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From Distance to Speed!

Monday: 30min TRX Rip Trainer full body w/o4m easy 8:25/pace

Tuesday: 6.1m intervals 8 x 400s (3 @ 5:39/pace, 3 @ 5:37, 2 @ 5:39)

Wednesday: 2500m row, 100 burpees, 100 knees to chest situps

Thursday: 5.3m 7:19/pace fartlek run (1st outside run in a month!)

I was watching a track meet on the Big Ten network last weekend, and it reminded me how I used to think that sprinting and track work were kinda unnecessary and a very separate category from distance training. I understand now, they’re not separate. The longer you run and the bigger your goals become the more important speed/interval work are.

Looking back at my running logs I don’t know if I really pushed myself during track work or did a tempo run properly, however—> you can’t do everything right the first time and pushing yourself during those types of workouts takes a coach, friends or a specific goal to really start understanding what you want out of running. Right now I want to get faster. Period.

Ca-li-fornia Looove

Just me, the sun and a trash can

Sure i’ve gotten faster over the years, times dropped here and there, but now I want to go fast. There’s a difference between having to run fast and wanting to. It’s like that strange thing you did as a kid: run as fast as you can, collapse in the grass, huff and puff until you can grab your Capri Sun off the cement staircase, then do it all over again with a big smile on your face. Just because. Remember running just because?? #Iamgettingold

Kids don’t have a concept of what’s fast or slow. They don’t use a Garmin and information to set a pace for the day, they just play and run until they can’t anymore. At least when i was little we did this. I hope it’s somewhat similar for my future kiddos. I guess the point i’m getting at is i’m ready to run like a kid again, without limits. Chasing, happy and fearless.


Ca-li-fornia Looove

Taking a break from the marathon (half & full) has really given me a breath of fresh air. If I skip a long run (like last weekend) it’s not the end of the world and isn’t going to ruin training. Recovery has been whatever it needs to be. I have less “easy” running days and harder workouts so here and there I take an extra day off from running. Recovery and less stress have made running extremely fun again! <—what a concept! lol.

I’m still averaging a 10 mile long run on the weekends, sometimes with a hint of speed thrown in, but often not. I don’t dread the long run, I’ve been enjoying it! i look forward to running 2-3 minutes slower than the tough paces from interval training during the week. 5k training has really shown me what my true paces are. Below are my average current paces at different distances.  This shows that I (and we!) are capable of so much more. I never, ever-ever-ever, thought I could get go faster than a 7:00/mile. And once in a while, sub 7s would flash across my Garmin, scare me and I’d slow down. I’m thinking there’s a speedy little bunny in me that wants to get out.

200s: 5:30    400s: 5:42     800s: 6:19   1000s: 6:36   Mile Repeats: 7:00

I don’t really know why i felt the need to over share today, I guess it’s just a reminder that although training is different it’s rejuvenating my love for running. ❤

…and a random  sunset from Maryland a few weeks back.


Last Week

Monday: Rest/traveling

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:40/pace

Wednesday: 7.3miles interval work- 6 x 1000m progressive repeats (6:44, 6:39, 6:33, 6:27, 6:22)

Thursday: 30 min snow shoveling!

Friday: 3000m row, 50 lb dead lifts/ 20lb single leg dead lifts –light easy workout.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 13.3

What do you do (or have done) to keep running fresh?

What makes you run happy? 


Turn It Up To 11!!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min running drills, 8 miles (intervals- 8 x 800s), 30 min core

The last time I did 200s on the treadmill I went to 11mph– ELEVEN! That’s a 5:27 pace! When I think of running at that pace, i get really excited, cause I have a TON of room to grow as a runner. When I think of elites running that pace for the entire duration of a marathon, it makes me feel not-so-cool. But at the same time, running’s not my job sooooo… i do what i can. 🙂

from Monday's run outside. sooo pretty :)

from Monday’s run outside. sooo pretty 🙂

Lisa @ Running out of Wine had a really great post today about letting go of obsessive tendencies to count miles (similar to how people count calories.) And it made me think of the transition from continually building mileage to train for long distance races to basically sticking around the same weekly mileage (about 25 for me) and focusing more on increasing speed at a short distance. Training has been so different and it’s hard to turn off the yearning to add miles each week.


