Phone Dump Friday! #9

Tuesday: 7.5m intervals 12 x 400s @6:07/pace, 25 min core

Wednesday: 7m easy 9:40/pace

Thursday: Rest

Quick check in! Saw the orthopedist yesterday and my knees look fantastic. No major issues. He thinks i may have either a small bone bruise on the lateral side, or a possible minor tear of the meniscus. He wasn’t worried about either because I wasn’t in pain and said I would have experienced a lot of swelling and pain if it tore (which i did not have any swelling.) He gave me the go ahead to marathon train and prescribed ice to the knee after running for the next several weeks as precaution. Yay to that!

And cheers to the weekend! I’m so excited to finally get back to a long run! Wish me luck and enjoy the picture dump below.

OH and thanks again for everyone who has donated to my fundraising page for the National MS Society–exceeded the goal of $500, so i’d like to hit a new goal of $1000! https://fundly.com/run-for-ms

Gotta appreciate the attempt to smile while carrying a heavy weight up and down hills… #IneedtodoanotherSpartan



A few extras from the wedding we attended earlier this month…

File_000 (275)

If only all bathroom mirrors had this cloudy texture to it… #nofilter

File_000 (274)

Baby deer in our neighborhood.. they’re so tiny!

File_000 (271)

After run donut…

File_000 (272)

This pup…


This sky…

File_000 (273)

This game

File_000 (270)

Missing Colorado…


And the time Cameron caught me taking selfies..and then wanted to partake…

File_001 (11)

File_000 (276)

How long are you running this weekend? And how is the humidity near you?
Favorite post long run indulgence?


Summertime Things

Monday: 5000m row

I mentioned on Instagram this was a rough week for running. It was 100 degrees and humid all week. Every run felt 10000x times harder than they should have and to top it off, my knee wasn’t liking impact this week. I cut Saturday’s run short and eliminated the double long run this weekend. I’m getting it checked out this week because I don’t want to start marathon training with an injury!

File_000 (264)

Other than the 5:30am alarms for runners to beat the heat and get the early miles in (we are a crazy bunch aren’t we?) I feel like summer is a great time to be more social and get outside! I’m happiest when I’m charging my solar powered batteries.

File_000 (265)

We went to see Brand New and Modest Mouse at an outdoor concert recently… ❤

Ate hot dogs and had a few brewski’s at Nationals Park for a great night game…

File_000 (267)

File_000 (266)

We’ve done brewery tours, hiking, lake housing, dog beaching…Basically anytime we can be outdoors we take the day and do it!

REI has outdoor activities happening all summer long in the DC area! I thought i’d share a few of their upcoming events, some are free some are not, but in any case, if you need an idea for something to do, their activities can help!

·         REI Run Club Party, 8/16/2016 – Following our weekly Run Club, we’ll gather around the campfire for drinks, s’mores and stories. We’ll run 6:30–7:30pm, and meet up at the REI Community Space immediately after. [Free]

·         Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board, 8/14/2016 – Come learn everything you need to know to get started with stand up paddle boarding. In this class, you’ll learn proper stance, essential paddle strokes, turning techniques and more. [$70 members/$90 non-members]

·         Refresh Your Run, 8/25/2016 – Ready to run away from politics for a while? In this class, you’ll learn training and technique insights to help you get back in shape and/or prepare for your upcoming 5-10K or more. [Free]

·         Patapsco Trail Fest, 9/17/2016 – Now here’s our kind of convention: an entire weekend uniting mountain bikes, runners, hikers and campers. Join us for bike and trail races at this premiere event in the Patapsco Valley! [Info/tickets on event website]

July 11-17 Recap

Monday: 20min core, 20 min shoulders/triceps

Tuesday: 7m easy 9:14/pace

Wednesday: 6m easy 9:30/pace

Thursday: 9m easy progression 9:00/pace

Friday: 20min legs (resistance band work, glute/hips)

Saturday: 11m long 9:24/pace

Sunday: 12.1m long 9:09/pace

Total Mileage: 45.1


July 18-24 Recap

Monday: 5000m row

Tuesday: 8.3m easy 9:00/pace

Wednesday: 20 min core

Thursday: 5m easy 9:50/pace, 25min shoulders

Friday: 6.1m easy 9:24/pace

Saturday: 11.3m long 10:38/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 30.7 (low miles because of knee)

What are your go-to summer activities? 

Has anyone tried REI’s (or another running/fitness) group event?



What I Do Before a Long Run + 26.2 Training Starts NEXT WEEK!

