Summertime Things

Monday: 5000m row

I mentioned on Instagram this was a rough week for running. It was 100 degrees and humid all week. Every run felt 10000x times harder than they should have and to top it off, my knee wasn’t liking impact this week. I cut Saturday’s run short and eliminated the double long run this weekend. I’m getting it checked out this week because I don’t want to start marathon training with an injury!

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Other than the 5:30am alarms for runners to beat the heat and get the early miles in (we are a crazy bunch aren’t we?) I feel like summer is a great time to be more social and get outside! I’m happiest when I’m charging my solar powered batteries.

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We went to see Brand New and Modest Mouse at an outdoor concert recently… ❤

Ate hot dogs and had a few brewski’s at Nationals Park for a great night game…

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File_000 (266)

We’ve done brewery tours, hiking, lake housing, dog beaching…Basically anytime we can be outdoors we take the day and do it!

REI has outdoor activities happening all summer long in the DC area! I thought i’d share a few of their upcoming events, some are free some are not, but in any case, if you need an idea for something to do, their activities can help!

·         REI Run Club Party, 8/16/2016 – Following our weekly Run Club, we’ll gather around the campfire for drinks, s’mores and stories. We’ll run 6:30–7:30pm, and meet up at the REI Community Space immediately after. [Free]

·         Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board, 8/14/2016 – Come learn everything you need to know to get started with stand up paddle boarding. In this class, you’ll learn proper stance, essential paddle strokes, turning techniques and more. [$70 members/$90 non-members]

·         Refresh Your Run, 8/25/2016 – Ready to run away from politics for a while? In this class, you’ll learn training and technique insights to help you get back in shape and/or prepare for your upcoming 5-10K or more. [Free]

·         Patapsco Trail Fest, 9/17/2016 – Now here’s our kind of convention: an entire weekend uniting mountain bikes, runners, hikers and campers. Join us for bike and trail races at this premiere event in the Patapsco Valley! [Info/tickets on event website]

July 11-17 Recap

Monday: 20min core, 20 min shoulders/triceps

Tuesday: 7m easy 9:14/pace

Wednesday: 6m easy 9:30/pace

Thursday: 9m easy progression 9:00/pace

Friday: 20min legs (resistance band work, glute/hips)

Saturday: 11m long 9:24/pace

Sunday: 12.1m long 9:09/pace

Total Mileage: 45.1


July 18-24 Recap

Monday: 5000m row

Tuesday: 8.3m easy 9:00/pace

Wednesday: 20 min core

Thursday: 5m easy 9:50/pace, 25min shoulders

Friday: 6.1m easy 9:24/pace

Saturday: 11.3m long 10:38/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 30.7 (low miles because of knee)

What are your go-to summer activities? 

Has anyone tried REI’s (or another running/fitness) group event?


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A Cookie the Size of My Head & Summary 9/30-10/6

This weekend went by too fast. You know when people ask you on Monday what you did over the weekend and you’re like, “I have no idea.” That’s how I feel, but I’m gonna blame the grogginess on allergies again. Between all the Zyrtec and Grand Theft Auto-ing happening in our apartment at the moment, we still managed to get some important things done. Like buying  a new mattress, and seeing Wavves live on Saturday night.

Sunday was a full day of hanging out and started it off with a run. We didn’t last too long because again, it was 85 degrees and humid. I still have hope that Saturday will cool down for these races *Please race gods, cool the weather for the races!*

photo 2

He’s just this cool. (and don’t mind the mattress garbage on the floor)

Later on Cameron took me to REI which is this awesome outdoor sporting goods store. They had Brooks & Nike gear and a ton of nutrition options so I was pretty happy and ended up walking out of the store with 2 different brands of electrolyte drink tablets. They had Nuun (my go-to), but I was feeling experimental so I grabbed Hammer Nutrition Grapefruit tabs & GU Brew Lemon-Lime.  I also picked up my tried & true 2X caffeinated Jet Blackberry GU for Saturday’s race and a flavor i’ve never seen before — Cherry Blaze. Cameron tried convincing me we needed a hatchet, or a Bear Grylls approved hunting knife. We are the opposite of the hunting type so just the thought of owning these things made us laugh.

Complimentary Competitor Magazine, don't mind if i do!

Complimentary Competitor Magazine, don’t mind if i do!

We get hungry when we shop. Please tell me we’re not the only ones… Anywho we ended up at a Indian restaurant down the road and it was delicious!


My favorite part of Sunday was definitely picking up a bottle of wine, heading home to relax and watch Harry Potter (the Order of the Phoenix) :). They were selling cookies at the beer store’s register and had to have one. Sometimes I’m demanding, especially when my sweet tooth kicks in. I pretend this is one of those things Cameron finds endearing.  The cookie looked better than it tasted, but even a bad cookie is better than no cookie at all. I know, i’m so wise.

photo 3

Weekly Summary

Monday: 10m Long 8:27/pace, 3:00 plank

Tuesday: 4.5m Easy, 25 min Chest/Biceps, 20 min Abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 8.2m Tempo 8:03/pace, 15 min Abs

Friday: 4.75m Easy 11:06/pace, 15 min TRX arm workout

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 4.7m Easy

Total Miles: 32.2

Who’s getting ready for a race this weekend?

Favorite Cookie? 

I make pumpkin dark chocolate cookies…