We Cam Do BUnch ofr Brefsast

Wednesday: 7.1m easy 8:44/pace

Thursday: 20 min back

Friday: 7.3m track workout 800s

So It’s my birthday! The last year in my 20s, the last year in the 25-29 running age group. And as i’ve stated a few times here i’m trying to do things that make me happy. I also realized this means i’ve been turning into a bit of a “Yes Man” and having a good time while trying new things and keeping busy.

Last week I got an email of the places DC serves bottomless brunch (both drinks and food at a set price/set hours). Without hesitation and a week of planning Emmeline and I hit up Zengo!


We have absolutely no problem talking and eating for hours on end. Don’t you love when you find friends like that? Especially friends you can talk about running to for hours and not feel bad about it. Or when you have bite sized waffles?


We started with breakfast faves, eggs benedict, waffles, bacon fried rice (haha), bloody marys, sake sangria (there was an asian fusion thing going on here) then moved onto lunch with sushi.


As the bottomless mimosas kept being topped off with extra champagne the fun pictures started happening. I’m pretty sure we said, “this is gonna be so hot.” haha

I guess the waiter liked our table–and the table next to ours–Emmeline found a soccer buddy to talk to–and he brought us mango shots. DELICIOUS!


and the shot!

About 2:00 we decided to hit up a museum. We chose the natural history. Neither of us had been there in a while and I got to learn all about Emmeline’s crazy adventures visiting Africa.


Inside the museum we took the only important pics of the day: and elephant butt & something that looks like something I don’t want to talk about, but couldn’t stop laughing at.




And the obligitory Monument pic. Although, i just wanted it because the sky looked sooooo awesome!


What should I do for my last year as a 20 Something year old??


Very Inspiring BA

First off, thank you Lauren @ Will Run for Boston & Lisa @ Running Out of Wine for sending a nomination my way. I’m always humbled that anyone thinks my life is interesting enough to read about–so thank you guys. We are all very inspiring BA’s. 😉

Rules of the Award

Thank & link the person that nominated you

List Rules/Display award

Share 7 facts about yourself

Nominate 15 blogs for the award

Optional: Display logo/follow blogger who nominate you veryinspiringblogger Here are the randoms for you. Seven to be exact.

1) I have tattoos. This one started as just a bass & treble clef with a weed in the middle. I’m not a fan of flowers, but we had these bushes in our backyard and my sister, best friend and I would pick them all the time and throw the petals for a pretend New Years Eve countdown or pretend weddings and stuff.white-flower-plant1020926


I added lyrics a few years later from this song because it reminds me of my parents.

2) I’m currently obsessed with this song Sun Models by Odezsa. It seriously gives me an out of body/i love life/summer mood chills. I could listen to this song on repeat for days and die happy with it. (Michael– show your son!)

3) I play piano & sing. I did an EP with the stage name Cori Indiana (super original). But I am proud of what I created. I still write music, it’s been years since I played a live show or did a recording though.. that makes me a little sad.cI1_1 full If you wanna hear some tunes, you can still stream them at the very ancient Myspace page. May I suggest “For The Greater Good” or “As Fast As You Do”? They seem to get good reviews.

4) My favorite movie of all time is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Side fact: I like the middle movies of trilogies because it’s when the shit hits the good guy’s fan.

5) I bite my nails. I hate it and i know it’s disgusting, but it’s hard to break a habit i’ve had since I was in 2nd grade.

6) I keep peanut butter & dark chocolate chips in my drawer at work. Not gonna lie, it’s been a pretty amazing pre-workout snack.


7) I signed up for the Philadelphia half in September because this chick will be running too. And we both decided if we’re not in PR shape by then (which is likely) we will do this one together for fun 🙂


Behind the Blogger: Bloggers blogging bloggers.

Wanna see the righteous burger I ate with her?


Burger courtesy of “The Counter”. Not pictured: PB & J Adult Milkshake

Run, eat & live happy.


Blogger Date!

I had an amazing last few days. Sometimes if i’m not blogging it’s cause i’m “living” which then makes for a few good blogs. I’m not organized enough yet to blog on the daily, but I have been trying to update my Instagram more often, baby steps people. Also, I have to say i’m glad you guys liked my Runner Overload picture, but I’m warning you..you may have fueled a fire and i might do sketches to get my point across more often.

Now that’s all said, a very cool thing happened Friday. I got to hang out with Run for The Pizza! Emmeline and I basically talked for 5 or so hours straight (not exaggerating) and forgot to take pictures until after our dinner and drinks. Some bloggers we are right? But I promise the ahi tuna, hummus, french fries & beer would have been a great picture. Just pretend (or i’ll have to draw you up something hehe)

She’s super cool and it turns out we had a lot more in common than just running. 🙂


This happened too. Not sure how, but i’m happy this blogger love moment was caught for all of you to see. Also I’m pretty sure this means we’re best friends.

Onto the running side of my life. I had a reassuring long run this week–a 14 miler and last long run before the marathon in 14 days. It went soooo well. I fueled right, my pace started conservative  8:20s and I picked up throughout the run ending with a few in the 7:40s and a whole lot of energy. I’m still going back and forth about how this marathon will go, but for now I will eat up a big bowl of inspiration while watching the Boston Marathon! One last Good Luck shout out to my running coach Lauren & everyone else running Boston this morning! 

Workout Recap!

Monday: 15 abs

Tuesday: 7m treadmill hills pace ranged from 8:15-8:30, 20 min pushups/bicep curls

Wednesday: 4.1m easy 8:11/pace, assisted pull-ups + upper shoulder work

Thursday: 14.5m 8:10/pace (with last 4 miles between 7:44-8:07 paces)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3.2m easy 9:30/pace + 2 walking miles

Sunday: 2.25 easy 7:40/pace + 5 walking miles

Total Miles: 31.1 + lots of walking