Happy Halloween!


Wednesday: 45min shoulders & core

Thursday: 5m whatever pace i felt like.. which ended up being (8:05, 7:11, 7:18, 7:29, 6:57!)

Recently I visited the Edgar Allen Poe house in Baltimore and for only $5 to walk through, it was worth it.


The people who work for the Poe house were extremely into the history and theories of his life, death and written works. It made the tour interesting and I learned a few new things for sure.



This house was the one he grew up in and began writing but it’s definitely not the house he started writing his most famous short stories. I’m curious if there’s a Poe house in Richmond?  Anyone know?

And here are some fun houses I saw during my stay in Chicago earlier this month..


And this one i couldnt stare at too long cause it was that creepy!


Have a happy halloweeen!!

Author: She's Going the Distance


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Those are some awesome Halloween decorations….Happy Halloween!!

  2. What? No costume? 🙂

    Great pics – Happy Halloween and hope you have a great time, whatever you do!

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