Phone Dump Friday! Vol. 8


Wednesday: 4m easy 9:30/pace 2m walk/run w/LE.

Thursday: 6m interval (2m warm up 10:00/p, 3 x 1m @ 6:53/p, 1m cool down)

Friday: Rest 

I’m headed to OHIO for the Spartan Beast–wish me luck as I attempt a brand new type of race this weekend! AROO!!

This was from last weekend when I was trying to get a nice picture at the beach with my dog and race award. I didn’t notice LE was peeing behind me. Hahaha.


Springtime walk!

File_000 (147)

Outside beers @  Denizens

File_000 (126)

After work sunsets 🙂

File_000 (151)

Colorado/Utah trip
File_000 (152)

Le’s favorite spot on our walk.

File_000 (149)

Gotta love rowing…

File_000 (148)

LE got a haircut last week, brings out her eyes right?

File_000 (153)

And.. just a good hair day.

File_000 (154)

Have a great weekend! 

Races? Big plans? 

Author: She's Going the Distance


4 thoughts on “Phone Dump Friday! Vol. 8

  1. Love the spring pics! Good luck this weekend! No races for me yet, just enjoying some nicer weather (hopefully!! 😄). Happy Friday!!

  2. Love these phone dumps … 🙂 Love that you guys have ‘Polaroids’ (Fuji?) from your wedding trip. Those are so fun 🙂 Of course the LE peeing picture is a classic … oh, dogs! I had loved the picture of LE and Cameron walking under the flowering tree with all of the pedals dropping on IG, love the ‘look-down’ view of that as well. We’re not quite there yet up in NY! 🙂 Again, these are all just a great little look into the life of the blogger … which is cool.

    And for whatever reason, going back through pictures last weekend including both boxes and digital files and more recent iCloud albums really drove home our ever-evolving relationship with pictures. When you couldn’t see the output and also had to pay per-print, pictures were fewer and more specific (well, maybe not, we generally took at least 6-10 rolls per vacation) … or at least you didn’t get so many random daily shots. Digital cameras freed us from the worries about quantity … at least within the limits of at times expensive memory cards. Now with phones having incredible cameras … we just take pictures of everything all the time! And it is great!

    Good luck on the Spartan race!

  3. Good luck this weekend…looking forward to reading about it. Step back/recovery week for this guy.

  4. Good luck in the race this weekend! And that sunset photo is awesome. I have pretty much forgotten what the sun looks like at this point with all the rain and cloudiness..

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