The Afterglow

Monday:  4.5m easy 8:37/pace

Tuesday: 15 min chest, 10 min abs

Wednesday:  5.3m track workout, 20 min back, 10 min abs + tons of stretching/T.P. 

I don’t know what it is about track work, but i freak out before it happens. The nerves kick in like I’m heading out for a race, I try and talk myself out of the workout or try to psych myself up for it. I hit the bathroom like a million times before I leave the house, tie & re-tie my shoes, all to attempt to put off the inevitable. (My new running coach recently posted about the weird things that happen during track workouts, and i could relate to almost all of them. )


No matter how nervous I get about running in circles (Cameron has been known to compare track running to Nascar.. UGH), I know it’s the necessary evil to measure, test and improve speed. The nerves come from wanting to do well and see improvement, the excitement comes from the unknown of what’s about to happen.

The workout was short, to ease into the first track workout of the 2014 season. It was a 2 mile warm up, 4 X 800s and a 1.3 mile cool down. I ran each of my 800s progressively faster starting at a 7:20 pace, finishing with a 6:12 pace. Overall I was stoked. I started conservative, as I usually go out too fast on the track, but also I needed to pay special attention to my right hip & ankle. Verdict? They felt perfectly normal with no pain or tightness. All the Trigger Point tools and foam rolling is really paying off! I’m already looking forward to the next track session to see what kind of numbers I can put up.


my gross mug right after I was finished!

I love telling my clients to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you do the same thing day in and day out you won’t see change. Here’s my big plate of cheese—>When you attempt something that’s difficult, different, scary or new you will be a stronger person when you’re finished. It’s why people tend to feel like they can accomplish ANYTHING after they cross a finish line. All of a sudden those things you assumed you could never do seem attainable.

This of course isn’t just about running. A lot of my mental clarity and decision making come after a hard workout. If I can make it through I can do the next big thing. Whatever that may be!


enjoying the afterglow…and the remaining 70 miles left in these Brooks PureFlows 

What was your last hard workout, or last difficult thing you overcame?