Summertime Things


Monday: 5000m row

I mentioned on Instagram this was a rough week for running. It was 100 degrees and humid all week. Every run felt 10000x times harder than they should have and to top it off, my knee wasn’t liking impact this week. I cut Saturday’s run short and eliminated the double long run this weekend. I’m getting it checked out this week because I don’t want to start marathon training with an injury!

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Other than the 5:30am alarms for runners to beat the heat and get the early miles in (we are a crazy bunch aren’t we?) I feel like summer is a great time to be more social and get outside! I’m happiest when I’m charging my solar powered batteries.

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We went to see Brand New and Modest Mouse at an outdoor concert recently… ❤

Ate hot dogs and had a few brewski’s at Nationals Park for a great night game…

File_000 (267)

File_000 (266)

We’ve done brewery tours, hiking, lake housing, dog beaching…Basically anytime we can be outdoors we take the day and do it!

REI has outdoor activities happening all summer long in the DC area! I thought i’d share a few of their upcoming events, some are free some are not, but in any case, if you need an idea for something to do, their activities can help!

·         REI Run Club Party, 8/16/2016 – Following our weekly Run Club, we’ll gather around the campfire for drinks, s’mores and stories. We’ll run 6:30–7:30pm, and meet up at the REI Community Space immediately after. [Free]

·         Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board, 8/14/2016 – Come learn everything you need to know to get started with stand up paddle boarding. In this class, you’ll learn proper stance, essential paddle strokes, turning techniques and more. [$70 members/$90 non-members]

·         Refresh Your Run, 8/25/2016 – Ready to run away from politics for a while? In this class, you’ll learn training and technique insights to help you get back in shape and/or prepare for your upcoming 5-10K or more. [Free]

·         Patapsco Trail Fest, 9/17/2016 – Now here’s our kind of convention: an entire weekend uniting mountain bikes, runners, hikers and campers. Join us for bike and trail races at this premiere event in the Patapsco Valley! [Info/tickets on event website]

July 11-17 Recap

Monday: 20min core, 20 min shoulders/triceps

Tuesday: 7m easy 9:14/pace

Wednesday: 6m easy 9:30/pace

Thursday: 9m easy progression 9:00/pace

Friday: 20min legs (resistance band work, glute/hips)

Saturday: 11m long 9:24/pace

Sunday: 12.1m long 9:09/pace

Total Mileage: 45.1


July 18-24 Recap

Monday: 5000m row

Tuesday: 8.3m easy 9:00/pace

Wednesday: 20 min core

Thursday: 5m easy 9:50/pace, 25min shoulders

Friday: 6.1m easy 9:24/pace

Saturday: 11.3m long 10:38/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 30.7 (low miles because of knee)

What are your go-to summer activities? 

Has anyone tried REI’s (or another running/fitness) group event?


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10 thoughts on “Summertime Things

  1. Ooh – just caught that Instagram post – I hope there is nothing bad happening! Crossing my fingers for you!

    Totally get the ‘I don’t care WHAT, so long as it’s outside!’ mindset – we’ve been walking and biking and hiking and kayaking and hunting Pokémon and … pretty much whatever! 🙂

    Always love the pics – looks like you guys have been having a great summer! I definitely appreciate that we get cooler mornings at this time of year, last week it dipped into the 40s and I had to wear light gloves (of course it still got up to 90 during the day!)

    Keep us informed on your knee … we worry 🙂

  2. Hope the knee is just a freakish blip! We had another backpacking trip to the mountains – 70s and amazing scenery – and now some blogging in the backyard with some wine.

    • me too! a blip in the road! –i’m so jealous of your trip, we probably won’t make it back to colorado/utah until end of next summer–but it’s in the planning stages! Trying to finally make it to Zion! Enjoy the relaxing blogging!

  3. I’m blaming the heat for your knee. Because that totally makes sense, right? Hope it’s feeling better quickly.

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  6. So over this humidity. Go to’s for summer: beach (2nd trip last week) and Os games (2nd game last night). And good refreshing beer!

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