Phone Dump Friday: 1 Year Anniversary Edition!

Wednesday: 8.4m easy 8:58/p

Thursday: 6m easy 9:40/p

I know 3 posts from me in one week is not normal, but hey it’s our 1 year wedding anniversary and can’t miss this! We’ve been together for 8.5 years, married one year. It feels like we’ve been together forever in the best way and marriage is still super new and feels different in a much deeper, much more loving way. I’m not going to get too gooey on you though, i just wanted to share some pictures of us, old and new, some from the wedding and some from my personal stash. Enjoy!

First family trip to NC, been kickin’ it with Kyle and Elise for almost a decade…


same trip!


we dated long distance for the first 4 years of our relationship- so a lot of skypeing happened!

Video Snapshot of cameron_lopez@hotmail.com-3

Colorado trip 2015


The time we got married


Colorado shananagins, the time we lost Patrick.

File_000 (194)



we go to plenty of baseball games…

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.30.22 PM

sometimes we even run together..


and make faces together…


and vacation to Jamaica together…


and make faces together without knowing we’re making crazy faces together…

File_000 (7)

our first thanksgiving as a married couple!


our first Christmas as a married couple!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 9.10.31 PM

our first hug as a married couple!


the butt squeeze was pre-wedding…consider it the bachelor party !


We’re heading out for an anniversary dinner with my in-laws and then off to Shenandoah National Park to hike for 2 days this weekend, keeping our camping tradition alive!

Married couples out there- how did you celebrate your first (or if it’s been too long, the most recent anniversary?)

Singles- do you camp?

ALSO- Shout out to my sister, it’s her 27th birthday today and now shares her b-day with our a-day!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.48.12 AM


Phone Dump Friday! #9

Tuesday: 7.5m intervals 12 x 400s @6:07/pace, 25 min core

Wednesday: 7m easy 9:40/pace

Thursday: Rest

Quick check in! Saw the orthopedist yesterday and my knees look fantastic. No major issues. He thinks i may have either a small bone bruise on the lateral side, or a possible minor tear of the meniscus. He wasn’t worried about either because I wasn’t in pain and said I would have experienced a lot of swelling and pain if it tore (which i did not have any swelling.) He gave me the go ahead to marathon train and prescribed ice to the knee after running for the next several weeks as precaution. Yay to that!

And cheers to the weekend! I’m so excited to finally get back to a long run! Wish me luck and enjoy the picture dump below.

OH and thanks again for everyone who has donated to my fundraising page for the National MS Society–exceeded the goal of $500, so i’d like to hit a new goal of $1000! https://fundly.com/run-for-ms

Gotta appreciate the attempt to smile while carrying a heavy weight up and down hills… #IneedtodoanotherSpartan



A few extras from the wedding we attended earlier this month…

File_000 (275)

If only all bathroom mirrors had this cloudy texture to it… #nofilter

File_000 (274)

Baby deer in our neighborhood.. they’re so tiny!

File_000 (271)

After run donut…

File_000 (272)

This pup…


This sky…

File_000 (273)

This game

File_000 (270)

Missing Colorado…


And the time Cameron caught me taking selfies..and then wanted to partake…

File_001 (11)

File_000 (276)

How long are you running this weekend? And how is the humidity near you?
Favorite post long run indulgence?


Phone Dump Friday! Vol. 8

Wednesday: 4m easy 9:30/pace 2m walk/run w/LE.

Thursday: 6m interval (2m warm up 10:00/p, 3 x 1m @ 6:53/p, 1m cool down)

Friday: Rest 

I’m headed to OHIO for the Spartan Beast–wish me luck as I attempt a brand new type of race this weekend! AROO!!

This was from last weekend when I was trying to get a nice picture at the beach with my dog and race award. I didn’t notice LE was peeing behind me until Cameron said something. Hahaha.


Springtime walk!

File_000 (147)

File_000 (155)

Outside beers @  Denizens

File_000 (126)

These two…

File_000 (150)

After work sunsets 🙂

File_000 (151)

Every day our Colorado/Utah trip feels like a dream…

File_000 (152)

Le’s favorite spot on our walk.

File_000 (149)

Gotta love rowing…

File_000 (148)

LE got a haircut last week, brings out her eyes right?

File_000 (153)

And.. just a good hair day.

File_000 (154)

Have a great weekend! 

Races? Big plans? 


