Elven. Alvin. Eleven.


Monday: Rest

Happy Monday!!

I ran 11 miles yesterday, and after my mentally crazy 10 miler from last week, this was a piece of cake. My legs felt great and I progressively got faster as I went along. I broke down the run into three parts: I ran the first 3 with Cameron, then went 4 miles out and 4 miles back home. I won’t have another long run for about 10 days so that helped push me along. I’m pretty sure my sugar-filled Campfire Mocha from Caribou the night before helped. Gotta carbo load. Seriously what does a girl have to do for a coffee sponsorship! haha


love their winter cups!

My workouts from last week were pretty laid back. I’ve been feeling slightly burnt out, so I didn’t do much heavy lifting or hit my goal mileage. I’m not beating myself up though, today is the start of a new week, a new year and I’m already in much better running shape than I was a year ago. I have 11 weeks until my first race of the year! The Rock n’ Roll USA 1/2 here in DC on March 15th. My weekly mileage is almost where it needs to be and I’m gearing up to begin speed work, hill work and tempos. <—I know this shit sounds awful to some, but after a month and a half of easy running I’m ready for the hard stuff.

Speaking of hard stuff… I just had to show off the chocolate we got in our stockings. Santa always brings the goods!


One of these things is not like the other…

Okay here’s my random thing of the day since I can’t go one post without it… Cameron started a blog. I KNOW. We’re pretty much entirely perfect for each other now. We’re both the type of people that constantly need some sort of a creative outlet. If you want to check it out it’s HERE! Also it’s nothing like my blog–>not about fitness–>not about running. It’s hilarious though. Take a look and have an open mind, i love what he’s going for (and not going for) with this blog.

I caught a picture us both blogging and hockey on tv! Can’t get much better than this. I mean, it can, but for like a Tuesday night after work, i dig it.


Weekly Workouts

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 25 min TRX shoulders, foam rolling

Wednesday: 3 miles with Cameron

Thursday: 3 miles 8:30/pace, 10 min abs, 10 min lower back

Friday: 8 hilly miles! 7:57/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 3 miles w/Cameron + 8 miles 8:16/pace

Total Miles: 25

Anyone running a New Years Day 5K?

Author: She's Going the Distance


4 thoughts on “Elven. Alvin. Eleven.

  1. Love that picture! Actually both of them are cool!

    And as for Cameron’s blog … yeah, THAT was a quick follow! Love it from the first rant! 🙂

  2. I just realized you’re from the DC area! Now I’m a little sad because we missed out on being able to be running buddies–I lived in Northern Virginia most of my life but we moved 18 months ago.

    Wholeheartedly agree on the coffee sponsorship though…someone needs to get on that for me 🙂 Congrats on such an easy long run, gotta love it when that happens!

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