Confederate War Strategy: My New Motto.


Monday: 5m easy 9:05/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 6m easy 8:46/pace

Is the title confusing? Don’t worry we’ll get there.

Taper week has been, well, taper week. Easy runs feel harder than normal, i’m questioning why I like running, wondering how much foam rolling is too much, if carb loading this early will help or hurt Saturday’s race or if i’m just stress eating, wondering if the tickle in my throat will turn into a cold, if the weather will be on my side, combing my training log for anything positive to hang onto for dear life! You know, the usual taper mini-panic attacks.

The pictures below were taken 6 days apart… I have no clue how running in warm weather then running in possible snow will translate come race day. As of now Saturday looks to be COLD. And i put most of my winter gear into storage… of course.

But you know what I always say, play it as it lies. Like I’ve been doing my hair. Dry shampoo might be the best invention ever.

File_000 (500)

Okay enough with the tangents, last weekend I went downtown with my girlfriend Yomery to visit a few museums she’d never been to and grab lunch. When I say “girlfriend” i always feel like my mom, cause she used to say that ALL the time when I was younger. Now there’s a distinct connotation so when I say it, i just feel super old school. Dang it, another tangent. Sorry!

File_000 (508)

We rode down on the Metro, the only way to travel to DC, and our first stop was  the American History Museum. I think I found my race day outfit…

File_000 (503)

I thought this jack in the box was pretty amusing…

File_000 (502)

And finally I found my new motivation. Yomery read this out loud and was like, “am I missing something?” No, she wasn’t missing anything. This was the gem of the day.

File_000 (501)

File_000 (513)

Then we went on to lunch at  Zaytinya to get mediterranean, specifically falafel and it was outstanding. We did the $25 lunch special which included 4 courses including dessert and we added Turkish coffee cause apparently we can’t go 4 hours without coffee.

File_000 (504)File_000 (507)File_000 (505)File_000 (506)

File_000 (510)

turkish coffee

We decided to walk off lunch and finished up the museum tour at the Air and Space Museum. Hey guess what? Thrusters aren’t just used in Crossfit! haha

See ya on Saturday morning DC!

File_000 (509)

Last Week

Monday: 5m easy 8:40/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 9.5m interval ( 6 x 1m @ 6:40/pace)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 9m tempo (6 @ 6:53/pace), 30 minutes of (SA snatches 30# and handstand practice)

Friday: 5m easy 8:58/pace, barbell clean and jerk practice

Saturday: 7.1m easy 8:57/pace

Sunday: 6m easy 9:01/pace

Total Miles: 41.6

How do you make new friends as adults? Crossfit helped me :)!

Other than running did you anything fun or new last weekend? 



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21 thoughts on “Confederate War Strategy: My New Motto.

  1. I have honestly thought about trying Crossfit just to make friends! I go run with local run clubs sometimes to try to meet people, but generally everyone is older than me, and not looking to be friends, just to run together (which is fine, I just want some more friends!). We went to a jazz club in Chicago last weekend for a friend’s birthday–very fun!

    • awesome!! So many good jazz clubs in chitown. And yeah i honestly didn’t go into crossfit trying to make friends, but i’ve heard a lot about how crossfit is very community oriented and it does feel like a second family at the gym i go to. Took months to really open up and start hanging out with a few of the members, but i’ve been living here for 4 years and i’ve made more friends in 4 months than any other avenue i’ve tried.

  2. I’ve actually made a lot of great friends as an adult through my involvement in charity running programs. I have literally a couple dozen friends I’ve made by running with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society alone. This May, a few of us will be on a Cape Cod Ragnar Relay team together. Running is a great way to make friends because you are sharing in the same effort and have plenty of time to talk to each other during long miles.

    Beyond that, since my wife and I have two young daughters increasingly we find ourselves making friends with other young families. You just wind up in different sorts of circles. The first few years out of college, I thought making friends as an adult was ridiculously tough – I just had no experience doing it outside of the school environment. But now, I actually think it’s easier. Just get involved in your community and you will meet like-minded people.

