Weekend Recap: Shows, Stars, Shoes & Brews!


This weekend went by much too fast, even though it was a lot of lazing around. Friday I went to Constitution Hall to see one of my favorite bands of all time who never, ever, ever, tour. Neutral Milk Hotel. If you’re ever wondering what’s tattooed on my back, it’s lyrics from this band. And if you’re wondering what the heck Neutral Milk Hotel is, check them out. It’s worth it.


Constitution Hall was pretty cool to be in. I really dug the star spangled seats and the carpet on the main floor was blue with stars as well. Also, i can tell i’m getting older when I get excited to see a concert in an actual seat…


Saturday morning I headed out for my 12 mile run which finally got to be outside!! It was wet and there still were parts of the trail that were ice and snow, but mostly slush so I could deal with it. I got to test out these new RBX tights I got from Marshall’s for $15 a few weeks back. I loved the higher (colorful!) waistband, the tights felt compression like, tight but not uncomfortable and I didn’t chafe.

new capris!

new capris!

The 12 miles actually flew by quicker than past long runs. My pace averaged a 8:14, nothing felt too difficult and I ended up getting home a little earlier than anticipated and had plenty of time to stretch out afterwards.

I think the whole feet up thing really helped recover my legs, that and I wore compression socks the rest of the night. That was the first time I put my feet up immediately after a run and might become part of my routine. I wasn’t even a tiny bit sore the next day.

Pretty much all I need to be happy: a recovery beer.


After lunch I HAD to check out Potomac River Running Store across the street. They had a big sale on last season’s shoes and I couldn’t resist…


I almost made my goal of no new shoes until March.. so close!! I got a pair of the Brook’s Pure Grit’s cause they are the most comfortable shoes i’ve worn, i’m hoping these might be the ones I wear for the next 1/2. The New Balance Minimus are for work. I need the lightweight shoes for weightlifting and standing on my feet all day. (These are zero drop and I’ve never owned a pair of zero’s so i’m excited to try them out.) aaaaand I LOVE the Colors!!

Workouts from the week!

Monday: 15 min abs

Tuesday: 6.6m treadmill intervals (pace ranged from 7:30-6:00), 15 min abs

Wednesday: 4.25m treadmill easy 8:41/pace, 30 min TRX upper body, 30 min yoga

Thursday: 7.2m hill workout, 15 min abs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 12 easy & long 8:14/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 30.1

How often do you buy shoes? I feel like i have a problem haha.

Have you ever put your feet up after a run? Notice a difference or not?

Author: She's Going the Distance


11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Shows, Stars, Shoes & Brews!

  1. Love Gordon Biersh! Had a friend take me to the one in Santa Clara my first work trip there and it became a regular spot after that!

    On the tights, not sure it is just a girl thing – my wife telling me how hot I looked removed any hesitation when I was contemplating my first running tights purchase just over a year ago! Same for jeans at Christmas … got so used to everything being loose that clothes fitting felt weird at first!

    Shoes … well, there I tend to be a bit cheap. I get tons of miles out of mine so I buy when I know I’m getting close to the end – which is a mistake because there are new studies showing rotating shoes is actually better for your body and stride.

    And I love the Minimus … that is what I’m running on now! Very comfortable, and with lock laces I just pull on and go … but with the snow and so on they have a wonderful dingy look now!

    Never tried putting my feet up, just try to keep myself going and moving.

    • I love the dynamic between you and your wife, it always makes me smile 🙂 I’m so excited to try the Minimus out, even if they’re only worn around the gym. It’s impressive that you run in those. How long did it take you to get used to running in a barefoot like shoe?

      • As usual I just kind of did it and it worked. When I ‘got serious’ about my running in 2012 I needed new shoes – prior to that I would use something comfortable in the ‘running’ section on sale for <$50 (seriously, and for more than 20 years that was my approach).

        But when I decided to buy 'real' running shoes because I was planning for a marathon 6 months in the future, I started researching trends and was intrigued by lightweight and minimal trends. So I headed to my local sporting good store (no specialty shops closer than 45 minutes away), and tried on a bunch and the Nike Free Run's were great so I got them. Really didn't know how the 4mm drop compared … they felt great so I used them.

        Later that year I got another pair, then got a pair of the original New Balance Minimus on a Black Friday sale, but they killed my heels. So next I moved to the Saucony Kinvara (also 4mm drop) and now the new generation Minimus.

        I do have limits – last year I tried the Merrell Vapor Glove … and with 2mm cushion it was just too little shoe. Still love them for walking around, just not running.

      • gotcha, i tried on the Merrell too and didn’t think they were worth the money. the Minimus is amazing. I tried them at work and almost 7 hours on my feet they felt incredible! zero drop, who knew?!

      • Well, let’s just say that the ‘price was right’ on the Merrell’s (my review is here: http://geardiary.com/2013/08/13/merrell-vapor-glove-minimal-running-shoe-review/). 🙂

        I also have some minimal zero drop ‘boots’ (they are really light) from Lems … they are pretty sweet, comfortable and surprisingly supportive.

      • wow! I didn’t even know they made stuff with zero drop other than running shoes haha.

  2. I love Gordon Biersch! We went up to Tyson’s occasionally to eat there 🙂 I’m sort of obsessed with running shoes and I have like 15 pairs right now….oops. And I rotate through the same 3 98% of the time. I also have 5 pairs of one kind of capri because Joe said my butt looks awesome in them. No shame,

  3. Hahaha love your comments about the capris! And yes, I admit it made me want to look into them – you’re a good marketer :). I have put my feet up before because I’ve read so much about it … maybe it helped?!? Not really sure! I stockpile shoes, but it stresses me out to have more than 2-3 pairs going at one time, so I keep the stockpiled ones in boxes in my closet :). And … you are so speedy!!!!!! Love these recaps because it shows how much you’re dominating!

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