Miles of Bliss and Sweat


Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2.2m easy

I promised you guys a recap of how my running has progressed. What I can say right off the bat, is i’m keeping my runs short, easy and feeling out my ankle. Every run has been a surprise. My first run back…backfired. My ankle seized up and I ended up at the Chiro’s office that same morning.

Of course what I didn’t do, is the exact thing that he’s been telling me—> I need to warm up my right ankle, like my right ankle’s life depends on it. He even suggested a heat pack before my run, just to loosen it up. Crazy i know, but that’s the crazy state of my ankle right now.

leg swings!

leg swings!

Running this week has been a whole different story. Warming up is a must, so I’ve been timing myself, 5-10 minutes of full warm ups. I start with my usual..leg swings, high knees,  etc. Then I do 2-3 sets of squats, lunges and ankle circles. Once I feel like the legs have woken up, I do a calf stretch and an achilles stretch. I hold these for about a full minute.


calf stretch, keeping back leg straight


achilles stretch, take a small step in and bend knee

Starting this way has proved to be important because I’ve been running pain free. Running still feels off, and the right ankle still isn’t perfect so i’m concentrating on form. As I run I try to mimic my left, healthy leg. I’ve been paying close attention to it’s footfall, where it lands (ball, mid, heel), how it pushes off, how the it sounds as it lands. I always joke that my left leg is a machine, so why not try and make sure the right side is mirroring the left? Spot checking my form is drastically decreasing any ankle tightness or pain.

I have not been using my iPod for reasons mentioned above. I cannot be distracted by music right now. And I’ve been wearing my watch, but i haven’t been concerned about pace. If you’re curious though, my paces have ranged from 7:50-9:30. All the hell over the place, but that’s not a focus right now.

My focus is enjoying the shorts runs I do have, making sure that i’m progressing forward and not furthering injury. Also, I’m back in sweet home Indiana for the weekend. 🙂 These pics are from the neighborhood where i began my running life.


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18 thoughts on “Miles of Bliss and Sweat

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. I too have a right ankle that’s a plain old MESS. I shouldn’t say that too loud. She’ll hear me. She’s been behaving lately. (Knock wood!) I have a pin in it. And honestly, its a wonder I’ve run 7 marathons at all! I should be thankful!! But I do find that warming up really helps. And so does listening to her, and easing up and adjusting training to accommodate. I have found that rest or easy runs, really goes a long way. Damn ankles. 🙂

  2. Yay running again! I need to be so much better about warming up too. I’m glad it’s helping and that you’re finally feeling better!

  3. It’s so funny that you say it’s weird to do heat before running because I had to do the same for a while. And I hear ya on even without pain it feels “off” … however the stronger my ankle got the more normal it felt. I used to wear a brace when returning and my PT said that’s a NO NO because it would make my muscles rely on an outside force for stability instead of building up muscle. It’s crazy how much you learn on injury compared to off.

    • I try to explain that stuff to my clients all the time, i’m not a fan of knee braces or ankle braces when you’re trying to strengthen it up. It was soooo fun seeing you this weekend 🙂 we have to run next time

  4. Whew – with every post I am always anxious and hopeful – YOU”RE STRESSING ME OUT! haha

    But seriously – when any of my blog-friends are hurt all I want to hear is how well they are healing and how great things are progressing and the things they’ve learned so it never happens again.

    I’m really hoping that all the work you’re doing keeps you healthy and on track …

    Also, I love all the pics and wondered whether Cameron was actually running or just posing – great form. Goofy laughing faces are priceless.

    Enjoy your Indiana visit!

  5. Glad to hear its feeling better! Warming up can be such a hassle but its so worth it. Enjoy your time in Indiana!

  6. Glad to hear you’re running again!

  7. I’m happy to hear it’s heading in the right direction! Have a nice weekend at home!

  8. hey, i’m a new reader!
    hope that the ankle continues to feel better. love the stretches!

  9. Great news! Warming up seems like such a no-brainer but I hardly ever do it – need to work on that. Enjoy your time in Indiana!

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