    That Confederate War Strategy is hilarious. Just hang around long enough and you will outlast everybody. I mean, I don’t think it’s really a GOOD strategy, but it’s worked for a lot of people of middling talent levels…

    • hahah yes, that strategy is simple and funny and for “middling talent levels” love it!

      I have met a really good circle of friends from running Ragnar last September! You’re right, just getting involved in programs and things you like helps with meeting people you’d get along with. Think it just took me a long time to realize that…duh.

      • I think it takes a while for all of us. If we spend two full decades making pretty much all our friends through school, what are we going to do once we’re out? We have no idea how to make grown-up friends! Colleges should offer courses on making friends in the real world. Final exam: Go out and do something with people you met outside of school.

      • yes- i would have gladly signed up for that course!

  3. Haha this was funny. Also my grandmother especially and mom said “girlfriends” in reference to my friends who are girls lol. I haven’t reached the status of saying it yet….I don’t think? Most of my friends I met through fitness groups, November Project. Looks like another solid week for ya! Good vibes for the race, girlie! I always think I’m getting hurt or sick during marathon taper haha.


    • i’ve always said it, it just makes me feel super old when i hear myself say it out loud ! November Project seems like a great place to meet new people, and then see them on a weekly basis. I think that’s key too–seeing the same people over and over again.

  4. I was hoping to read your take on the open workouts! And you should venture north to Columbia on saturdays and run with the Howard county striders.

    • oh man! I want to do the workouts in the upcoming weeks when I get back to strength training. 17.1 looks hard but doable.. 17.2 looks terrible and i’ll have to scale the shit out of that one, 17.3 is ridiculous – don’t know how i’ll adjust for that, maybe just call it a practice day haha. and yes- i will make it out to the HOCO striders! I promise.

      • Good luck tomorrow! I’ve done 17.1 and 17.2 scaled and I guess I’ll attempt 17.3 that way but damn it’s tough. We have a friendly team competition going on at our box which makes it fun not matter how ridiculous the workouts.

  5. This is totally not the point of your post but can I ask you about dry shampoo? Ive just started using it and I feel like my hair still looks/feels greasy! Is there a secret that I just dont know about?!

    • I have no idea! I have a lot of volume to my hair so it takes a lot to look greasy- if it does i usually part it the opposite side or use bobby pins to pull back my bangs and stuff. i don’t know what to tell ya, other than try a few styles with the dry shampoo and see if it helps. What brand do you use? I use batiste brunette

  6. i havent met too many friends at adults, other than the ones i met through my boyfriend and through work. it’s hard! i wish i had more runner friends; sometimes i feel lost without having someone who can relate to my training and racing (other than the bf). i used to be part of a few running clubs, but i felt like a lot of members only talk about running. 😦 you are KILLING your runs lady! and um yeah i wore a tank top and shorts to run in yesterday and i will be racing in -2 degrees and 25mph winds on saturday. DAMN YOU WINTER!

    • ahhH!! what is up with the weather!? I have no clue what to wear saturday. Why do you live so far away, we could be friends and talk about other things besides running haha

      • Girl, I know (with both)!!!!! What are you deciding to wear tmrw? I think I’ll go with a thicker long-sleeved shirt, vest, gloves, fleece headband and fleecy tights. I wore something similar last weekend when the weather was about the same (except I had a tailwind for most of the 18 miles). And YES, you can teach me how to get amazing abs, we can drink wine, and talk about all the fun stuff. I’m not on FB, Twitter, Insta, so unfortunately we can’t even be friends on there; I used to have a blog during Ironman days but that’s no longer…are you on Strava? And anytime you make it up to Boston – UM HELLO BOSTON MARATHON – we should get together!

      • I love all of this! Sorry i didn’t see this until today.. i’m on strava, but not very active on it. too much to keep up with. You can find me under Cori Maley though. and yes, when Boston 2018 comes I’m going to meet a ton of my blog/insta friends so we need to do a meet up or something 🙂

  7. I would love to try Crossfit some day- I’m still recovering from a broken ankle…but one day!

  8. This totally makes me want to try crossfit! I think I am equally obsessed with barre!

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