Last Thoughts B4 Philly

Monday: 6.1m easy 8:40/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 5.7m 8:47/pace

Oh man. It’s here and i’m getting nervous. I’m ready to run, i’m ready to fly, but I accidentally looked ahead at the weather and…


The weather has been nuts here anyway, it’s been warm and makes it hard for me to try out “race day outfits.” I haven’t been able to practice in much, so i’ll just cross my fingers and Body Glide my entire body and pray i don’t chafe.


running in tank tops last week

I’m trying not to worry too much about the weather. I’ve raced in nothing but terrible wind this year and i’m not backing down from my goals. I’m just going to study the course, understand and accept where the wind might be bad and where I can breathe. And hey, i still have hope the forecast will change a bit, it’s early.


sweaty selfie- cause yes up until a week ago, i was still running in sports bras.

Everything else I can control I feel great about. Mentally i’m ready to take this on. Physically i’ve never felt better. I’ve PR’d the 10k, my outdoor mile time, completed a 50K, a Beer Mile, bested my weekly and monthly mileage and PR’d my deadlift. The key factor here is i’ve been consistent. No setbacks, no sickness, no excuses. I did every workout, hit almost every workout pace and actually enjoyed it. (that helps!)


175lbs 3 x 5

I listened to a Brute Strength podcast about mental training and the guest said “train today like tomorrow you’re going to have an injury that takes your sport away.” This does not mean kill yourself in your workout exactly — or work until you are injuring yourself or ignoring signs of injury/overtraining. He went on to explain in means living in the moment of your workout, giving everything you can, but making sure to enjoy it. Enjoy the work, because if it was gone tomorrow you’d miss it. Just another element of being present and living with gratitude. Running with that mindset has changed everything.


I had one of those running a-ha moments, the run where training catches up with you and your emotions catch you off guard. I broke down in the middle of a trail, bawling my eyes out. Thank god no one was around, cause it wasn’t pretty. Crocodile tears and hyperventilating type crying was happening. I had only a few thoughts in my head at the moment, none i will share today, but if you run for long enough (i’m at my 10 year anniversary) you will no doubt, have moments like this. I took off my new shirt, for some reason that layer felt suffocating, and on the inside of the shirt was this…


It was perfect. I needed it. And i repeated that phrase the rest of the way home. There is nothing more I can do with my training, mental or physical. I’m as ready as i’ll ever be. Wind or no wind I will take on whatever challenge comes at me Sunday and every day after.


just another windy warm day in MD

If you’ve been reading along, or encouraging me in the gym, social media or texts, THANK YOU. Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, it is awesome to have a community of people that support my crazy running hobby. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Last Week

Monday: 8m easy 8:49/pace

Tuesday: Crossfit, 10.4m interval (6 x 1m repeats)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 12.7m tempo (10 @ 7:35/pace)

Friday: 7m easy 8:45/pace

Saturday: 8m easy 9:20/pace, Crossfit

Sunday: 8m easy 8:55/pace

Total Miles: 53.7

How’s the weather near you?

Any last words of advice for the marathon?



Break (through) Wind!

Monday: 15min Rope Pull

Happy Monday! I did a real, live, outdoor long run this weekend! I haven’t been outside in almost a month! I’m not as hardcore as some runners out there and waited until all the snow & ice was officially gone.

I did however, feel like giving up and turning around so many times because of the wind (almost typed wine.. haha). Wind is my least favorite element to run in…especially when it’s a big bully and pushes me around. I was dealing with “substantial wind” according to Runner’s World.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.23.28 PM

I kept wanting to turn back, but I was feeling stubborn. I had already skipped the long run last week, so i needed this. I needed a long, good run–although this felt much harder than it should of, I’m still happy I went the full 12 miles. Runner’s World had an article about how wind slows your pace down.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.23.50 PM

Tips for running in the wind!

– Accept that you will run slower than normal. Focus on effort opposed to pace/time. Running in the elements will prepare you for race conditions.

-The wind (especially in early spring) feels cooler than the actual temperature. Wear gloves if it’s under 50 degrees. My hands were freezing because of the darn wind. Wear a hat if your ears are sensitive and always wear fitted clothes. Loose clothes will cause more resistance and slow you down.

-When you get a tail wind, enjoy it! Smile and relax, use it like a recovery break.

-Bring chapstick, tissues, and water. The wind can really dry you up!

-When the run isn’t going as planned, have something positive to mentally focus on. I always think of the hot cup of coffee I’m going to relax with when I’m finished. 🙂

Workout Recap!

Monday: 30min TRX Rip Trainer full body w/o4m easy 8:25/pace

Tuesday: 6.1m intervals 8 x 400s (3 @ 5:39/pace, 3 @ 5:37, 2 @ 5:39)

Wednesday: 2500m row, 100 burpees, 100 knees to chest situps

Thursday: 5.3m 7:19/pace fartlek run (1st outside run in a month!)

Friday: 100 TRX Chest flys, 100 TRX Chest Press, 100 TRX Wide Row w/shoulder rotation (broke up into sets of 20, with minimal rest)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 12m easy 8:24/pace

Total: 27.4

What is your least favorite element to run in?

Tips for spring wind?