One Little Cori, Jumpin’ On the Bed…

Monday: 15 min shoulders/squats workout. Short workouts work (i’ll be doing a post soon!!)

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 10 days since my last run… and it’s driving me crazy. I mean, I’m all right with the whole resting period and making sure i’m back to 100% yada yada, but I literally ran through ice, snow, rain, cold shit weather, and dealt with the treadmill all winter/extended spring to find myself injured as soon as it gets nice out.

I guess before I get ahead of myself (and to stop complaining, but i’m glad it’s out of my system) I should tell you guys what’s wrong. The VERY Good news is that nothing is torn, no tendonitis and no is sprain. I made a good call not running the marathon. The bad news:  I strained my achilles tendon & soleus muscle. My peroneals (under the outside of the heel) which i originally thought was the issue, were rubbing against a bone because my foot was all out of place. I said it a while ago, my body has a very strange was of overcompensating. Unfortunately, this is stemming from tight calves and/or the bone out of place (it’s very chicken or the egg.. i don’t wanna talk about it).

The picture below is so you can get a better picture of where my pain is.

Going through an old box of baby pics, I confirmed that my right leg was the one I broke when i was 3. My brother Mike asked me if i wanted to play a game… Uh YEAH, I was three! So I jumped on the bed, and he caught me as I jumped off into his arms. Until the last time when he took a big step back, I fell and cried. He laughed all the way to the 1st floor. I crawled downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was and we went to the hospital to determine I cracked my tibia. All of my issues have always been on the right side.  Crazy how an old injury can show itself so many years later.

couldn't find a better picture, but my right foot is in a cast

couldn’t find a better picture, but my right leg is in a cast

I hope you enjoyed A Brief History of Cori’s Right Leg. I’ve been having a lot of random thoughts since my injury…Like when I’ll be able to run again (i’ll know on Friday if it’s getting better/worse when I visit the Chiro). I often find myself wondering why the new JT song sounds so much like NSYNC. What races will I do this fall? How slow will my pace be on the road back? Can I ever trust my evil, conniving right leg again…and how the heck do i keep my calves happy? When will my Garmin run out of battery life? (since I haven’t charged it since 4/30.)

Want some more random? Sunday I made pizza…mushroom, pepperoni, jalapeño…mmm..

20140511_180910 (1)


Made these muffins (so easy & delicious)…

20140511_165224 (1)

And I compressed my beer…

Last week’s workouts

Monday: 25 min back workout

Tuesday: 15 abs, 20 biceps/chest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min Hamstrings/Glutes

Friday: 15 abs, 15 triceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Playground workout & 25 min slow walk

Miles: Zero

What’s your random thought for today?