Cross Train Yo!

I like to cross train with weight lifting & high intensity workouts. I lift pretty heavy for a girl compared to most women who tend to be afraid they will “bulk up” or look like a man. Newsflash, it won’t happen.

Women do not have the hormones to look like a dude and the women who do are taking drastic steps with diet, supplementation (probably and unfortunately some type of hormone or steroids) & weight train daily for hours on end. What I’m trying to say is… Don’t be afraid to lift weights!! (unless you have no idea what you are doing–then get a Personal Trainer or workout with someone who has experience with free weights & lifting.)

*jumping off soapbox, but will return to this subject another day*

I had a crazy workout yesterday with Matt. We used to lift every Friday, but since his intense 5K training and my racing season we haven’t had time. Yesterday was our first day back to it and it felt great!! Matt was lifting 155 lbs, I was doing 65lbs then dropped to 45 when I got tired. We did 5 sets of 3 exercises: 12 deadlifts, 9 hanging power-cleans, & 6 push-jerks. (I’m can’t really explain what these are, if you’re interested just google it.)


This was exhausting, but i love it and need it. After eating a handful of almonds & grabbing water I wanted more. I ended up working out for another hour with a client and my boss. We did box jumps, TRX rows, sit-ups, ring dips, boxing, etc. Basically a HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training). And it was TOUGH. My shoulders are feeling it today!


Hope everyone has a great weekend, get a workout in! I’ll be back to running tomorrow 🙂