Where is My Mind?


Monday: 8m easy 8:49/p

Tuesday: Crossfit, 10.4m interval (6 x 1m repeats)

Wednesday: Rest

Hey dudes, guess what? I made it to the taper healthy and happy. The last few weeks, especially during long runs, the tempos and the mile repeats I’ve been trying to wrap my head around running strong for 26.2 miles. Specifically, wondering where my head will be in mile 18, mile 22, mile 25.4…What am I going to be thinking of when the dark, hurt sets in. Where am I going to draw inspiration when every step is heading into the pain cave?


last 16 miler

These are reoccurring thoughts I’ve had for the last month of training. Instead of just brushing the them aside, i tried to mentally practice how I will handle the hard parts of the marathon. I put myself in that mile and moment as best as I could: I played pretend. During the last 16 mile long run, every mile my Garmin beeped I mentally added ten miles to it. When mile 11 came, i imagined it was 21. When 12 went by, it was 22. In my head, i was in the marathon, finding inspiration, reciting mantras, pep talking.


always a favorite. I am a ship, I am a big brave dog.


There have been many up and down moments with training (mostly up!) The best moments are when everything clicks, that runner’s high takes over and you remember exactly why you never stop running. The gratitude that takes over my soul during these runs is unforgettable, which is why I’m going to draw from these moments when the marathon starts to bite back. I don’t have to run a marathon, I get to run a marathon. file_000-376

Alongside being grateful that I get to run, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I love completely and utterly exhausting myself training. Running, Crossfit, and working with clients are all continuously making me a better person. I have more drive and motivation with each race I train for, each workout I complete, every day I work to help others reach their potiential through fitness… Which brings me to to this:


Yes, yes, yes, yes. Once i cross that finish line in Philly, no matter what the time clock says, I will be ready to tackle life as a much stronger, focused person.


Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 8:55/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 9.8 interval (4 x 1.5m repeats- started at 7:30 and progressively got faster to 6:58/p)

Wednesday: 6m easy 9:07/pace

Thursday: Crossfit, 13m tempo (10 @ 7:44/pace)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10m easy 8:47/pace, 40 min deadlifts/pushpress strength

Sunday: 10m easy 8:06/pace

Total Miles: 54.8

Do you practice mental training?

What do you think about on long runs?






Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “Where is My Mind?

  1. So excited and proud for you – you have been so focused, so strong, so HEALTHY! Can’t wait for you to nail this marathon – and I really feel you’ve done great working on the mental stuff – it can so quickly get away from us: a little twinge turns to self-doubt and we slow and adjust our stride and then the discomfort spreads and we panic … when in reality we have little twinges pretty much weekly (or more). Mental training is really important – and often the only reason I look at my Garmin/Apple run data is to see how I have done overcoming mental blocks on a run!

    Also, I have been totally loving the pictures – the last one of the post reminds me of the one you just shared on IG that is pictured above that is a total silhouette … really awesome!

    As for me … I always *think* on my runs – and as I posted this morning after the election I really couldn’t wait to get out and pound the pavement and work to meditate and clear my head and focus on the million other things that need my attention.

    • Thanks Michael! And the silhouette pic and the pic above were taken in the same few minutes 🙂 the light was incredible that day! And i’m pretty sure if you are a runner, you NEEDED to pound the pavement after that election.

  2. Good luck on the marathon. I don’t usually run long, on purpose 😉 but when I’m grinding through a particularly long wod and it’s getting painful I just start breaking it down. “lets just get through 5 reps, okay just 1 rep at a time then.” A lot of times when the suck sets it I try to imagine how it’s good for my body and its making me better. Keep on keepin on!

  3. I used to use that mindset as well. We don’t have to do marathons, we GET to. That got me through a lot of long runs and I think I need to use that more when I’m actually running the race and it starts to hurt. Can’t wait to see you crush Philly!

  4. You’re in a great place. Arriving to the start line healthy is the biggest win of all. I have a feeling you’re going to have a strong performance.

    Funny, the guys I run with were just talking about our running lifestyle this morning. We’ve given up a lot of bad habits for this running obsession. Also brought a lot of people to love this obsession as well. Such an amazing blessing that we have been given the ability to run.

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