Wild Blood

Friday’s run went extremely well. I slipped into my Kinvara’s and entered into a blissful 4 miler. It’s hard to describe how much I’ve been missing this. Each run until today has felt a little off, a little painful, a little slow and not exactly right. But that changed. I had a big realization of why I run. It’s not because i’m trying to escape the day, or to hide feelings or to bury sadness. I run to discover myself. I run to find myself. Deep into a run is where i figure out who I am.


I came to the realization that I’m a little crazy. I’m slightly wild. I’m definitely something better than what I thought. There’s a crazy awesome world out there and i want to run all over it. I’m sharing this today because I’ve had quite the mix of emotions lately and I keep forgetting what drives me. Being happy.


“We’re crying out, honestly, this Wild Blood, will set us all free.” -Lovedrug


Sunday evening, after moving apartments and no sleep I went out for a “long run.” I incorporated some hills this time around and although my endurance isn’t what it used to be, and my speed isn’t there, my heart is biggest now than ever before. I’m going to cross the finish line in Chicago with everything left on the course.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30min upper back, 20 min Kettle Bell workout/leg stretching

Wednesday3.2m easy, 20 abs

Thursday: 20min chest, 10 abs

Friday: 4.1m easy, 1hr 30min Armageddon Arm workout (haha), 10 abs

Saturday: moved–so basically hours of lifting

Sunday: 5.5m easy/hills, day 2 of moving

Total Miles: 12.8

July 4th Plans?

Got any Wild Blood in you?


The Day After National Running Day

Monday: 2.4m walk/run, 30 min chest/biceps, 10 abs

Tuesday: 25 min legs/hamstrings, low back

Wednesday: Rest

Nope, i didn’t post yesterday because I went to run on NRD and as soon as i got to the trail and began running, that little bitch of a pain came back in ankle. Super. Lame. I was really disappointed and almost cried in the shower because i was depressed with the setback.

I made my way into the chiropractor’s office and he looked at me and asked why the ef i was back so soon. After 45 minutes of painful accupressure and single leg squats on a balance board, we came to the same conclusion. I’m good to ease into running, but there’s something about my anterior tibia that tightens up and pulls my ankle the wrong way. You may remember this issue I talked about back in January. We’re working on trying to figure out what’s going on and how I can keep it loose. This might be a month or two of trial and error.

Later in the evening, I started reading everyone’s blogs on National Running Day and it made me happy and excited to get back to running when i’m 100% healthy. Runners are truly amazing. Seriously–everyone has personal reasons for why they run and I can relate to all of them. That’s why I feel such a sense of community with this blog. We’re all here for a common reason..to run happy :). (Brooks totally nailed that slogan)


I run because I need an outlet for my thoughts. Work gets crazy, life gets stressful and life events happen. Running is something that is constantly pumping me full of endorphins and clears my head when i need it (always). Running gives me a sense of being a powerful, strong person that can do hard things. Running allows me that extra piece of chocolate or slice of pizza. Running lets me dress like a 5 year old wearing every ridiculous neon color under the sun. Running lets me explore different cities and experience nature in a whole new way. Running makes me feel. Running creates an indescribable internal burst of love and energy that only runners understand. It’s why we wake up at 5am. It’s why we fit in a run any which way when we can. It’s why 10% of our paychecks go to gear, shoes and races. It’s why no matter what we try and convert people to the BEST SPORT ON THIS PLANET.

(drops mic)

Damn it feels good to be a runner.


The Verdict is in…

I’m going to be very honest with you guys. I haven’t blogged a lot this week because i was freaking nervous about what the chiropractor was going to tell me about my ankle… Every time I went to start a new post, I just got a little down and anxious and then scrapped the ideas. But Friday morning he said the magic words, “ease your way back into running.”


here i am, easing my way out the door…(don’t mind the hair, it was early)

He wants me cross training on the elliptical and obviously I have to take my time to do any real mileage or speed, but we both want to be sure I’m not going to re-injure anything. Any amount of running is better than fine with me! I’m 4 1/2 months out from the Chicago Marathon which is a ton of time to make up distance and speed.

