Inside the 10 Mile Mind – Vol. 3

Week one of half marathon training went as well as it could have gone. My easy runs were easy (all 9:00+ pace) and the speed workouts were much easier and faster than normal! (6:44-7:30/pace). I’m already seeing the benefits from changing up the pacing and running slower on easy days.

Saturday morning was the first double digit run since November. There’s something about the first 10 miler in a training program that I love. It’s exciting, a little scary but the expectations aren’t too high. It’s the first of many long runs i’ll encounter and eventually 10 miles will be the “shorter” long run i’ll endure.

File_000 (59)

I downloaded a few podcasts and set out on a flatter trail that i knew wasn’t completely covered in snow. The first mile was under construction. Running over the uneven, muddy, wooden planks forced a slow pace and took my mind off of how cold it was.File_000 (61)It also helped that the podcast I chose was all about running my easy runs “painfully slow.” The first several miles were so easy I got to enjoy the outdoors (I hadn’t run outside since Jan. 16th!) and my legs had plenty of time to ease into this run.

My plan was to run the first six miles as slow as possible, squeeze in the Nuun Year Dash virtual 5k and finish with a cool down mile. It doesn’t matter if i’m running 400s, mile repeats, a 5k or an ‘A’ race, I’m always nervous that i won’t be able to run fast when i’m supposed to. And with all the slow running i’ve been doing I was nervous my body wouldn’t remember what “fast” was. (Ridiculous right?)

File_000 (57)

At 6 miles, I restarted my Garmin, switched from the podcast to EDM Pandora and stretched my legs for a minute. I knew I didn’t want to go all out, there was almost no point since I would be stopped by 2-3 intersections and I still needed to actually finish the long run without burning out. I was hoping for a solid, moderate effort.

I took off and my legs felt as if they were freed from a cage. I was completely shocked at how easily I went from running a 9:20/pace to a 7:16/pace. It felt natural, I felt in control, and that made me the happiest little runner of all. File_000 (62)

During long runs in the past, i used to over think a lot. I put myself down and told myself i wouldn’t be able to get faster or ever run a marathon again, or would never meet my half marathon goals. Mental training has been much more important to me for the last several races. I try to only think positive thoughts, even when the run isn’t going fantastic. I’m going to do the best I can on the day, and if things don’t go perfectly…i’m only in training and it’s not my job.

During this particular run I wasn’t thinking about much except that i was going to run until I had to run a little faster for 3 miles, then chill out for the cool down. Breaking up the long run was helpful mentally and physically. When my plan calls for those long run with a “fast finish” I will make sure I leave the last mile for a cool down. It was the one thing I kept telling myself during the 5k effort–> You get to run a slow mile soon! That was actually motivating and a huge relief when I finished the hard portion.

It’s also very motivating to know that a hot shower, hot coffee & a warm puppy are waiting for me afterward. <3

File_000 (58)

OH and if you haven’t seen my Instagram, i totally put her in my Nuun shirt and threw the medal on her. I figured you guys have seen me in a medal enough ;)

File_000 (54)

Last Week

Monday: 5m easy 9:25/pace

Tuesday: 3m easy 9:10/pace, 40 min strength (chest/legs)

Wednesday: 6m HMP Tempo (2m warm up, 3m @ 7:03/pace, 1m cool down) + 1200m row 

Thursday: 25min hips/core

Friday: 4.1m easy 9:13/pace, 15min rope pulls & body weight tricep dips

Saturday: 10.1 long (6 @ 9:19/pace, 3.1 @ moderate effort 7:16, 1m cooldown 10:45/pace)

Sunday: REST!

Total Miles: 28.2

Do you dress up your pet?

How do you mentally get through your long runs?


Tips to Run Easy!

