In 48 Hours a Lotta Life Happened.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:40/pace

Wednesday: 8m tempo (2m warm up, 5 @ 7:30/pace, 1m cooldown), 45 min upper body

July 4th weekend were spent in Chicago for a birthday and a wedding. Friday morning I loaded up a few bags & LE and drove to the midwest! I made it in early enough to grab hotdogs & fries and head to a local NWI (northwest Indiana) fireworks show #Merica. Also just because I have to say it, the midwest does fireworks right. Best show i’ve seen in years. DC you need to step up your game, it’s quite embarrassing being the nation’s capital.

Saturday morning started with an easy eight mile run. I was so thankful this was a cutback week. I’m finally feeling these 40+ weeks! My best friend Marie (she’s been on the blog a few timesΒ before) was due with her first baby boy on July 4th. She invited me to her last ultrasound that morning. I missed so much of her pregnancy so being there at the last appointment felt very special.

Everything seemed like it was going well, we were discussing brunch and catching up on life. The doctor stepped in the room and let us know Marie’s amniotic fluid was extremely low so they had to move her into labor & delivery. I think the doctor’s exact words were, “We’re going to get things moving along.” Which made us both a little confused. Marie needed to hear exactly what was going on. The doctor clarified that she was about to be induced!

I hung out with her while she made calls and facetimed her family. My sis-in-law Trish came up to the hospital to bring food and keep us company for a few hours. Marie’s mom made it up to the hospital soon after and I felt better about going to the wedding. Induction takes a while and the doctor was confident she wouldn’t have the baby until the next day.

I rushed home to change for the wedding and headed to Chicago!

File_000 (245)

The venue was at City View Loft and was so pretty! We had a blast catching up with family and the bride and groom looked amazing!

File_000 (248)

The weekend just kept rolling on… the next morning at 9:00am Marie had her baby and little Philip entered out world!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.09.45 PM

I made a quick stop to the hospital to drop of gifts and meet little Phil then took off to the cottage for Josh Raycroft’s 30th birthday and 4th of July festivities!

File_000 (252)

Josh on the left

File_000 (250)

Pro compression socks for all sports! (or recovery from wearing heels all night!)

File_000 (251)

File_000 (249)

The next day I turned around and drove back home. That was a FAST weekend!

Last Week

Monday: 35min legs (deadlifts, kb swings, front squats, lunges)

Tuesday: 7.5m easy 9:48/pace

Wednesday: 10m easy 8:55/pace, 20 min shoulders/core

Thursday: 6m easy 9:23/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8.6m easy 8:51/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 32.1 (cutback!)

Have you had a day or weekend with several life events?

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12 thoughts on “In 48 Hours a Lotta Life Happened.

  1. Wow – that is a LOT packed into the weekend! I love the pics you shared – you guys looked great for the wedding, and love your horseshoe form πŸ™‚

    We are at the point where weddings are few and far between – and either a niece/nephew/2nd cousin/ etc … or a second marriage. πŸ™‚ And we’re totally not ready for wedding/baby for our own kids for a few years (get out of college first!).

    • hahah i loved that picture of me throwing! I thought cameron caught a great moment, especially my game face! lol I guess around age 30 everyone is having babies and getting married, we have one more wedding in September then we’re done for this year

  2. First time coming to your blog but it’s amazing!

    the baby is so cute πŸ™‚
    I remember when our girls were that tiny……ahhhh good memories!!!

  3. You know what, I did come to your blog before! never mind!!! I remember seeing the deer posts πŸ™‚ Sorry about that!
    I am in awe that so many people are logging high weekly mileage… I need to do the same but I just don’t know how I can fit all of them in a week! yikes!

  4. You definitely had a busy/fun weekend! We had a similarly busy weekend. We drove to Indy on Saturday to see my husband’s family for a cookout. On Sunday morning, I did a long run and we immediately left to go to Chicago to see friends. We spent the day kayaking, cooking, and watching fireworks, then spent the night. In the morning we had brunch and then drove home. In the evening we drove back to Indy to have dinner with a friend for his birthday. Very fun weekend, but lots of driving!

  5. Another random thought since you mentioned fireworks … my whole life I have lived where fireworks were illegal (MA and NY) – but now parts of NY (including our county) have them legal. So … on the night of the 3rd, as I noted on FB, in our development a street over someone was launching industrial grade fireworks … and we spent the time calming our dogs and listening to the terrified howls and shrieks of an entire neighborhood of dogs, and watching the neighbors come home just after it started, having left their dogs in an outdoor pen all day, now had one that hid under their deck whimpering and the other frozen like a statue.

    Yeah, not sure when I’ll get back my enthusiasm about fireworks after that experience.

  6. super busy weekend, oh my goodness! but how exciting! also, I’m from the Midwest and went to DC for the fourth last year and was SO underwhelmed. I think Indiana in particular does it right because their fireworks laws are realllly lax haha. such a good time though.

  7. Wow, Busy fun weekend! Look at that cute baby!!! He is precious.
    Both my kids were born the week of Thanksgiving so those were (and will be going forward) busy times. My son’s 1st bday is actually on TG Day this year!

  8. Wow that’s an insane weekend!!

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