Falling in Love with the Long Run


The weather has been somewhat cooperative over the last week so I was able to do not one, but two runs outside! I’ve been running outside for the easy days so I can slowly get back into hills. Where I live is super hilly, I don’t want to get injured since i’ve been basically on no incline on a treadmill since December. Gotta keep those IT bands happy.

File_000 (78)

From Friday–i felt like a ninja

Sunday I started my morning with a glass of water, followed by my pre run rituals, coffee, a Honey Stinger Waffle & a quick look at the day’s plan.

File_000 (77)

I set out to run 12 miles, at a slow steady pace. I was shooting for 9:00-9:20/pace.  The last couple long runs have had some form of speed work tossed in (one week a 5k effort, the next a 10k). Sunday, I needed to give my body a break and keep the pace an honest easy. When I’m not caught up on running at certain pace, I can focus on so many other things that make me love running and LOVE the long run.

I could focus on my form, footfall, breathing, my bare legs feeling free, and how grateful I am for being able to do this.

File_000 (76)

I could also focus on Serial..that podcast is getting the best of me. I have one more episode then the courtroom updates! I listened to 2 1/2 episodes during this run haha. OH and about 20 seconds after I took the picture above, it down poured! I had to run the final 3 miles in cold rain. It was fun until the last mile when I couldn’t feel my hands or see and was worried my phone would break, but after a hot shower, breakfast and of course more coffee, I was happy and extremely satisfied. I’m looking forward to next Saturday when I can do another long run. I love them!

Last Week

Monday: 4.1m easy 9:30/pace

Tuesday: 8m Combo Workout (2m warm up, 3m @ 7:00/pace, 4 x 2:00 @ 6:18/pace, 1m cool down)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 5m easy 9:15/pace, 10 min core

Friday: 7m tempo workout (1m warm up, 5m @ 7:57 marathon pace, 1m cooldown)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 12m long/easy 9:08/pace

Total Miles: 36.1

What makes you love going long?

What should I listen to after Serial?–I already need something else!

Author: She's Going the Distance


14 thoughts on “Falling in Love with the Long Run

  1. David Cross live sounds like it would be amazing! I hope it was fun. I love long runs because I really love that tired feeling afterward, that plus being able to take a nap and hot shower is the best. Great job on your run!

  2. Have you ever tried audio books while running or do you prefer podcasts?

    • i have not, but i did just tell my husband that i want to listen to all the Harry Potter’s because i don’t have time to physically read them. so audio books are definitely the direction i’m heading

  3. Awesome job! I am training for my second full marathon and I ran 13 miles this past weekend. I listen to music on the long runs. I recently tried an audio book on my shorter treadmill runs and that was really fun! Kept me my mind a little bit off the fact that I was running on the treadmill LOL.

    • yes! i’m ready to try audio books. And good luck with your training. I’m hoping to start training for my 3rd marathon this fall. The struggle is real with keeping entertained on those long, long runs..especially when on the treadmill.

  4. I loved reading this – as the hopeless romantic I am, I love you and Cameron (and LE of course as a animal lover as well!) and always hope for the very best for you guys. Heavy travel can be a pain in the butt – 3 years ago I was on a project (bendable glass that you can roll up like wrapping paper!) that had me down in Kentucky at the big Corning facility almost every week for 9 months. Ugh.

    Totally get what you’re saying about the long run. It is so liberating to dedicate yourself to this time of doing nothing but pounding out step after step for a couple of hours, shutting out (as much as is really possible) the rest of the world, and connecting with yourself.

    As for listening, I’m no help – because I don’t listen to anything but life as I run, and because my commute is so short that I no longer even try to listen to anything! 🙂

    I love running.

    • I love how much you support me and cameron, i’m definitely a hopeless romantic too! traveling every week?? that’s nuts. I don’t know if I could handle that

      • 🙂

        Yeah, but I was whining about the travel at the start, Lisa just said ‘sometimes we have to suck it up and deal with it’. It was only 9 months, and while it wasn’t fun, we got through it and established a pattern. At the time Lisa was working 2 miles from home so it was convenient with the kids, now she has a 45 minute commute so that would be rougher.

        So like most stuff, you deal with it – and by being honest and open in your communications, you use your teamwork to make it work better for everyone.

  5. Happy dating anniversary! I love zoning out on a run – not thinking about anything but my legs moving. Two of the podcasts that I’m liking right now are Criminal and the Moth Radio Hour.

  6. Sounds like a great night out for the two of you! I think I’m the only one who has never listened to Serial. I’ve gotta get around to that! I love listening to podcasts, mostly Another Mother Runner. I’ve had so many running dates lately (unlike me!) that I haven’t had time to listen to my podcasts! Even though I enjoy the company, I do miss my alone time too.
    btw, I love the headband (earwarmer? what do we call those things?…). What brand is it?

  7. Happy anniversary. It has taken me months and even years to fall in love with the long run and to be honest…I think I’ve fallen out of it again. I don’t actually listen to many podcasts myself…mostly music!

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