Monday: 5m easy 9:25/pace

Tuesday: 3m easy 9:10/pace, 40 min strength (chest/legs)

For the last (let’s round up) two years, i’ve been injured on and off again and haven’t started a training season feeling 100%. I’ve tried to play “catch up” and rush right into marathon or half marathon training plans which have surprisingly worked in my favor, but mentally, it is tough going straight from injury to full on training mode. Anyone else feel this way?
Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 1.25.55 PMI was entirely ready after the PR high from Indianapolis to jump into marathon training. But as soon as i starting training again, my body was quick to tell me to slow down.

File_000 (51)

I finally combed over training logs from years ago up to last fall’s 1/2 training and i’m still running way too fast on easy days. I don’t think i ever ran over a 9:00/pace during my “easy” runs. Easy running should extremely easy.  I haven’t been able to run a 5 day week consistently because my legs were constantly fatigued from the last run. I also stopped heavily strength training my legs because I needed them to be fresh for the next run. My legs never felt fresh. Even though I should have caught that red flag, i just assumed constant leg fatigue was normal.

Now let me clarify: I wasn’t overtraining, I was still enjoying running, and the rest of my body felt great. I was just running a lot on tired legs and my paces were too similar despite the workout at hand. My easy runs were between 8:00-8:30s, my hard runs ranged from 7:15-8:00. Those paces are way to close. I have a hard time slowing down and i don’t know if it’s my ego or legs, but either way i need to stop it. So there. I said it out loud.

My name is Cori and I have running issues.

File_000 (53)

and coffee issues.

Why am I saying these things to you all? Because I want to run longer, faster and be consistent on a 5 day/week training plan and make it to a 40 mile week without my body breaking down. The blog has always been a way for me to be honest with myself, other runners, friends and family about my life & training progress. Plus when I see my goals on paper (or computer) it’s a good reminder of the changes i’m making & why i’m making them.

Part of the beauty about running is this stuff—>the details! The small changes you make for big race results. I truly feel I have so much more to give on the race course. I’m excited to say that this build up has been very fun, comfortable and easy!

Here are a few tips for running a truly easy effort.

-Breathe through your nose. No joke, try to breathe in and out through your nose.

-Use a heart rate monitor or take your pulse.

-Can you sing? Can you carry a conversation with ease? Good, you’re doing it right.

-Listen to slow tunes or a podcast. (You know how I know you run easy? Cause you listen to Coldplay.)

-Run on the treadmill so you can control your pace.

-Go watchless or hide your pace splits. I keep my Garmin on, but I only put the allow myself to see the clock (actual time, not running time).

-When you finish running easy, you should feel like you could run another hour at that pace.

File_000 (52)

My view lately. Just waiting for the snow to melt.

Last Week

Monday: 3hrs shoveling

Tuesday: 30 min stairs/leg (home workout), 2 hrs shoveling

Wednesday: 5.2m easy 8:42/pace

Thursday: 6m 2 x 2 tempo (1m warm up, 2 @ 7:30, 2 @ 7:24, 1 cool down)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9.1m easy, long progression (starting at 9:15, ending at 8:15)

Sunday: Rest

Total: 20.3

How much slower do you run on your easy days?

Do you ever re-read old training journals to help your current goals?



LE in the Snow!

Monday: 3hrs shoveling

Tuesday: 30 min stairs/leg (home workout), 2 hrs shoveling

Wednesday: 5.2m easy 8:42/pace

Sorry i haven’t blogged. You’d think that being home for 5 days i’d have all the time in the world to sit down and write up a weekend report. I did sit down to blog several times, but we were watching so many movies, tv shows and video games that my eyes and head just couldn’t handle looking at another screen!

File_000 (48)

The blizzard thing got real old, real quick. By Monday we were going stir crazy and were dying to get out of the house, so we all too a walk and got to see our pup in the snow for the first time. (LE is playing in our street– that should give you an idea of what we were shoveling)

File_000 (45)

Wednesday morning we were still shoveling, but I did manage to get to work! I missed the gym so much! I did a short at home workout Tuesday because my legs were begging for it. 15 minutes walking up and down our stairs, forward then sideways to change it up. I finished with squats, lunges & planks. Easiest thing to do at home is body weight stuff.

