Keeping Up With the Ks, Via the Kar

Monday: 45 min stationary bike10 min hip exercises

Tuesday: 20 min triceps/shoulders, 15 abs

Wednesday: 25 min full body TRX, 10 abs

Last weekend we had a mini road trip up to Saratoga Springs, NY for Cameron’s sister’s college graduation. (can’t wait to just call her a SIL ((sister in law/can i really use parenthesis in the middle of already using parenthesis?)) ). It wasn’t a bad car ride, but can I ask a serious question? Why does New Jersey smell like farts?


The bridge between Delaware & Fart Jersey

And the only other strange thing we saw was a GIANT ad for Kim K’s perfume. I was so distracted by all the curves… so weird…and on the side of the truck there was a full body shot. Sorry i didn’t grab the 2nd pic but I was just trying to focus on keeping my eyes on road.

Anywho, when we made it to NY we got to see Juliana’s amazing gallery art. (And yes she is as nice as she is pretty.)

And here’s us all at the graduation.. i’ll probably get yelled at for this, but i thought it was hilarious.

i mean, cmon, no one likes graduations. They are horribly boring and the only part that counts is the 5.5 seconds hearing the name you came for and quickly grabbing pictures after. Here’s the proof, we were all there, supportive and glad to be getting burgers afterward! And I have no idea what were we laughing at, but it may be one of my favorite pictures ever!


Speeding through the rest of the weekend—> I completely forgot to take pictures of all the grand meals we ate, or the free shots of tequila Cameron and I accepted (star blogger right here!) but i took them where it counted…


Cameron and I took Saturday night out for ourselves and stumbled upon The Wine Bar. It was cute, dark and quiet, just like us old folk like it. I was jealous of the wine Cameron choose…a Cigar Zin… mmmmm.


And the cool lights on the way into/out of the bar.



What’s the best wine you’ve ever tried?

Upcoming races?? Spill, i need to live through you and get motivated to cross train!