I’ve Got that Summertime Sadness


Tuesday: 6.6m treadmill intervals (pace ranged from 7:30-6:00), 15 min abs

Wednesday: 4.25m easy 8:41/pace, 30 min TRX upper body, 30 min yoga

Thursday: 7.2m hill workout, 15 min abs

Every time that Lana Del Rey song plays at the gym i get a little blue. I’m so ready for a pair of shorts, a bathing suit and a beach! Maybe it’s because I’ve been cooped up in the gym and apartment too long. (Or maybe it’s because my Jamaican tan lines are finally beginning to fade.) I did manage an outdoor hill run yesterday, but i was still struggling with icy patches and packed snow. It will be 45 degrees tomorrow so i’m saving my 12 miler for the nice weather & wet trails!

I finally ended up buying some handheld water bottles (per my coach’s suggestion) and I wish I’d done this a loooong time ago. I used to go without water for like 95% of my runs. If i were running over 10 miles I’d bring a small Gatorade or carry a bottle, all the other runs I’d just deal with it. Now I have a bottle for short & long runs, plus the pouch comes in handy <—get it!?


I found these ones at Marshall’s for $10 & $8. Immediately afterward I went into Sports Authority and they were selling the same bottles for $30! So excited I made the purchase I can tell that hydrating during my run is helping me maintain energy throughout the entire run. Simple I know, I just needed to do it to realize it. I mean, I chug water during my strength training days, why would running be any different?


after a treadmill run

I’m trying to make a solid effort to drink more water throughout the day. Especially since my workouts are getting tougher and my weekly mileage is beginning to going up. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces + more when you’re getting your sweat on. There’s always a ton of debate if things like coffee, juice, milk counts toward this. I think as long as the majority of your liquids are from water you’re good. If you want more information on daily hydration, Megan has a really helpful blogpost on the topic.


just because this made me happy

How’s your water intake? 

Any tips or tools you use as a reminder to drink more?


Author: She's Going the Distance


12 thoughts on “I’ve Got that Summertime Sadness

  1. I drink a lot of water out of habit now, but when I started upping my intake I filled a huge water bottle with water and fresh lime and I found if it was next to me, I’d drink it all and would go through 70 oz a day with no problem just from taking a few sips here and there without thinking.

  2. My big tip is ‘routine’. So for me, I have a pretty set morning routine and have to take a pill for my non-functioning thyroid, so I always fill a large cup of water. Then I refill it so when I get back from my run it is sitting there waiting for me. 48oz, done. I also have a nice 32oz Tupperware cup at my desk all day.

    In terms of ON my runs, generally I only bring something for more than 10 miles, and have a great Camelbak 25oz insulated bottle, and also a Camelbak backpack for longer runs. That has been awesome for when 25oz just isn’t going to be enough!

  3. Oh man I wish I knew they sold the Nathan water bottles at Marshall’s! I’m one of the suckers that paid too much at Dicks. But I could use another, I’ll have to check it out. I try to get a glass of water for each hour in the day so I know I’m hydrated enough.

    • I’m really lucky that there’s a Marshall’s next to our Sports Authority, so I start at Marshall’s and if i can’t find what i’m looking for then i go into S.A and spend the big bucks 🙂 haha

  4. I’m about to invest in a handheld water bottle, I got one at Walmart for $7 and it slips all over the place as soon as my hand gets a little bit sweaty. I’ve had my eye on those two you got!

  5. Please don’t think I’m dumb for asking this, but does the bottle get heavy in your hand? Obviously I know it’s not that heavy, but 10 miles is a long time … I use my Nathan hydration belt and love it. I can’t chug a ton of water and keep running, so little sips every two miles is what works best for me! During the day, I’m a camel – I don’t even have to focus on it anymore because it’s become such habit for me to always have a bottle or glass by my side. Thanks for the link! 🙂

    • Megan – when I use my 25 oz bottle, it weighs about 2.5lbs. So … you are carrying a weight. I know running with weights in general is not the best idea, but … oh well. I tend to move the bottle back and forth, but definitely have a ‘dominant carry hand’ – so if I am not mindful I overwork one arm. But it does get lighter as you run!

    • YES! At first it was the like lugging extra weight, but i carry the small one for runs under 8 miles and it feels so light i can’t tell. I use the larger one for longer runs, and once the large one lightens up a bit it doesn’t bother me. I try really hard not to flex my muscles or grip the bottle hard and i swap hands back and forth so they don’t get tired.

  6. I love that little bottle! It is so cute. I think the bottles on my belt are about the same size and when I’m going for a shorter run I sometimes fill one of the bottles up and carry it with me on my run.

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