File_000 (44)

Wednesday morning we were still shoveling, but I did manage to get to work by 9:30!  I missed the gym so much!! I did 5 miles with tired legs (not sure if it was from sitting so much or the stairs from the previous day). I seriously can’t wait to start half marathon training. After taking a much needed step back from running over the last month and a half, i’m finding that running spark again, which is always the beauty of taking a break.

Last Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6m tempo (1m warm up, 4m @ 7:47/pace, 1m cooldown) + 20 min legs 

Wednesday: 3m easy 9:30/pace, 40 min upper body (pics below!)

Thursday: 7m easy 8:44/pace

Friday: 2m easy 9:40/pace, 30 min legs + shoulders

Saturday: 1.5 hrs shoveling

Sunday: 3 hrs shoveling

Total Miles: 18

Do you guys like vlogs? Should I put up more?

Are you already training for a spring race? If so which one?




Grip Strength Workout & Blizzard Time!

Wednesday: 3m easy 9:30/pace, 40 min upper body (pics below!)

Thursday: 7m easy 8:44/pace

Friday: 2m easy 9:40/pace, 30 min legs + shoulders

I’m sharing a workout i’ve done 3x since Jan 1st. I absolutely love it and it’s prepping me for the Spartan Beast and unassisted pull ups. The number one thing i’ve heard from people who’ve finished an obstacle course race is to work on grip strength. I will be pulling myself out of mud pits by a rope, carrying large pieces of wood on my shoulders and buckets of rocks up and down hills during this race. My grip cannot be weak during any of these events. I’m happy to note that my grip is getting stronger week by week and workouts like the one i’m sharing is actually fun and works grip like no ones business. (Side note: my clients tell me that my version of “fun” is not very accurate.)

5 Rounds
Rope pull ups & downs 5x up & down 
Walk out pushups 10x 
Offset Farmer’s Walk (or suitcase carry)

Rope Pull ups/downs (I tied a battlerope to pullup handles on a sturdy machine): Start in a laying position and use your arms to climb upward. When you get your body off the floor, raise your hips into a plank position and climb until standing. Reverse the move and slowly lower yourself all the way back to the floor.

Walk Out Pushups: Start in a standing position. Keep your legs as straight as possible and reach for the floor.

Then walk your hands into a tall plank position, do a pushup (or multiple for a challenge), then reverse the move and walk your hands back to your feet and return to standing.

Offset Farmer’s Walk (offset uses one weight, forcing your stabilizing muscles to work)- Pick a weight that is difficult for you to walk 50-100m. Stand tall with your weight, shoulders back & down, core tight. Walk for a chosen distance (mine was across the room & back) then switch hands with the weight & repeat.

File_000 (41)

I love workouts that don’t involve a ton of thinking and don’t feel like a traditional workout. This is like, pull yourself up, lower yourself down…do pushups, walk with a heavy weight. I love it. I love functional training!

Now to the snow. Wednesday the DC area got an inch of snow and it was totally embarrassing how many accidents, delays (6-7-8-9 hours of people trying to get home on the beltway!). I was extremely thankful Cameron got to work from home & i’m only a few minutes away and didn’t have to deal with the crazyness. I am also thankful my gym is next door to a beer/wine store.. don’t mind if i do!

File_000 (42)

But i did get to walk outside in the nice quiet neighborhood and experience LE’s first time walking through snow. It was adorable. Also– if you haven’t seen her trying to eat snowflakes <—you’re welcome (just don’t pay attention to my squeals).

File_000 (43)

How’s the weather near you?

What is your favorite kind of workout (other than running yo!)?


