Confederate War Strategy: My New Motto.

Monday: 5m easy 9:05/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 6m easy 8:46/pace

Is the title confusing? Don’t worry we’ll get there.

Taper week has been, well, taper week. Easy runs feel harder than normal, i’m questioning why I like running, wondering how much foam rolling is too much, if carb loading this early will help or hurt Saturday’s race or if i’m just stress eating, wondering if the tickle in my throat will turn into a cold, if the weather will be on my side, combing my training log for anything positive to hang onto for dear life! You know, the usual taper mini-panic attacks.

The pictures below were taken 6 days apart… I have no clue how running in warm weather then running in possible snow will translate come race day. As of now Saturday looks to be COLD. And i put most of my winter gear into storage… of course.

But you know what I always say, play it as it lies. Like I’ve been doing my hair. Dry shampoo might be the best invention ever.

File_000 (500)

Okay enough with the tangents, last weekend I went downtown with my girlfriend Yomery to visit a few museums she’d never been to and grab lunch. When I say “girlfriend” i always feel like my mom, cause she used to say that ALL the time when I was younger. Now there’s a distinct connotation so when I say it, i just feel super old school. Dang it, another tangent. Sorry!

File_000 (508)

We rode down on the Metro, the only way to travel to DC, and our first stop was  the American History Museum. I think I found my race day outfit…

File_000 (503)

I thought this jack in the box was pretty amusing…

File_000 (502)

And finally I found my new motivation. Yomery read this out loud and was like, “am I missing something?” No, she wasn’t missing anything. This was the gem of the day.

File_000 (501)

File_000 (513)

Then we went on to lunch at  Zaytinya to get mediterranean, specifically falafel and it was outstanding. We did the $25 lunch special which included 4 courses including dessert and we added Turkish coffee cause apparently we can’t go 4 hours without coffee.

File_000 (504)File_000 (507)File_000 (505)File_000 (506)

File_000 (510)

turkish coffee

We decided to walk off lunch and finished up the museum tour at the Air and Space Museum. Hey guess what? Thrusters aren’t just used in Crossfit! haha

See ya on Saturday morning DC!

File_000 (509)

Last Week

Monday: 5m easy 8:40/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 9.5m interval ( 6 x 1m @ 6:40/pace)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 9m tempo (6 @ 6:53/pace), 30 minutes of (SA snatches 30# and handstand practice)

Friday: 5m easy 8:58/pace, barbell clean and jerk practice

Saturday: 7.1m easy 8:57/pace

Sunday: 6m easy 9:01/pace

Total Miles: 41.6

How do you make new friends as adults? Crossfit helped me :)!

Other than running did you anything fun or new last weekend? 




Running Variety & Kermit!

Running has been so much fun this week! My training plan had a track workout, hill workout and today I have a long run.  It feels great to be back on a schedule that includes variety, especially since I have only been building my base mileage for the last 2 months. My body has never handled a ton of mileage well. The most i’ve done is a 32 mile week, i usually cruise at 25 on average, but my coach and I think if there’s ever a good time to try and increase, it’s now. I’m much healthier than in the past, my base is there, I strength train & focus on flexibility much more than in the past, and I want to run more! Especially with a marathon on the schedule this May I’m going to have to get used to it.


Yesterday I ended up at the Smithsonian American History Museum. It’s been a while and they had a lot of new stuff.


not the museum, but it was a clear, beautiful yet COLD day!


The real slippers! 🙂

Later I went to my favorite Thai place out here. Ruan Thai (Wheaton, MD). If you haven’t been–> GO. Some old dude came up to us while we were ordering and said, “This is the best Thai i’ve had since I was in Thailand 10 years ago.”


I also had a Thai Iced Tea. It’s SO sweet and good.


I grabbed “We Are the Millers” from Redbox and ended the night with a little wine and chocolate. I’m heading out for my 9 miler right now, wish me luck and I hope everyone is being productive this weekend!

Workout Summary (Keep in mind I’ve been stretching, foam rolling & using the Trigger Point tools like a mad lady trying to keep loose and flexible. I’m not going to put this into my summaries any longer, BUT i will be posting my favorite stretches & techniques soon!)

Monday:  4.5m easy 8:37/pace

Tuesday: 15 min chest, 10 min abs

Wednesday:  5.3m track workout, 20 min back, 10 min abs

Thursday: 20 min glutes, 10 min abs

Friday: 5.5m hills 7:49/pace (7:55, 7:48, 7:44, 7:17, 7:53 & half mile cool down)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 9.4 easy  8:14/pace

Total Miles: 24.7 

What were your weekend workouts like?

Favorite wine? Red/White?

RED all the way…Cabernet Sauvignon’s are my go to 🙂