Zion, Knights, etc. Vegas Part Deux!

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After our Tough Mudder, Valley of Fire & the Las Vegas Beer Fest and a little bit of this…


We made it to a Vegas Knights hockey game which was a BLAST. For a brand new team they have quite the fanbase and of course, a theatrical opening sequence.


Then we made our way 2.5 hours to southern Utah, Zion National Park! I don’t have words to describe just how breathtaking this place was. I need to go back and do more hikes, but the one we did was enough to hold me over until next time. (and thank you Kyle & Elise for telling me about this place. If it wasn’t for the two of you, i’d never know just how awesome Utah is.)


We were in awe from the different colors and textures at every turn.

Four miles hiking up and four miles running and sprinting down!


Do you like to hike, camp, tent, glamp? or no?

Anyone ever venture outside of Vegas while visiting? 



Author: She's Going the Distance


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