I Played Basketball…in Pro Compression Socks *coughthisisanotherfreakingGIVEAWAYcough*


Monday: 1.5m easy treadmill run, 20min back/triceps

Tuesday: 20 min chest/biceps, 15 abs

Wednesday: 3m easy run, 1 hour heavy leg day yo

I guess it’s time to reveal some proof that I did in fact play b-ball. See, here i am holding the basketball, looking not impressed way too cool…hahabball1

And here I am shooting..Pretty sure my shot percentage is terrible. I honestly think I only made about 5/70 baskets over the hour.


And my terrible form, at least it makes a for fun action pics.

What you need to take from all these ridiculous pictures of me attempting to shoot around, is that Pro Compression’s socks kept my calves warm and loose, and my ankle felt great the entire time.. see i was even jumping!

Purple is awesome! So bright and pretty 🙂


After basketball, I ran 2 miles home. Two. Full. Miles. No pain, no stopping. I’ve been wearing my awesome Pro Compression purple marathon socks during my few runs back and I like the squeeze around my feet and ankles. I’ve never worn compression socks during runs, only here and there for recovery, but that extra sock support has been helping my comfort and confidence on the road back to racing. I don’t even need to try any other sock because the first time I put these on it just felt right you know?


peace and a sweaty two miles!

I do get a lot of strange looks when I wear my Pro Compression socks to work, but once i explain the benefits the strange looks turn into an “ah ha moment” or “why didn’t I know about this sooner?” For those of you who are new runners, crossfitters, cyclists, or just stand on your feet all day here are the basics to know about compression socks:

Pro Compression socks: “True graduated compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles to toward your knees. This design also helps reduce swelling and inflammation while providing critical support to muscles and tendons.”

For those of you that need a visual:

Faster recovery is super important to me right now. After taking a month off from running, i need to be sure i’m taking care of my legs, and these socks aren’t leaving my legs anytime soon.

Guess what? I want you to try a pair too! Pro Compression is being awesome and wants to give one of my super cool readers a free pair of their marathon socks! All you have to do is like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter, then leave a comment telling me which you followed and for giggles, tell me what color you want, cause i want the blue ones next ❤

If you can’t wait to try a pair for yourself you can use this code BLG14 for 40% off a pair of their socks or sleeves at Pro’s website. And for those of you in love with their socks, sign up for their Sock of the Month Club and be the first to get info on their new monthly socks and discounts.

Have you ever tried compression socks?

Do you use them to run in or strictly recovery?

Author: She's Going the Distance


25 thoughts on “I Played Basketball…in Pro Compression Socks *coughthisisanotherfreakingGIVEAWAYcough*

  1. I already follow them on Twitter! I swear, Pro Compression socks are like heaven on my legs. I wear them to sleep a whole lot. I have blue and black, but I’ve got my eye on the red, white and blue striped ones. Or the red.

  2. Followed them on both 🙂 I have compression socks and sleeves but another pair couldn’t hurt! So far I have pink and black. Those purple ones look adorable! 😉

    PS. Your basketball photos are great! Basketball is my fave sport! Well, you know, besides running 😀

  3. I follow on twitter 🙂 I have so many colors but I want the red white and blue ones next. I’ve been wearing mine on most runs lately to help with tendon issues I’m having in my ankle and it helps SO much. I got some really funny looks when I wore them in Austria though, I don’t think anyone there had ever seen someone running in tall neon green socks before.

  4. Thanks to previous (unsuccessful) attempts at winning free PC socks I already follow them on FB and twitter. If I won I think I’d want to powder blue… or maybe the hot pink? or the RWB stripes?? So many choices!! 🙂

  5. I followed them on FB 🙂 I love the neon green with pink ones! I’ve never tried compression socks but I am so intrigued after reading all your posts about them. Love your blog 🙂

  6. I like Pro Compression on Facebook – I’ve been wearing compression socks and sleeves ever since coming back from an IT Band injury and I swear by them for training and recovery! I would love to get the powder bule ones next!

  7. I LOVE that jump action shot where you can see the shadow projection of you and the ball on the ground 🙂

    I got a couple of pairs of compression socks for Christmas but haven’t worn them much recently since the spring kicked in … they are boring black!

    I already follow ProCompression on Facebook and Twitter.

    I would love the loud lime green color!

  8. I already love them in all the places because compression socks are my jam. I would love to have a purple pair. I have purple calf sleeves, but my pink PRO socks are my favorite.

    Seriously I wore them around the office yesterday and got lots of weird looks but I don’t care because my legs needed it.

  9. I liked them on FB! I want a pair of the light blue ones. I have a pair of the black but don’t wear them as much as I should for recovery. Maybe if they were a fun color I would. 😉

  10. I follow on twitter! I love my compression socks. I would get the neon green and pink ones. I actually wrote today on my blog about how I love running in compression socks but not so much in the heat. I have the same purple ones that you’re wearing!

  11. I already follow Pro Compression on FB and Twitter and I’d probably pick something bright like the neon yellow ones because I love rocking funky colors like that when working out. I’ve tried compression socks before but not this brand and have liked them for after runs…not so much during because they make me overheat quicker.

  12. I liked them on Facebook. I have a pair of the white calf sleeves and love them for recovery. I would love a pair of the black with neon dots! And yay for 2 miles pain free!

  13. I love Pro Compression socks! I follow them on facebook and twitter. I wear them for recovery. I’d like to get the neon green with pink color 🙂

  14. You are just too cute! I LOVE COMPRESSION SOCKS. They feel wonderful and really, truly help me recover. I always choose pink :). I follow on Twitter!

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  16. I like them on FB (Colleen Boudreau)
    & I would get neon pink!

  17. I like them on FB and I follow them on Twitter. I love the purple ones!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  18. I follow PRO Compression on both Facebook (same name) & Twitter (@itsmeaggie).
    And I’m into the Marathon White, Red and Blue Stripe ones. Classic! 🙂

  19. I follow them on facebook and twitter. I’ve been waiting for them to restock black. I love my pink pair.

  20. I follow on fb and twitter! I’d definitely go for either the light blue or purple ones this time 🙂

  21. I follow ProCompression on Facebook (Em Mahr)

  22. I follow ProCompression on twitter (@missfrugal)

  23. I’d love to have the royal blue color compression socks

  24. Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally
    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the good job!

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