Last Thoughts B4 Philly


Monday: 6.1m easy 8:40/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 5.7m 8:47/pace

Oh man. It’s here and i’m getting nervous. I’m ready to run, i’m ready to fly, but I accidentally looked ahead at the weather and…


The weather has been nuts here anyway, it’s been warm and makes it hard for me to try out “race day outfits.” I haven’t been able to practice in much, so i’ll just cross my fingers and Body Glide my entire body and pray i don’t chafe.


running in tank tops last week

I’m trying not to worry too much about the weather. I’ve raced in nothing but terrible wind this year and i’m not backing down from my goals. I’m just going to study the course, understand and accept where the wind might be bad and where I can breathe. And hey, i still have hope the forecast will change a bit, it’s early.


sweaty selfie- cause yes up until a week ago, i was still running in sports bras.

Everything else I can control I feel great about. Mentally i’m ready to take this on. Physically i’ve never felt better. I’ve PR’d the 10k, my outdoor mile time, completed a 50K, a Beer Mile, bested my weekly and monthly mileage and PR’d my deadlift. The key factor here is i’ve been consistent. No setbacks, no sickness, no excuses. I did every workout, hit almost every workout pace and actually enjoyed it. (that helps!)


175lbs 3 x 5

I listened to a Brute Strength podcast about mental training and the guest said “train today like tomorrow you’re going to have an injury that takes your sport away.” This does not mean kill yourself in your workout exactly — or work until you are injuring yourself or ignoring signs of injury/overtraining. He went on to explain in means living in the moment of your workout, giving everything you can, but making sure to enjoy it. Enjoy the work, because if it was gone tomorrow you’d miss it. Just another element of being present and living with gratitude. Running with that mindset has changed everything.


I had one of those running a-ha moments, the run where training catches up with you and your emotions catch you off guard. I broke down in the middle of a trail, bawling my eyes out. Thank god no one was around, cause it wasn’t pretty. Crocodile tears and hyperventilating type crying was happening. I had only a few thoughts in my head at the moment, none i will share today, but if you run for long enough (i’m at my 10 year anniversary) you will no doubt, have moments like this. I took off my new shirt, for some reason that layer felt suffocating, and on the inside of the shirt was this…


It was perfect. I needed it. And i repeated that phrase the rest of the way home. There is nothing more I can do with my training, mental or physical. I’m as ready as i’ll ever be. Wind or no wind I will take on whatever challenge comes at me Sunday and every day after.


just another windy warm day in MD

If you’ve been reading along, or encouraging me in the gym, social media or texts, THANK YOU. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, it is awesome to have a community of people that support my crazy running hobby. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Last Week

Monday: 8m easy 8:49/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 10.4m interval (6 x 1m repeats)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 12.7m tempo (10 @ 7:35/pace)

Friday: 7m easy 8:45/pace

Saturday: 8m easy 9:20/pace, Crossfit

Sunday: 8m easy 8:55/pace

Total Miles: 53.7

How’s the weather near you?

Any last words of advice for the marathon?


Author: She's Going the Distance


18 thoughts on “Last Thoughts B4 Philly

  1. SO sad I won’t be running Philly with/behind you but GIRL YOU GOT THIS. Let me know if you need a pep talk. Also I totally have those running breakdowns. It is emotionally plus sometimes those runs just get me to work mentally through some things. You are so strong and had a great training cycle.

  2. So excited and hopeful for you! You have definitely got this – just get out of your own way and out of your head and DO IT! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

    I have never actually cried about running (not meaning I am ‘tough’ or anything, I am quite emotive but for whatever reason ‘a good cry’ for me equals about 1 tear!) … but I have definitely had some OMIGAWD MY LIFE IS OVER I’LL NEVER RUN AGAIN! moments … I still remember a particularly bad run back in spring of 2013 where I really thought I was doomed and was angsty all day about it … then the next day I went running and all was fine …

    As for weather … be happy you’re not up in my area! We’re dropping from upper 60s on Saturday into the 20s/30s on Sunday and getting a wind-driven snow storm … anywhere from 1″ – 8″ based on highly varying models. You’ll deal with wind … but the temps looks awesome! I’ll think of you while I am out running in the snow! 🙂

    Are you doing the online tracking? Would love to follow?

  3. oh man, when i saw the winds for philly on sunday, i was like UGH, this is gonna suck…but like you i have been training and racing in some crazy winds; hey, nothing we can do about it right? just enjoy the tailwind?! 🙂 i totally feel you during your aha running moment. today’s run was just an easy 4 and it brought tears to my eyes thinking about how far ive come. hopefully we can both calm our minds, trusting our training, and taking each mile as it comes on sunday. BEST OF LUCK!!

  4. Wow! Crazy weather! Good luck!

  5. Nothing wrong with letting those emotions well up. And I truly believe God helps us get stronger and that takes some low moments with incredible high moments. And how fitting for you to see that message, amazing.

    No last tips, you got this. Go out there and crush it.

  6. That doesn’t look like taper miles and I don’t have any advice. But here’s hoping the weather cooperates!

  7. You have had such a solid year of training and I cant wait to see how the race goes for you! I love Philly and am really sad Im not racing this weekend (I have run 3 marathons the weekend before Thanksgiving over the past 5 years) Good luck and have fun!

  8. You are the toughest girl I know too! LE and I will be rooting for you from home! May the wind be at your back!

  9. Good luck this weekend!!! When I saw the forecast I immediately thought of all the runners who will be out there on Sunday morning, but it sounds like you have a fantastic attitude and are totally ready to take this on!! Have fun!!!

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