Running This Year is Going to Be Awesome and Scary and Awesome Some More

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6m tempo (1m warm up, 4m @ 7:47/pace, 1m cooldown) + 20 min legs 

Let’s talk. I need to take the pressure off training for a fast half or a BQ time marathon. I want this year to be amazing and different and FUN. As much as I want to be on a strict running schedule, hitting paces & meeting goals, getting there will be easier if I don’t put as much pressure on myself by focusing on one race.

This is why i haven’t signed up for an “A” race yet. I’m not sure if it will be a marathon or a fast half or both! I’m just going with the flow and will sign up for a race when i feel good about a specific distance.

File_000 (33)

After my 7 mile “long run” this past Sunday

This is also why i’m doing the Spartan Beast OCR (obstacle course race) in May & why I just signed up for a crazy hard leg of Ragnar DC this September. 18.1 tough miles!

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 8.29.10 PM

Having multiple racing goals and a few different types of races on the calendar should keep running life fun & interesting to say the least! (also–if you remember running a Ragnar has been a long term goal of mine!)

File_000 (34)

My good friend Deena from Saturday’s 5 miler!

Another one of my goals is to attend a few local group running meet-ups and be more active and social in the running community. I’m ready to branch out a little and turn running from a solo sport, to somewhat of a social thing.

And speaking of being social I’d also like to share with you a few links to a few of the lovely Zooma Ambassadors I’m getting to know. This way you can follow them, friend them & ask them running questions! I’ve met a few really good best friends through social media (hence all my pics with Emmeline..) it never hurts to reach out to runners training for the same races. It’s support! Embrace it! If you’re looking at running a Zooma race, or if you’re just looking for a few crazy runners to chat with in the local area, here are a few ways to link up with them. —>And make sure you use the coupon Cori10 for 10% off your race entry into a Zooma race. (You can also find the ambassadors on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #zoomaambassador #zoomaannapolis #zoomacapecod #zoomaflorida #thisishowizooma)


Angela- Angela Bess MD

Brittney- Lola And Lane

Tami- Have My Cake and Eat Yours Too

Samantha- Sams Runs

Cynthia- You Signed Up For What


Cape Cod

Gina- East and Pine

Lara- Uptite Mamas

Jen- Running With the Girls

Megan- Runner Megan

Sandra- Organic Runner Mom


Anne- Run U Mother

Brianna- I Run He Tries

Kimberly- Fit Disney Mom

Shelley- Run Bike Write

Presley- Run Pretty Blog

Last thing! i had to share what you would see if you watched me blog. There’s me:

File_000 (35)

and then there’s this…it’s why i can never get a blog up in a timely matter.. she’s so distracting! hehehe

File_000 (37)

Last Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.5m easy 9:22/pace

Wednesday: 5m tempo (1m warm up, 3m @ 7:44/pace, 1m cooldown) + 15 min legs (offset lunges, TRX pistol squats & dead lifts)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6.8m easy 8:42/pace

Saturday: 50min Crossfit (25 pullups, 50 pushups, 75 KB overhead swings 25#, 100 burpees, 125 jump rope)+ 5.4m run/walk

Sunday: 7.3m 8:42/pace easy

Total Miles: 28

Do you ever run with a group? 

How about a Ragnar? any tips for training?



Random Acts of Wednesday

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.5m easy 9:22/pace

Wednesday: 5m tempo (1m warm up, 3m @ 7:44/pace, 1m cooldown) + 15 min legs (offset lunges, TRX pistol squats & dead lifts)

First random of today: I did a short leg workout after a tempo run today. I have never been good about training legs and running all in the same week. But i recently read about how you SHOULD workout legs after a hard running workout. You can read about why here!

File_000 (21)

2nd Random: I received a very cool Christmas gift–> Foot Cardigan! I’m getting a fun pair of socks for 6 months. Such a good gift idea!

File_000 (25)

File_000 (27)

3rd Random: Cameron has been killing it at dinners lately. I’m a very well fed runner.

