Motivation Check In!

Monday: 5.5m easy 8:35/pace, 20 min TRX triceps/upper back, 10 min abs

Tuesday: 7m speed pyramid workout (i’ll detail this out later, it was hard!!), 15 min glutes, 15 min abs

I just got a friendly reminder email from Gold’s Gym (and they have posters all over inside the gym) that this is the most common week of the year for people to give up on their healthy New Year resolutions.



I found this to be a very true statement this week because I had several clients tell me they’re just not motivated at all. They know they should be working out more, they want to eat better, but the motivation just isn’t there. So I tried my best to get them thinking and turn their motivation back on and I realized I needed a little too and I’m sure everyone out there can use a little pep talk!

January/February/March are difficult months to get through. The holidays are over but the cold is still here. We are all in desperate need of some sunshine + vitamin D, summer concerts, and warm weekends. Main points being that it’s okay to feel unmotivated, tired, and burnt out around this time of the year. It happens! Especially when working out, meal planning and doing cardio is a brand new thing in your life. But a healthy body– F*ck it– a sexy summer body isn’t built during summer. Those people you envy at the pool have been working out through winter so when summer rolls around and the clothing starts peeling off they look good. This got a good laugh out of a few of my clients but it’s true! We all want to look good & FEEL confident in less clothing.

Now is a good time of year to revisit your goals from January. Try a few of these and get motivated!

–Write down the reasons you started working out. This was your motivation at the start right!? Knowing why you’re going to the gym, why you’re taking 2 showers a day, why you’re up an extra hour early to run or why you’re spending extra time in the produce section is important to keep you going!

–Make copies and put your list in places you see often. Fridge, bathroom mirror, dashboard in your car, desk at work, tv at home, laptop screen. Trust me, your spouse or roommate, or dog won’t care about the sticky notes if that means you’re reminded to carve time into your schedule to look better, feel better, and be a happier person all around.

–Put on your bathing suit from last year. It’s cool, laugh at me, but be like Nike and JUST DO IT. Nothing will motivate you more than seeing what your body looks like in almost nothing.  This ends two ways, either you like the progress you see and you get motivated to keep going OR you’re not so happy with results and you know you need to work harder. Either way it will get your butt moving.

–Keep a gym bag packed in your car every single day. That way if you decide to go to the gym you won’t have to stop at home and get distracted. If you’re not a gym member get out your workout clothes, yoga mats, dvds, running shoes whatever you use at home–lay it out and have it ready to go!


–How is your daily energy? Think about what changes you’ve made so far and how you physically feel. You might need an extra 1/2-1 hour of sleep from the workouts, you might even need extra calories (healthy!) throughout the day. Maybe you need to take an extra rest day per week if you’re feeling burnt out. Making small changes will keep your energy going strong.

Don’t give up everything you’ve worked so hard for just because it’s getting difficult to keep that motivation. Find it! It’s always there, sometimes we just choose to ignore it with other things.. like Netflix and a couch. BLAH. Get up, get moving and get your motivational lists out! We’re about 28 days away from spring keep moving through winter so you can welcome spring into your open, toned arms! 🙂


shorts pic for personal leg motivation!

How is everyone handling this time of year?

This is my most difficult time to stay motivated, but it’s why i’ve been putting a spring 1/2 on the schedule. Can’t be lazy with that.

What resolutions have you kept or been working on?

I’m working on running speed!