility.


I didn’t know I clasped my hands until I saw this picture.. that’s cheating. haha


I found sports bras at American Eagle for just $6 each over the weekend. 🙂 They’re not high impact, but good for yoga, walking and work. And they’re so pretty! This had nothing to do with my ankle recovery, but a deal that good would make anyone feel better.


Every night i’m trying to do something to strengthening my ankle. The usual go-to’s for mobility/strengthening is to make circles with your ankle and trace the alphabet, getting the ankle to move in all directions. I also stumbled upon this video and started doing these exercises. They don’t seem like much, but they work! I did about 20 reps per exercise.

Does any one out there walk as cross training? 


Playground Workout! (if I say “Adult Playground” it sounds dirty.)

Tuesday: 15 triceps, 10 min lower back, 10 abs

Wednesday: 12 min elliptical, 20 minutes chest/shoulders, 15 abs

Over the weekend I tested my foot out for the first time. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I couldn’t take being cooped up in our apartment any longer. I made it about 25 minutes at a slow pace and it felt great just moving around.

There is a cool outside gym that has a full body workout you can follow. I tried it out just to see how hard it was. The workout started with some walks on a balance beam, forward and lateral (side) steps. This was where I found out that my balance is a tad off from putting all my weight into the left side.


Then we had to do pull-ups. I did a few sets—which consisted of me doing about 2 per set. Pull-ups are hard guys..Here’s a great picture of me staring at the enemy going into a third set, where I failed my muscles after one pull-up.


Success! Kinda!


Next was this bar they wanted you to jump over, i obviously wasn’t attempting that one and there was a bench for crunches, but i’m too much of a germaphobe to lay down on something like that (plus i do core work constantly) so I moved on to the thing i’m loving lately, pushups!


Overall it was a quick, decent full body workout. Definitely a little more advanced than the average person could handle, but at the same time I don’t feel like the average person would do a workout in the middle of a trail system.  Weirdos like me get excited when there’s a pull-up bar in an unconventional place.

The signs that walked me through the workout also congratulated me! So nice of them. 🙂


Big news today! I stepped on an elliptical for twelve whole minutes. I needed to sweat and get my heart beating and feel like i was working. I love my strength training and i’m glad a little bit of “injury depression” hasn’t made me lose sight of the big picture, but man alive, i needed that few minutes of full body cardio. I didn’t have pain while using it and I can put my full body weight into it again. I’m not 100%, but overall good progress this week!!

I haven’t received a dr.’s OK yet, which is why i’m not pushing any sort of cardio until I get the all clear. Aside from that I’m still taking a conservative approach to recovery– icing and resting the foot, and wearing a compression sleeve or sock part of the day.  I can put my full body weight into it again. HUGE Progress this week!!

Cardio of choice if running is not allowed?

rowing machine, stairmill

Favorite type of workout besides running?

tabata, crossfit, yoga


I’m free!

Thursday: 5.4 easy 7:46/pace (7:58, 8:01, 7:52, 7:30, 7:27), 20 min abs

My run yesterday was amazing. It was warm enough to be outside (32 degrees & sunny!) and coming off a low mileage week i was getting EXTREMELY antsy to run. I paced my first mile around 8:00 and tried to maintain the 8:00 minute effort as best I could. It felt easy, comfortable and pain free. I was totally surprised by the final 7:30 paces, but I think the wind was at my back and pushed me for those last two miles haha.

Okay guys, I bought a new pair Nike Free’s. If you recall, I said I wasn’t going to buy shoes until I maxed out the mileage on a couple of my other pairs… but these aren’t running shoes, they’re just for the gym. So, you know. Loophole. 😉


I tried a leg workout on Wednesday and put a few of my clients through it and I’m still sore! This one will stay in our rotation for a while. The set starts with weighted split squat on elevated surfaces. This helps flex the quads more than you could normally on the ground. These burned out my legs!


Next were alternating walking lunges and then single leg dead lifts with a 30 lb bar.


I ended up doing 3 sets of these exercises, 10 per leg each set. The only thing pushing me to make my legs sore on days like this is knowing it will make be a better, stronger runner!

Matt was my photographer for the day, our pic is all fuzzy cause he was trying to figure out my phone and pushing me over making me look like a hunchback.


i wear that tank top like everyday.

I’m going into work soon and arms are next to be worked out and I’ll hop on the treadmill for a few miles in between clients. I’m always curious about runner’s cross training/ strength training routines.

What’s you favorite way to cross train? 

Favorite strength training exercises? Machines? Muscle groups?


Cross Train Yo!

I like to cross train with weight lifting & high intensity workouts. I lift pretty heavy for a girl compared to most women who tend to be afraid they will “bulk up” or look like a man. Newsflash, it won’t happen.

Women do not have the hormones to look like a dude and the women who do are taking drastic steps with diet, supplementation (probably and unfortunately some type of hormone or steroids) & weight train daily for hours on end. What I’m trying to say is… Don’t be afraid to lift weights!! (unless you have no idea what you are doing–then get a Personal Trainer or workout with someone who has experience with free weights & lifting.)

*jumping off soapbox, but will return to this subject another day*

I had a crazy workout yesterday with Matt. We used to lift every Friday, but since his intense 5K training and my racing season we haven’t had time. Yesterday was our first day back to it and it felt great!! Matt was lifting 155 lbs, I was doing 65lbs then dropped to 45 when I got tired. We did 5 sets of 3 exercises: 12 deadlifts, 9 hanging power-cleans, & 6 push-jerks. (I’m can’t really explain what these are, if you’re interested just google it.)


This was exhausting, but i love it and need it. After eating a handful of almonds & grabbing water I wanted more. I ended up working out for another hour with a client and my boss. We did box jumps, TRX rows, sit-ups, ring dips, boxing, etc. Basically a HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training). And it was TOUGH. My shoulders are feeling it today!


Hope everyone has a great weekend, get a workout in! I’ll be back to running tomorrow 🙂