Just as planned, I dipped my toes into a speed session last week. An 8 mile run with five of those miles at a 7:30/pace tempo. That went well. The next day I did my usual body weight leg day which consisted of about 20 minutes of very basic exercises: light weighted squats (40lbs), TRX balance lunges and TRX pistol squats. I don’t know if it was the combination of speed & strength but Saturday I was still feeling sore legs…

When the alarm buzzes on a Saturday, usually 6:00am, the first thing I do is press the ON button for the coffee to start, then I take LE out for her walk and to get a feel for the outside temps to prepare for my run.

File_000 (257)

sleepy pup

Once we get back I chug a large glass of water, move onto coffee, check emails and blogs while i stretch out my legs.

File_000 (259)

I try to multi-task as much as possible while i’m waking up so I can get out the door in 30 minutes. I’m not one of those people that can just roll out of bed and run. When i do that i feel like i’m sleep running or something. I like being alert so coffee and stretching will do that real quick.

Once my eyes finally wake up, i pop the contacts in, get dressed and grab what I need for a 2+ hour run.

File_000 (262)

I drove about 20 minutes from my house to scout out a connection trail for the ultra i’m running next month. (You can read more about it here, or donate money to MS research here.) I was happy to find that Rock Creek Trail has been updated with a lot of signs, port-o-pottys and lights have been installed in a dark under pass. The trail itself feels super safe, easy to navigate and there are plenty of fountains and toilets.

File_000 (260)

Now i can tell you about how craptastic these two weekend runs were. I’m not joking when I said my legs were sore. Every single step I took over 15 miles hurt. I was hopeful that they would loosen up in the first few miles. Nope. Maybe this side stitch will go away. Nope. My muscles tightened for approximately 19,000 steps. And i felt every single step. The side stitch was there from mile 3 to 13, which resulted in a lot of walk breaks. I am always humbled when I see 10:XX miles blink on my watch.

But hey, these long runs are no joke. Cumulative fatigue is a real thing and the hard runs during the summer will make a strong runner for the fall. I didn’t mentally give up. I knew my legs were just tired. <—if that’s not ultra marathon mentality I don’t know what is.

Sunday I set out for 7 miles. Again, i was hopeful my legs would feel better. They didn’t. It was another slow, hot run. There was nothing I could do but enjoy Hello, From the Magic Tavern podcast and look forward to Monday, a day off from leg work.

After the run, we relaxed pretty hard. Just the way we like it.

File_000 (258)

I got out my calendar to mark the weeks until Philadelphia Marathon and whoa, I didn’t realize training starts next week! I’ll be following the Hansons Marathon Method (advanced) this training cycle. I’ll slightly adjust the long runs until the ultra is done in August, then follow the plan as closely as possible.

I’m excited about this marathon. My first ever marathon was a 4:28 in Chicago when I was underprepared and undertrained. The last I completed was Chicago again in 2014 when I was extremely burnt out from work and personal life issues. I completed it in 3:50, which was a huge PR, but it was a stressful time to attempt a marathon.

Now i’ve got the mileage and strength to back me up. I’m happy at home and in work. This all adds up to a good time to try the marathon again. Cross your fingers and stay tuned for all the highs and lows of marathon training. File_000 (263)

Last Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:40/pace

Wednesday: 8m tempo (2m warm up, 5 @ 7:30/pace, 1m cooldown), 45 min upper body

Thursday: 6m easy 9:40/pace, 20min legs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 15m long 9:43/pace

Sunday: 7m easy 9:42/pace

Total Miles: 42

Has anyone used Hanson Method before? Thoughts?

How was your weekend?



5 Friday Favorites #4

Thursday: 6m easy 9:40/pace, 20min legs

Friday: Rest

  1. This Song. On repeat.

2. Hello from the Magic Tavern (podcast). This is hilarious. It’s a completely fictional tale told by funny dudes who improv this podcast. Yes, improv and they’re good. We listened to and from Chicago on our trip last week. It never got old and was super refreshing to listen to fun fiction! magictavern1

3.  Crossfit: The Fittest on Earth (documentary on Netflix). This summer is all about sports. Crossfit Games (July 19th!), the Olympics, Donald Trump’s hair fighting to stay on. This documentary is filled with grueling passion and funny heartfelt moments. Even though I’ve already watched it, I will be watching it again this weekend. It’s something to asterisk for marathon training pick me upa.

4. Moving Comfort Rebound Racer (sports bra). I’ve been wearing this for the last few week and I’m freaking happy. Chafing has been happening a lot this summer and i knew it was because of old sports bras & DC humidity, but i needed something different. My old Nike Pros only last about 6 months and begin to stink pretty quickly. I’ve been trying to find something I love and I think the rebound racer is the one! It’s pictured below and Brooks is having a huge sale on them!

