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Monday: Rest

Happy Monday!!

I ran 11 miles yesterday, and after my mentally crazy 10 miler from last week, this was a piece of cake. My legs felt great and I progressively got faster as I went along. I broke down the run into three parts: I ran the first 3 with a friend, then went 4 miles out and 4 miles back home. I won’t have another long run for about 10 days so that helped push me along. I’m pretty sure my sugar-filled Campfire Mocha from Caribou the night before helped. Gotta carbo load. Seriously what does a girl have to do for a coffee sponsorship! haha


love their winter cups!

My workouts from last week were pretty laid back. I’ve been feeling slightly burnt out, so I didn’t do much heavy lifting or hit my goal mileage. I’m not beating myself up though, today is the start of a new week, a new year and I’m already in much better running shape than I was a year ago. I have 11 weeks until my first race of the year! The Rock n’ Roll USA 1/2 here in DC on March 15th. My weekly mileage is almost where it needs to be and I’m gearing up to begin speed work, hill work and tempos. <—I know this shit sounds awful to some, but after a month and a half of easy running I’m ready for the hard stuff.

Speaking of hard stuff… I just had to show off the chocolate from my stocking. Santa always brings the goods!


One of these things is not like the other…

Weekly Workouts

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 25 min TRX shoulders, foam rolling

Wednesday: 3 miles 

Thursday: 3 miles 8:30/pace, 10 min abs, 10 min lower back

Friday: 8 hilly miles! 7:57/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 3 miles + 8 miles 8:16/pace

Total Miles: 25

Anyone running a New Years Day 5K?


Silly Cow, Chocolate Moouse and a Caribou

Tuesday: 6.2m easy 8:30/pace, 15 min chest/biceps

Wednesday: 5.1 easy 8:27/pace, 30 min hip/quads, 15 min abs

Thursday: 15 min crossfit (shoulders/legs)

Phew! What a looong day/week/year and it’s not over yet! Sorry about the lack of posts, i’m sure everyone out there is rushing around shopping, wrapping, eating, finishing last minute stuff at work and…working out? I’m fitting in my workouts around my crazy “train before the holidays schedule” and the 3 days of personal training classes i’m taking this week. The class is Thurs/Fri/Sat 8:30-4:30, then personal training at the gym after!

My 6.2 mile run on Tuesday was completed in between training two of my clients. Yep, I fit in my run while working. It was different for sure, but it felt like an accomplishment. I feel a fun New Year’s Goal coming on…

After the final few miles

After the final few miles

Wednesday i ran outside because the sun was out and it made me happy even though it was only about 33 degrees. I took it nice and slow because this is the first time i’ve run 4 consecutive days in a long time. I usually max out at 3 and take a day off so I don’t get injured. I won’t be running again until my 10 miler this Sunday. Another thing I haven’t done in a while… run in the double digits. Last time I did that was October. I’m proud of myself for recovering properly from all the fall racing and slowly rebuilding mileage back up for next years races.


I was also digging the color combo of grey and teal… I looked like winter!

Another thing that put a smile on my face, among this week’s chaos, was the cute jar of hot chocolate & Caribou Coffee mug i received from a client. So sweet & thoughtful! I love that my clients know i have an obsession for hot coffee and chocolate!


I’ll let you know how the Silly Cow Farms Chocolate Moouse tastes! Now wish me luck to get through these next two classes filled with workouts and hope i’m not too sore to run Sunday!

Christmas shopping done?

Allmost. haha

Favorite Hot Chocolate?

I drink whatever’s available

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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I worked today August, 15th. It’s my birthday but it’s also a Thursday and someone’s gotta make the money. On my way into work I got my free Caribou Coffee (campfire mocha!) which helped ease me into my work day.


I took the day off from running since my tempo run went so well. I generally take the next day off after long runs, and after my speed workouts. It seems to keep me injury free. So today I worked out for an hour with my boss & my friend Matt. We did a TRX workout which was much harder than i thought. TRX was developed by a Navy Seal and If you’ve never heard of TRX suspension training you might have seen these yellow things before…

I found that it was very low/no impact & you can adjust through the whole workout to make things harder or easier depending on your fitness level. I plan on taking a TRX training course in the upcoming months and I will definitely talk more about this in the future. Whenever I find a different way to cross train I get excited, especially if it doesn’t involve an elliptical.  <– least favorite piece of equipment of allllllll time.


Got a pair of Yurbuds, finally.. I’ve been rocking plain ol’ Apple earbuds, and yeah they bounce around and fall out. Yurbuds claim they will not fall out,  let’s hope these work! Also got a pair of Oakley Confront purple sunglasses (no picture cause I’m sure there will be plenty in the future). And I’m signed up for the Cosmic Run 5K this October. This is like the color run, but with fluorescent colors, black lights, loud electronic music & it’s at night. Can’t wait to shake my butt through that course!

Any upcoming races for you guys?

Fun runs?