It’s Finally Spring!

I had to stop a few times last week to take pictures of the bright green view! Seems like spring is finally here which means, more running in less clothes which actually means less laundry. (just remember to replace less clothing with more sunscreen!!)

File_000 (123)

It also means having a weekend beer outdoors! I went up to Denizens in Silver Spring over the weekend. They have fantastic craft beer and an outdoor patio where you can bring dogs 🙂

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I normally do my long runs on Saturday- but I chose to sleep in and enjoy the spring day at Denizens. Needless to say, Sunday’s 11 miler was a little rough. It was my last 10+ run until the half marathon in 12 days! I’m trying to stay calm and not get ahead of myself. I’ll be focusing on sleep, nutrition and mental prep leading up to the race.

And I voted over the weekend! LE got her own sticker, but wouldn’t share who she supported.

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I also took a few walks this weekend because it was so beautiful out and had to try out the harness on LE.

File_000 (127)

File_000 (129)

she’s pacing me haha

Alright–It’s Marathon Monday!! Good Luck to all the Bahston runnahs!

Last Week

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 9m interval 8 x 1000s (2m warm up, 8 x 1000s all @ 6:22/pace, 1m cool down) + 2.3m walk

Wednesday: 30 min handstand skill work + 2m walk

Thursday: 6m easy 9:22/pace + 2m walk

Friday: 11m tempo (2m warm up, 3 x 2.5m 6:49, 6:43, 6:40/pace, 1m cool down) 

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 11.4m  easy/long 9:14/pace + 2m walk

Total Miles: 37.4

What do you look forward to as the weather gets warmer?