Phone Dump Volume 4!


Monday: 5.2 easy 8:19/pace

Good Morning! And welcome to another blogpost where I just don’t have time to put together a real thought–but–I can show you guys some runner up pictures that didn’t quite make it into a post. Golf clap and pretend they’re important! Here are your runner up, excess random pictures…


Here I am getting ready for my long run, before a loooong car ride back from Indiana



midwest corn

Trader Joe's.. why do you have such awesome bad for you foods?!

Trader Joe’s.. why do you have such awesome bad for you foods?!

Don't Ask.

Don’t Ask.

on a bathroom stall. I like bunnies

on a bathroom stall. I like bunnies

Brant and Me

Brant said I was a good pitcher – I said he was a good hitter. We made a good team 🙂


seared Ahi!


Friends: Old, New & Awesome.


Weekly Workout Recap

Monday: 6m tempo 7:48/pace

Tuesday: 5m easy 8:50/pace, 20min chest, 10 abs

Wednesday: 25min full back, legs

Thursday: 7m interval (2m warm up 8:30 pace, then 4m intervals of 90 seconds @  6:35/pace, 60 seconds recovery  @ 7:40/pace for 4m, 1m cool down)

Friday: 11.1m easy 8:48/pace

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 29.1 *

*I hit 114 miles for August! Getting back to the old grind.

Brag about your weekend runs! I wanna hear!


Author: She's Going the Distance


3 thoughts on “Phone Dump Volume 4!

  1. Fun pics and some definite oddities – arm-pit selfie? haha … non-poses like the one by the monument are always fun. And the shot in the car … classic 🙂

  2. This weekends run brag is that I came so close to an under 30 minute 5k. Just 7 seconds shy of breaking it. So close. Maybe next time.

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