Phone Dump Friday, er Wednesday #7

Tuesday: 5.5m easy 8:20/pace

Enjoy Turkey Day! Remember, it’s a super carbolicious holiday, so only eat the carbs that are worth the calories.. for me it’s the sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie & wine. Dinner rolls are a waste of precious belly real estate if you ask me. Indulge, but don’t forget Thanksgiving is one meal and one day! So get your sweet cheeks moving the morning of, the day after or weekend of the holiday.

Enjoy some pics that didn’t make it into the other posts… Have a great holiday everyone!

Real clothes & real shoes..

1448238809322And i can’t even tell you how cute I think all her puppy paws are.. or how she gets into these positions.20151113_230242From my newly updated, About Me section, have you checked it out?imageFreshly made to order pumpkin spice donut (Ducks Donuts Herndon, VA)20151025_115204 (1)Blogging, what else…20151106_133923Our boss, Danni’s going away dinner. I liked the candid pic. Sorry to everyone with a strange face.. Oh wait, that’s just me.20151112_215530This was the sky just outside of the expo in Indianapolis. Seriously I had good vibes about that race all that weekend.20151106_175133Here’s looking at you kid.20151123_214440

What do you most look forward to during Thanksgiving?

Do you workout/run/turkey trot the morning of?


Phone Dump Friday #5 and A Big Decision

Monday: 4m trail run  9:17/pace

Tuesday: 6.5m easy 8:35/pace, 1hr TRX full body workout

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5.4m easy 8:25/pace, 40min triceps/shoulders, low back

Lotsa randoms today, but first I want to say I’ve made a huge decision this month. I stepped down from the manager position I took on 7 months ago, and am returning to full time personal training. If you noticed my lack of posts or in depth content,  it was due to the hectic job which noticeably took a toll on my life (personal, social and running.)

I’m happy to say I will have much more free time to focus on the things i love and take care of my body and mind. It was difficult to try and help clients when i felt like I was falling apart. My job was stressing me out so badly I became a tired, unhappy person. I lost sleep, stopped enjoying running–i was anxious about work-related things while running even though i was trying to relieve stress!  I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes, when you’re not happy in your job—take a moment and ask yourself why you’re doing it? Do you love what you do? Is the money worth it? Are you sacrificing other parts of your life that you might regret down the road?

Sorry for the seriousness on a Phone Dump day, but i had to get it out! Now I have to get some randoms out! Enjoy the pics, and share with me what your long run this weekend is! Mine is hopefully 8!

Katniss for Halloween

Katniss for Halloween

And my roommate Leslie–Hocus Pocus, everyone’s favorite Halloween movie. Did you hear the rumors about a Hocus Pocus 2??


Nike sponsored the Hunger Games right?

Cutest-tastiest-smallest-macaron ever.

20141025_232919Kristina BFFFFF and her newest little baby Adalynn

Adalynn slept right here for a while.. It was sooo sweet!

Twas the night before the Chicago Marathon…


Foodie Runner and the Bean

Best coffee house board referencing a few of my favorite shows 😉

Aaaaannd cause I was having a good hair day.

Last Week’s Recap

Monday: 25min back/legs, 10 abs

Tuesday: 5m easy 7:53/pace, 30min triceps

Wednesday: 3m easy 8:50/pace, 20min core/legs,

Thursday: 5m easy 8:30/pace, 25min chest, 10 core

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 13


Phone Dump Volume 4!

Monday: 5.2 easy 8:19/pace

Good Morning! And welcome to another blogpost where I just don’t have time to put together a real thought–but–I can show you guys some runner up pictures that didn’t quite make it into a post. Golf clap and pretend they’re important! Here are your runner up, excess random pictures…


Here I am getting ready for my long run, before a loooong car ride back from Indiana



midwest corn

Trader Joe's.. why do you have such awesome bad for you foods?!

Trader Joe’s.. why do you have such awesome bad for you foods?!

Don't Ask.

Don’t Ask.

on a bathroom stall. I like bunnies

on a bathroom stall. I like bunnies

Brant and Me

Brant said I was a good pitcher – I said he was a good hitter. We made a good team 🙂


seared Ahi!


Friends: Old, New & Awesome.


Weekly Workout Recap

Monday: 6m tempo 7:48/pace

Tuesday: 5m easy 8:50/pace, 20min chest, 10 abs

Wednesday: 25min full back, legs

Thursday: 7m interval (2m warm up 8:30 pace, then 4m intervals of 90 seconds @  6:35/pace, 60 seconds recovery  @ 7:40/pace for 4m, 1m cool down)

Friday: 11.1m easy 8:48/pace

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 29.1 *

*I hit 114 miles for August! Getting back to the old grind.

Brag about your weekend runs! I wanna hear!