File_000 (255)


5. Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffles. I know i’m an ambassador and already love their waffles, but the gluten free ones are made with rice (not wheat) and they hold together so much better. And hello…salted caramel! Cameron approved 😉

File_000 (256)

What are you loving this week? Movies, music, podcasts, food?


In 48 Hours a Lotta Life Happened.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:40/pace

Wednesday: 8m tempo (2m warm up, 5 @ 7:30/pace, 1m cooldown), 45 min upper body

July 4th weekend we were due in Chicago for a family wedding. Friday morning we loaded up a few bags, our pup and drove to the midwest! We made it in early enough to grab hotdogs & fries and head to a local NWI (northwest Indiana) fireworks show #Merica. Also just because I have to say it, the midwest does fireworks right. Best show i’ve seen in years. DC you need to step up your game, it’s quite embarrassing being the nation’s capital.

Saturday morning started with an easy eight mile run. I was so thankful this was a cutback week. I’m finally feeling these 40+ weeks! My best friend Marie (she’s been on the blog a few times before) was due with her first baby boy on July 4th. She invited me to her last ultrasound that morning. I missed so much of her pregnancy so being there at the last appointment felt very special.

Everything seemed like it was going well, we were discussing brunch and catching up on life. The doctor stepped in the room and let us know Marie’s amniotic fluid was extrememly low so they had to move her into labor & delivery. I think the doctor’s exact words were, “We’re going to get things moving along.” Which made us both a little confused. Marie needed to hear exactly what was going on. The doctor clarified that she was about to be induced!

I hung out with her while she made calls and facetimed her family. Cameron and my sis-in-law Trish came up to the hospital to bring food and keep us company for a few hours. Marie’s mom made it up to the hospital soon after and I felt better about going to the wedding with Cameron. Induction takes a while and the doctor was confident she wouldn’t have the baby until the next day.

We rushed home to change for the wedding and headed to Chicago!

File_000 (245)

The venue was at City View Loft and was so pretty! We had a blast catching up with family and the bride and groom looked amazing! (The bride is Cameron’s first cousin Lexi, groom is CJ!)

File_000 (247)

The weekend just kept rolling on… the next morning at 9:00am Marie had her baby and little Philip entered out world!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.09.45 PM

We made a quick stop to the hospital to drop of gifts and see little Phil then we were off to the cottage for a 30th birthday and 4th of July festivities!

File_000 (252)

Josh’s 30th (on the left!)

File_000 (250)

Pro compression socks for all sports! (or recovery from wearing heels all night!)

File_000 (251)

File_000 (249)

The next day we turned around and drove back home. That was a FAST weekend! Another congrats to new parents Chris & Marie!! And a happy life ahead for Lexi & CJ!

Last Week

Monday: 35min legs (deadlifts, kb swings, front squats, lunges)

Tuesday: 7.5m easy 9:48/pace

Wednesday: 10m easy 8:55/pace, 20 min shoulders/core

Thursday: 6m easy 9:23/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8.6m easy 8:51/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 32.1 (cutback!)

Have you had a day or weekend with several life events?




The Dog Days of Summer

Monday: 35min legs (95-125lb deadlifts, kb swings, front squats, lunges)

Tuesday: 7.5m easy 9:48/pace

Wednesday: 10m easy 8:55/pace, 20 min shoulders/core

Thursday: 6m easy 9:23/pace

A few randoms for Friday! Cameron took me and LE to a dog beach in Downs Memorial Park (Pasadena, MD). It was so much fun and our pup’s first time in water (other than the bath).

File_000 (241)


It took us several attempts to force persuade her to come all the way in the water, but once she was in she seemed to enjoy it. BUT we know now that she is definitely not a water dog. We can rule out any sort of retriever or lab mix we may have once thought she was. Swimming did not come naturally to her at all.


She couldn’t figure out how to use her back legs while swimming which was a real funny thing to witness. Her legs just kinda floated up as she pedaled with her front paws.


We had a great day at the beach, and i’ve been craving an ice cream cone ever since… don’t ask me why but beach and ice cream just sounded good. I have yet to satisfy this craving though. 😦



When we got home and cleaned her up she passed out pretty hard. Life of a dog right?File_000 (239)

Random running fact for the month of June – I hit an all time high mileage of 170.5! Ultra training is packing on the miles. OH and i finally pulled the trigger and i’m in for the Philadelphia Marathon!

Annnnnd a pretty sunset just because…

File_000 (240)

What are your plans this weekend? Happy 4th!