File_000 (29)

baked salmon w/jalepeno/caper vinaigrette & roasted broccoli 

File_000 (22)

Pork Bahn Mi Ramen

File_000 (26)

Burger & baked fries

Random #4- I tried cupping over Christmas. And I liked it. :)

File_000 (28)

Random #5 – LE plays with multiple toys at once. When she plays she will try to fit as many in her mouth as possible.

File_000 (24)

Random #6- We found a package of Christmas cookies on clearance for $1. Not too random, but does anyone else follow the rule that if you eat a cookie over the sink it doesn’t count?
File_000 (23)

It also doesn’t count when you’re walking and eating cookies. Hello.. burning calories. Also- thank you Cameron for capturing what I look like 90% of the day. Minus the jeans, add more cookies.

File_000 (32)

Share something random! 





Tips for Beginners!

It’s the beginning of the year and goals are set! Tons of people will begin their trek toward running their first 5k, triathlon or marathon! Here are a few tips, for the freshest newbie runners!

Running equipment: There are so many tools marketed to runners it can get very overwhelming. Ignore all of them except a good pair of running shoes (you can get fitted at most local running stores) and a supportive sports bra (for the ladies) and a good pair of shorts or compression shorts (for the gentlemen). If you are just getting started you do not need tons of equipment. As you run longer distances, you may need a belt to carry items or water bottles etc, but don’t get too ahead of yourself at the beginning.

File_000 (19)

Don’t worry about pace. Fast and slow is relative to each person. Don’t compare yourself to your best friend, the person on the next treadmill over or the Instagrammer who has run 30+ marathons. Seriously, do your own thing and run based on your effort. Which leads me to my next tips…

Build your endurance slowly. Do not try to run faster with each run or faster each week. Competitor.com recommends 8 weeks of walk/run base building and strength training for those who are brand new to the sport.  For 8 weeks you should be running at a comfortable speed and just getting your body used to time on your feet. This helps your bones, muscles, tendons & ligaments develop the strength you need to continue a high impact sport.

File_000 (18)

Go gadget free. Ignorance is bliss! You have nothing to compare your times to right now, so enjoy it. Running can be extremely freeing, a way to unplug from the world, and a great way to enjoy some “me time”. When you go out for a run eyeball the time or keep a watch on you so you know how long you’re out for, but don’t sweat over the details! Fitness apps & sports watches give us a ton of information. A lot of which is not important when you’re building a running base.

Be your own cheerleader!  Use social media to get a few virtual high fives as you’re training for your race and when you complete your goals! It’s a fun way to receive support from others doing the same thing as you. Plus, you never know, you may make a few new friends.

File_000 (17)

Before you head out the door please follow these rules!

  • Use your head and don’t run in places that are unsafe.
  • Be careful when you run at night or in the early hours of the morning. Bring a phone, wear a road id, and always let someone know where you are running and approximately when you’re returning or run with a partner.
  • You do not have the right of way when it comes to cars. Sure, you’re supposed to, but don’t ever assume. Ever.
  • Wear bright colors, make sure drivers see you (i always give a wave to be sure they’re allowing me to go first)
  • If you run out on roads with cars, don’t wear headphones and always run against traffic. If you are running rolling hills, you run with traffic.
  • Give other runners, bikers, mom/dad’s walking babies a smile, nod or a wave when you pass them. It’s polite and we (the running community) like runners to be friendly!

And remember!! If you run, you are a RUNNER. Not a jogger, slogger, sorta, part-time not really runner. You’re a freaking runner. Now put on some neon and go running!

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: 30min legs (lots of deadlifts/squats/lunges)

Tuesday: 4.3m hill repeats

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 6m + 30 min core

Friday: 1500m row, 75 overhead KB swings 30lbs, 50 Bosu pushups, 100 KB pass under lunges 30lbs, 40 hanging leg raises

Saturday: 2.5m easy 9:25/pace

Sunday: 8m easy 8:43/pace

Total Miles:  20.8

Share a piece of advice for someone just starting to run!


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