One Little Cori, Jumpin’ On the Bed…


Monday: 15 min shoulders/squats workout. Short workouts work (i’ll be doing a post soon!!)

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 10 days since my last run… and it’s driving me crazy. I mean, I’m all right with the whole resting period and making sure i’m back to 100% yada yada, but I literally ran through ice, snow, rain, cold shit weather, and dealt with the treadmill all winter/extended spring to find myself injured as soon as it gets nice out.

I guess before I get ahead of myself (and to stop complaining, but i’m glad it’s out of my system) I should tell you guys what’s wrong. The VERY Good news is that nothing is torn, no tendonitis and no is sprain. I made a good call not running the marathon. The bad news:  I strained my achilles tendon & soleus muscle. My peroneals (under the outside of the heel) which i originally thought was the issue, were rubbing against a bone because my foot was all out of place. I said it a while ago, my body has a very strange was of overcompensating. Unfortunately, this is stemming from tight calves and/or the bone out of place (it’s very chicken or the egg.. i don’t wanna talk about it).

The picture below is so you can get a better picture of where my pain is.

Going through an old box of baby pics, I confirmed that my right leg was the one I broke when i was 3. My brother Mike asked me if i wanted to play a game… Uh YEAH, I was three! So I jumped on the bed, and he caught me as I jumped off into his arms. Until the last time when he took a big step back, I fell and cried. He laughed all the way to the 1st floor. I crawled downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was and we went to the hospital to determine I cracked my tibia. All of my issues have always been on the right side.  Crazy how an old injury can show itself so many years later.

couldn't find a better picture, but my right foot is in a cast

couldn’t find a better picture, but my right leg is in a cast

I hope you enjoyed A Brief History of Cori’s Right Leg. I’ve been having a lot of random thoughts since my injury…Like when I’ll be able to run again (i’ll know on Friday if it’s getting better/worse when I visit the Chiro). I often find myself wondering why the new JT song sounds so much like NSYNC. What races will I do this fall? How slow will my pace be on the road back? Can I ever trust my evil, conniving right leg again…and how the heck do i keep my calves happy? When will my Garmin run out of battery life? (since I haven’t charged it since 4/30.)

Want some more random? Sunday I made pizza…mushroom, pepperoni, jalapeño…mmm..

20140511_180910 (1)


Made these muffins (so easy & delicious)…

20140511_165224 (1)

And I compressed my beer…

Last week’s workouts

Monday: 25 min back workout

Tuesday: 15 abs, 20 biceps/chest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min Hamstrings/Glutes

Friday: 15 abs, 15 triceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Playground workout & 25 min slow walk

Miles: Zero

What’s your random thought for today?




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25 thoughts on “One Little Cori, Jumpin’ On the Bed…

  1. Are those Oshkosh Seersucker overalls you were wearing? My son has a pair of those now, except they are shorts and not pink. Funny how some styles never change. 🙂 My random thought is that everyone is posting pizza pictures and I NEED some!

  2. My random thought is that I want like three of those muffins. The look all perfect and delicious. My muffins never come out looking that nice. (That pizza looks awesome too.)
    Hooray for the good news of no tendonitis, breaks, or tears! And it is amazing how something like this can rear it’s ugly head later. My sports medicine doctor is pretty sure the issues I have are directly related to the surgeries I had when I was 3 and 4 years old. I hope you are feeling 100% so soon. Little Cori is adorable!

  3. Pizzzzza! Looks delicious 🙂 I actually always wonder if all my problems are on the right side for a reason. I tore my quad fresh year of college soccer and thanks to scar tissue, I will never have full muscle function in that leg. I wonder if it screws up my form just enough to constantly injure my right side. I hope you start feeling better soon! And it sounds like your brother needed a good butt kicking for coming up with that “game” 😉

  4. Totally know what your going through. I go crazy when I take a few days off. That injury is wild, I hope things continue to improve. Interesting how it’s nagging from when you were three. At least your staying fit in other ways while your on the mend. Keep up the hard work.

  5. As my kids would say ‘totes adorbs’ 🙂

    Random thought: why is it when I took my 17.5 year old to the doctor today (sinus infection), and the PA had him taking deep breaths, and I found myself doing the deep breathing, just like when he was little and at the pediatrician … despite him now being nearyl 2″ taller and at least 30lbs heavier than me? 🙂

  6. I’ve never seen that mix before but those muffins look amazing! My random thought for the day is that my hubby’s birthday is in a little over a week and I have NO IDEA what I’m getting him! Yikes!

    • they’re excellent and they don’t have any artificial crap in it! next time I need to add vanilla protein to make them a little healthier but whatever!

      Buying presents for the significant other gets tough after so many years!

  7. After reading a couple of blogs my random thought of the day is I need pizza now. Yours looks seriously good + jalapenos! Glad to hear no serious damage. Being on the sidelines sucks – hope you can run again soon.

  8. I have had a bunch of injuries on my left foot and my mom tells me that I had club foot when I was an infant and had to wear a cast. She can’t remember for sure which foot it was but she is still convinced that’s why I have had issues. Most of my injuries have been on the left side, so maybe its true!

  9. Cori, I’m not sure if you have thought about this, but having dealt with achilles/soleus issues SO much, I have done way too much research on this, and I have found usually tight calves come from tight/weak hips. Sounds strange, but if your hips are tight and weak, your feet tend to flare out or inward, which causes extra strain on your calves. I would really look into good yoga hip openers/stretches, as well as a good hip strengthening routine. When I started focusing on this rather than stretching and strengthening my calves (although I still do this), my calf issues really began to mend themselves! Hope that helps! Our bodies are very interconnected, and usually one problem is caused by another 🙂 Good luck healing! I hope you are able to come back soon.

  10. I love pizza with jalapeños! I hope you’re back in running shape soon!

  11. Hurrah for no serious issues with your calves and I feel your pain about not being able to run. Those baby pictures are cute and I am not craving pizza and muffins.

    By the by, I am going to Chicago for a conference (Saturday – Wednesday) and I would love to do some running outside. It’s only my second visit and the last time, 6 years ago, I ran around the lake. I am in the East Upper Wacker Drive area, if that helps. If it is more painful to suggest routes, please don’t do it. My email is, if that’s easier.

    Keep up the hard work!

    • aww!! not painful at all, chicago running is so fun, Honestly I always kept my running along the lakeside (lake shore drive). It gets prettier and less touristy as you run north. Plus I believe where you are isn’t far from the running paths alongside the lake.

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