Phone Dump Friday! #9


Tuesday: 7.5m intervals 12 x 400s @6:07/pace, 25 min core

Wednesday: 7m easy 9:40/pace

Thursday: Rest

Quick check in! Saw the orthopedist yesterday and my knees look fantastic. No major issues. He thinks i may have either a small bone bruise on the lateral side, or a possible minor tear of the meniscus. He wasn’t worried about either because I wasn’t in pain and said I would have experienced a lot of swelling and pain if it tore (which i did not have any swelling.) He gave me the go ahead to marathon train and prescribed ice to the knee after running for the next several weeks as precaution. Yay to that!

And cheers to the weekend! I’m so excited to finally get back to a long run! Wish me luck and enjoy the picture dump below.

OH and thanks again for everyone who has donated to my fundraising page for the National MS Society–exceeded the goal of $500, so i’d like to hit a new goal of $1000!

Gotta appreciate the attempt to smile while carrying a heavy weight up and down hills… #IneedtodoanotherSpartan



One from the Chicago wedding…If only all bathroom mirrors had this cloudy texture to it…

File_000 (274)

Baby deer in our neighborhood.. they’re so tiny!

File_000 (271)

After run donut…

File_000 (272)

This pup…


This sky…

File_000 (273)

This game

File_000 (270)

Missing Colorado…


And taking selfies…

File_001 (11)

How long are you running this weekend? And how is the humidity near you?
Favorite post long run indulgence?

Author: She's Going the Distance


11 thoughts on “Phone Dump Friday! #9

  1. Baby deer aw! And yumm now I want a donut. Glad your knee got the okay-I’e got 14 miles on deck for tomorrow morning!

  2. Whew – so glad to hear about your knee! Hope everything stays good and healthy for you!

    Love Farkel as well! Never heard of any variants – but love the thought of Moose Farkel! Lisa went on a shopping trip to Maine with her mom 15 or so years ago and bought some cute stories and sing-alongs for the kids all based around moose … so that is what I always go back to 🙂

    Always love the phone dumps – the really cool mirror texture changes the look of the dress, which you’d shared before – you guys looked really great for the wedding and the colors you each wore complemented one another really well, sounds like you had a blast! Always love cute LE pics, and love seeing wildlife around – haven’t seen full families of deer around this year, just a few here or there.

    Weather has been funky – very dry and warm, off and on very humid as well. Hoping for rain. Probably not running this weekend, but who knows, right ? 🙂

  3. Good news about your knee. Always a great feeling to go to the doctor and get the ok. Have a great long run.

  4. Happy to hear about the knee! As for the humidity… so over it!!

  5. Wait. Who puts a donut on a plate? And we love farkel so have to check in to this moose version. 2 x 14m this wknd. Hoping humidity breaks.

  6. Your spartan pics are ridiculous. You look so badass!

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