In the meantime, i will be practicing the fine art of carbo-loading, for when i’m 100% back.


Not really…since i’ve been injured I did a major nutritional overhaul and started eating much better and a little less. I cut my daily calories from 2200-2400 range to 1800-2000 and my weight and body composition has not changed despite what I thought might happen while not running.




how I do heavy carb nights, with a giant veggie salad!

Summer is totally fruit season and i’ve been packing my days full of blueberries, strawberries, grapes and watermelon. They are such a refreshing pick-me-up in the middle of the work day and hello–antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories for the injury.

20140412_182718 (1)

 When i do get back to normal weekly mileage and my hunger strikes,  I’m going to make a much bigger effort on eating cleaner and pack in as many nutrients as possible for recovery and injury prevention. <—always sounds good in theory, we will see how many giant cookies i can say no to. 🙂

Last Week’s Recap 

Monday: 2 mile walk, 25 min shoulders/biceps

Tuesday: 20 back and hamstrings, 10 abs

Wednesday: 2.2m walk

Thursday: 25min biceps, 15 abs

Friday: 15 min lateral elliptical, 1 mile walk, 15 shoulders/triceps

Saturday: 2.4m walk/run no garmin–cause you know…

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 2.4m running + 4.2m walking

 Do you watch your nutrition more closely when you’re not running?

Favorite summer fruit or vegetable?


One Little Cori, Jumpin’ On the Bed…

Monday: 15 min shoulders/squats workout. Short workouts work (i’ll be doing a post soon!!)

Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 10 days since my last run… and it’s driving me crazy. I mean, I’m all right with the whole resting period and making sure i’m back to 100% yada yada, but I literally ran through ice, snow, rain, cold shit weather, and dealt with the treadmill all winter/extended spring to find myself injured as soon as it gets nice out.

I guess before I get ahead of myself (and to stop complaining, but i’m glad it’s out of my system) I should tell you guys what’s wrong. The VERY Good news is that nothing is torn, no tendonitis and no is sprain. I made a good call not running the marathon. The bad news:  I strained my achilles tendon & soleus muscle. My peroneals (under the outside of the heel) which i originally thought was the issue, were rubbing against a bone because my foot was all out of place. I said it a while ago, my body has a very strange was of overcompensating. Unfortunately, this is stemming from tight calves and/or the bone out of place (it’s very chicken or the egg.. i don’t wanna talk about it).

The picture below is so you can get a better picture of where my pain is.

Going through an old box of baby pics, I confirmed that my right leg was the one I broke when i was 3. My brother Mike asked me if i wanted to play a game… Uh YEAH, I was three! So I jumped on the bed, and he caught me as I jumped off into his arms. Until the last time when he took a big step back, I fell and cried. He laughed all the way to the 1st floor. I crawled downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was and we went to the hospital to determine I cracked my tibia. All of my issues have always been on the right side.  Crazy how an old injury can show itself so many years later.

couldn't find a better picture, but my right foot is in a cast

couldn’t find a better picture, but my right leg is in a cast

I hope you enjoyed A Brief History of Cori’s Right Leg. I’ve been having a lot of random thoughts since my injury…Like when I’ll be able to run again (i’ll know on Friday if it’s getting better/worse when I visit the Chiro). I often find myself wondering why the new JT song sounds so much like NSYNC. What races will I do this fall? How slow will my pace be on the road back? Can I ever trust my evil, conniving right leg again…and how the heck do i keep my calves happy? When will my Garmin run out of battery life? (since I haven’t charged it since 4/30.)

Want some more random? Sunday I made pizza…mushroom, pepperoni, jalapeño…mmm..

20140511_180910 (1)


Made these muffins (so easy & delicious)…

20140511_165224 (1)

And I compressed my beer…

Last week’s workouts

Monday: 25 min back workout

Tuesday: 15 abs, 20 biceps/chest

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min Hamstrings/Glutes

Friday: 15 abs, 15 triceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Playground workout & 25 min slow walk

Miles: Zero

What’s your random thought for today?