Delaware 1/2 Part 1!


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 min rolling/myofascial releases & mobility exercises for hips/glutes.

Saturday I arrived for packet pickup at the Garrett-Tubman park in Wilmington, DE around 2pm. It was easy to find and easy to pickup since it was a smaller race.


Next, I checked in at the Westin Hotel about a mile from the start line. The hotel staff were all super nice & they even had a gift bag for the runners staying at their hotel. The bag included a door hang that says, “Quiet please, marathon runner sleeping” (which is now hanging on my bedroom door), a Hammer Gel, a race day map and instructions & suggestions for restaurants and things to do while in Wilmington. Loved this! It made me feel extra special and I needed those last minute instructions!


Also when I turned the TV on it had my name on it. Kinda weird, but kinda cool…



Before dinner shot. It’s what happens when the hotel has a full length mirror, you’re a blogger and super excited about wearing sandals.


Then headed off to Iron Hill Brewery and it was incredible! Talk about carboloading. I had pizza, sweet potato fries, pretzels & beer. Needless to say, I never hit a wall during the half.


Sitting outside on the rooftop, right along the river was gorgeous.


The night before the race, I always lay every single thing I need in plain sight. That way at 5’o’clock I’m not trying to do anything that requires thinking. It felt very strange laying out my clothes and leaving my Garmin & Ipod in my purse. But I knew this was the race to leave the electronics home.


Recap coming soon!

Last Week

Monday: 15 min Jacobs Ladder, 45 min Lateral Elliptical, 1 mile 9:33/pace (in that order),  25 min glutes/hips, 20 min lats/back

Tuesday: 15 min core

Wednesday: 5m easy 8:30/pace, 20 min back/triceps, 15 min hips/glutes

Thursday: 5000m row

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 13.1 Delaware 1/2 marathon, 2+ walking miles

Total Miles: 21.1

Do you have to lay out your clothes? 

Any pre-race rituals you MUST do the night before?

Author: She's Going the Distance


5 thoughts on “Delaware 1/2 Part 1!

  1. Oh my gosh…those sweet potato fries and pretzels!!
    I always lay everything out the night before. My brain doesn’t work well on early race mornings!

  2. You mean Iron Hill Brewery, right? If so, that’s my absolute favorite restaurant ever!! Iron Hill is a small chain that goes up into eastern PA and it’s awesome. Matt and I used to live within walking distance of the one in Media, PA and we ate there WAY more than we should have. So good!!

  3. I always set my clothes out the night before a race. I try to have just about everything ready to go! No real pre-race rituals though. That food looks amazing, and it looks like the perfect evening to sit outside!

  4. Cool page! I ran Delaware half too, I’m running Baltimore as my first full marathon, any advice?

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