My first 40 Mile Week!


Are you guys as exhausted as me? I don’t know what it is, the weather, the mileage, marathon watching the Olympics, February or what, but I’m TIRED. Which is why i’ve been missing the last week. But I missed you, and i’m back. Enjoy the odd details from the week..

We’re on the east coast and snow happened. I’m over it, and i’m even more tired of seeing everyone’s pictures of it. So i took a picture of the sunset on my drive home from work instead of the mounds of stupid white powder that is hogging my running trails.


I had Thursday off since the streets weren’t plowed from said snow. Random–I felt super sick when I woke up. My whole body was aching and I ended up eating, napping and woke up feeling 100% better.


A new PD (personal distance record) happened this week. This is my highest weekly mileage i’ve ever done. Before this week I’ve only ever reached 32 miles. This is my peak week in training and it feels FANTASTIC. I’m not even exaggerating, i can’t believe i’m doing this and remaining uninjured and with minimal soreness. I’m a little tired, but what’s pushing me through is knowing this is something i never thought i could do. I never thought my body could handle a 40 mile week. I’m thanking my past self for pushing through the winter months with those slow, easy, mileage building runs. I couldn’t have handled this training load without that base. I’m ready for the next few weeks of training leading up to the half marathon. BRING IT! (and the spring weather please, all these layers are making me sad…)

IMG_20140204_200709 (1)

Side note…I like the New Balance’s better than my Nike Frees..

Last week’s Runs (cause not a whole lot of lifting happened during peak mileage week)

Monday: 6.5 easy 8:24/pace, 10 min abs

Tuesday: 10 mile interval workout (8:09, 8:16, 8:13, 8:07, 7:59 <–easy, 7:39, 7:30 <–moderate 7:13, 7:02 <–hard 8:06 <–cool down) This was a tough cold, windy, outside run. 

Wednesday: 10 min abs

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5.5m 8:45/pace easy treadmill hills. I used this hill workout from my coach but I didn’t really speed up or slow down since my Saturday workout was going to be a tough one!

Saturday: 12 mile treadmill tempo (Miles 1-3 warm up–>8:30, 8:13, 8:00, Miles 4-10 @ 7:30/pace, Miles 11-12 cool down)

Sunday: 6 miles easy. Untimed and lots of walking. 

Total Mileage: 40 miles!

Is anyone else feeling exhausted and ready for spring?

Author: She's Going the Distance


8 thoughts on “My first 40 Mile Week!

  1. She’s my PT! How lucky is that?

  2. 40 miles in a week!! You rock!

    PS: Can we organize a Ragnar team?? Please? 🙂

  3. Good for you!! That’s awesome. I smell a PR coming… 😉 I get so tired (and hungry) when I increase my mileage but as long as it’s just tired and not painful, you adapt after a couple weeks and it feels AMAZING. I’ll be increasing in about 2 weeks…going to need a lot of naps.

  4. 40 miles = amazing. And I am so so ready for spring. I love snow days, but all of these cold/dreary days have me feeling exhausted.

  5. I am definitely ready for spring! I hate how every week I have to stress out about how to get my runs in and trying to schedule around the snow and ice that seems to be coming every few days lately. Great job with your running this week!

  6. Awesome! It always feels so good to look back and say ‘wow, I didn’t even know I could do THAT!’. I am loving my New Balance as well – they drain so well it has made them super-wearable during these snowy days!

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