There are days when a speed workout ends at 5 or 6 miles. The distance runner in me always says, “just do one more cool down mile–add to your weekly mileage total!” Usually i’d give into that, but right now i’ve been asking myself if the several extra miles a week are worth risking injury, helping with my 5k time goal, or taking extra time from my post recovery. Instead of the “extra mile” i’ve been focusing more on warming up, cooling down and foam rolling.


Make sure you ask yourself what that extra mile or two or 3 is adding to your training. Always listen to your body and quit if you are feeling pain.

Not gonna lie: Today I wanted to quit. 8 x 800s are so hard to run (800s are 1/2 mile). By the time 800 interval #5 came and went I wanted to end it at 6.  However, just like when you strength train, the last few reps are going to be hard. If you don’t do the hard reps your muscles and body won’t change. Something came over me when I realized this and I ran the last 800s faster than the first half.

1 mile warm up @ 9:05/pace (in between each interval i jogged .25 mile @ 10:00/pace, last 2 intervals I walked for 30 seconds, then jogged)

3 x 800s @ 6:33/pace

3 x 800s @ 6:22/pace

2 x 800s @ 6:18/pace

1.5 mile cool down @ 9:15/pace- total miles 8.

This was me before the torture of the 800s. ughhhh.. my pony tail never looks that cute. Only before bed or before a workout. Am I right ladies? Dudes, you’ll never know what it’s like to plan out your workouts around your hair.. it blows. Like the dryer you have to use after the shower :/

 Tell me about your workout from today! 

How much time do you put aside for the foam rolling and recovery?


Change Is…

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 20min running drills, 5 miles speed work 12 X 200s, 10 min core

Wednesday: 40min shoulders, 3m easy 9:15/pace (did 1 mile in zero drop shoes–slowly incorporating foot/ankle drills as well as minimalist running), 1500m rowing

We are 14 days into the new year I’m sure all the cleanses, detoxes, smoothie, clean eating, run until your feet fall off, spend every waking hour at the gym are all being kept right? Well if the goals you’re keeping are already slipping by the hour, make sure you question “why” you set the goal and “how” you plan to adjust to see that goal till the end. Another good idea is to write down WHY you want to change and put that list everywhere. Fridge, bathroom mirror, dashboard–every place you need the motivation and reminder to keep doing something positive for you.

Me and fellow CPT Adrienne @ the gym. Work life is pretty awesome.

Me and fellow CPT Adrienne @ the gym. Work life is pretty awesome.

Yesterday was the first real day doing a CFE (crossfit endurance) running workout. I dove right into the strength workouts and am getting used to a higher intensity style of training, but I haven’t touched the running workouts.  Because.. let’s face it, change is hard.

Changing the normal 4-5 days of running mostly easy miles, a speed day and a long run– to running less but upping intensity in almost every workout is going to be a hard. 5k training is totally different than marathon training and CFE training is different than traditional running plans. In order for me to try and see if this training works, i can’t half ass it or do just pieces of it. I need to give it 100% and trust that these guys know what they’re talking about and put these workouts together for a reason. The reason might just make me a better runner, and I can’t get better without changing.


Yesterday was also the first day of the 8 week CFE 5k training. Unbreakable Runner comes with 3 levels (beginner, intermediate & elite) for the 5k, 10k, 1/2, Full and Ultra marathons. (did anyone see that it made Competitor’s list of running books you should be reading??)

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.47.15 PM

I’m following the elite program since my base is built up & I’m used to working out 2x/day. (Most of the elite workouts include strength and running in the same day) Yesterday morning I was so nervous about the workout: 12 X 200s. Terrified actually. I’m a distance runner. Not a sprinter. 200s??? I didn’t even know how long 200s were…it’s about .13 miles fyi! Before I ran I spent 20 minutes warming up and doing CFE drills and then it was treadmill time!

The verdict? I went out too conservatively with my paces, but in all fairness, i’ve never sprinted faster than 5:58, and that happened once. In between each interval the workout called for 1:30 recovery. I walked for a minute then jogged for about 30 seconds leading into the sprint.

1 mile warm up @ 9:00/pace

5 x 200 @ 6:00/pace

5 x 200 @ 5:52/pace

2 x 200 @ 5:45/pace

1 mile cool down @ 9:00/pace

To be honest, I was nervous. Doing new things is scary, even if it’s just running faster.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.32.33 PM

What are your workout resolutions for the year, and are you on track? 

What is big change are you working on?