The Dog Days of Summer


Monday: 35min legs (95-125lb deadlifts, kb swings, front squats, lunges)

Tuesday: 7.5m easy 9:48/pace

Wednesday: 10m easy 8:55/pace, 20 min shoulders/core

Thursday: 6m easy 9:23/pace

A few randoms for Friday! I took LE to a dog beach in Downs Memorial Park (Pasadena, MD). It was so much fun to see her in water.

It took several attempts to force persuade her to come all the way in the water, but once she was in she seemed to enjoy it. I know now that she is definitely not a water dog. We can rule out any sort of retriever or lab mix I may have once thought she was. Swimming did not come naturally to her at all.


She couldn’t figure out how to use her back legs while swimming which was a real funny thing to witness. Her legs just kinda floated up as she pedaled with her front paws.


It was a great day at the beach, and i’ve been craving an ice cream cone ever since… don’t ask me why but beach and ice cream just sounded good. I have yet to satisfy this craving though. 😦



When I got home and cleaned her up she passed out pretty hard. Life of a dog right?File_000 (239)

Random running fact for the month of June – I hit an all time high mileage of 170.5! Ultra training is packing on the miles. OH and i finally pulled the trigger and i’m in for the Philadelphia Marathon!

Annnnnd a pretty sunset just because…

File_000 (240)

What are your plans this weekend? Happy 4th!

Author: She's Going the Distance


9 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Summer

  1. YAY FOR PHILLY. Hopefully we can meet up before or after the race! And omggg LE swimming is so cute. I am craving a beach day!

  2. Excellent about the mileage and about Philly! Excited for you – the ultra, philly, the June mileage and all of it! 🙂

    As always I love the pics – LE looks to be having a blast and I do love how they completely exhaust themselves! Our dogs are old now (younger one is 9, older is 12!) and the older one cannor manage the 1.25 mile walk around our block (I carried her about 0.5 miles last night) … but she still has that amazing terrier enthusiasm when we just say ‘wanna go for a walk?’ 🙂

    No clue on plans for the weekend – younger son works tonight and tomorrow night, older son going to the outlet mall with friends … so we’re alone tonight, with no concrete plans for the weekend. Hopefully relax. I just saw a charity bike thing, considering doing the 100 miler … but haven’t biked at all this year, maybe I should 🙂

  3. Our dog is almost pure Lab, and she also had some trouble learning how to swim! Now that she has it figured out though, she LOVES swimming. Maybe your doggie just needs more practice. 🙂 This weekend we are hanging out with some family on Saturday, and then going to Chicago to see friends on Sunday/Monday. Have a good weekend!

    • Aww I hope she learns to like swimming! She also does not have any sort of water repelling coat so that was another flag about her swimming. We’re on our way to Chicago right now for a wedding!! Have a great weekend

  4. Neither of my part lab dogs seem like doing anything more than walking in water. You beat my June miles by almost 2! Definitely the most I’ve ever run.

  5. 170.5 miles?! Amazing job girl!! Hope you had a happy 4th!

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