My New Favorite Non-Running Sports Bra.


Friday: 8 hilly miles! 7:57/pace

I love finding stuff with the red clearance sticker from Target. Makes me feel like i’m saving a crapload of money, even though I always spend too much there. I did find a steal on a really cute sports bra this week. I keep my gym bras & my running bras separate so they’ll last longer. Plus I can wear the cute “low impact” bras at work.

sportsbra2 (1)

cute right? and it’s reversible!

This was a $15 bra marked down to $7.38. I’ll take it. Plus it’s my favorite color combo, grey and neon. And it seems like a good bra for summer tank tops. The store has other colors at regular price. I’ll be keeping an eye out for sales just cause this is my new favorite non-running bra.


Can’t quit the razorback style!

Even though i’m in the mood to spend money on running stuff, I’m not allowing myself to buy shoes. I gave myself strict orders to not buy any until my rotation gets back down to 3 pairs. It got kinda out of control this year when I decided to try out a few different brands.


My Brooks and Nike’s are on their last 50-100 miles so I suppose that means I can buy a new pair in like March?  Sometimes my motivation to get a run in is just to put miles on shoes so i’ll be closer to buying a new pair

Yesterday I laid another 8 miles down. It was a super hilly trail near my gym, but with the change of scenery, hills, a few new songs on the iPod (Britney Spears’ Alien? What up?!) the miles went by quickly. As I start to incorporate speed work into my schedule I will also start experimenting with food during my long runs. I’ve been doing okay when it comes to the half marathons, GU & water is my combo, but when I start to hit longer distances i may need something more substantial, but we’ll see when the time comes. Adventures are about to begin! 2014 is gonna be awesome!

my "after 8" pic

my “after 8” pic

Who’s doing a long run this weekend?

I’ve got 11 on the schedule

New Years Eve plans?

None yet!

Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “My New Favorite Non-Running Sports Bra.

  1. Score on the cute new bra! I get such a rush when I find an awesome deal. Hehe. Great job on those runs and good luck on that 11 miler 😃

  2. I love Target clearance, too! Such a money, suck, though. Right now I’m in a shoe quandary. I have one pair I’m wearing most of the time, one for track, one for gym, and one I wish I could wear but think is leading to injury…and a spare of that same shoe! Do I risk wearing the injury shoe? I love it, but it’s been bad luck. But then – I hate to waste two pairs of shoes. Agh!

    • oh my gosh you have an “injury shoe”? Can you use those ones for the gym since you wouldn’t be running in them? try not to waste them, but if they seriously don’t feel right on your feet try selling them to family/friends/ebay or donate them. Good luck!

  3. I scored quite well over the holidays on running stuff, got to try most of it out – really doesn’t matter how old you are, gifts and new stuff can be fun and exciting if you make it fun!

    I have been limited running since my last longer run on Christmas Eve – had my brother and his daughter visiting from NJ, took a couple of days off and only ran a slow 3 miles with him (not complaining, he had a severe heart attack in April and I didn’t think he would wake up, let alone be able to run again!), but the last two days I have had the boys painting a hallway and stairs with me, so my runs were later, but good lengths. Tonight I was reminded of the great workout running through a few inches of slush and snow!

  4. No New Year’s plans because we’ll just be back from a vacation but I’m totally going to live vicariously through everyone else and their exciting nights out. I’ll be the grandma inside with hot chocolate and a football game ringing in 2014!

  5. I love that bra! Will look for it next time I hit up Target! And … YOUR ABS!!! Amazing!

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