Espresso Protein!? It was made for me, and you–>CLICK Protein GIVEAWAY!

Obviously I’m not doing a ton of cardio while waiting for my ankle to fully heal. But I have been spending loads of time thinking about what I will do different when I return to running full time. And here’s what’s hanging at the top of my list:

Cross training. I kill it with strength training since I live at the gym, but actually doing a cardio activity besides running hasn’t been comfortable for me. I’m hoping to hit up a spin class, a yoga class or a pool 1-2x per week, and i’ll keep up with my walks.


right arm is way bigger than little lefty..oops!

Warming up. Previously my warm ups consisted of a few leg swings and half mile or so running at a slower pace. Unfortunately, a few minutes of running a tad slower wasn’t cutting it. In the future I will have to incorporate a good 10 minute pre-run warm up before I head outdoors to warm up my achilles and entire ankle. Running cold is never a good thing, especially with such tight lower legs. Looking back at my training log I can definitely say i skipped way too many warm ups.

Recovery. Fitting in foam rolling,  myofascial compression techniques, and recovery foods/drinks is another facet i’ve been slacking on. I hate admitting this, but what are running blogs for other than being honest and ice cream pics?

I’ve been bad at eating a recovery snack after running. After strength training I eat every single time without hesitation. When I finish a run, i don’t have as big of an appetite, so generally I skip eating or drinking a shake (unless it’s some crazy double digit run) OR i’d just drink coffee to get a caffeine boost and go on with the day (see video above).

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink sent me a sample of their protein powders to test out. I feel like these were made for me and will solve my post-run recovery snack problem, especially when I begin to run in the early mornings.


First, i noticed how quickly the powder mixed and it mixed well. No random chunks of powder hanging out and no chalky strange texture or bad aftertaste. I’m picky with protein powders and this is smooth like coffee and the flavor is awesome. No joke, the mocha was delicious and something I can picture having every day.  I also had the decaf mocha and was surprised how much I liked it. I’m sorry but normally decaf is a big fat no-thank-you…what? It’s not coffee!


Post-recovery: Click, compression, stretching & rolling.

I have caramel & vanilla latte left to try and I can’t wait! At 120 calories, 1.5g fat, 15g protein, this makes me happy. Check out all the vitamins and minerals…20140608_223201

Here’s the fun part, CLICK is going to give one of my readers the 4-pack sampler pack of CLICK Espresso Protein with the CLICK shaker bottle! All you have to do is like CLICK on Facebook or Twitter and then leave a comment telling me which page you followed and which flavor you’d like to try most! The giveaway will end Friday, June 13th at 12 midnight!

Also-If you want to buy the sample pack Click here <—see what I did there? eh?

Workout Recap

Monday: 2.4m walk/run, 30 min chest/biceps, 10 abs

Tuesday: 25 min legs/hamstrings, lower back

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20 min triceps, 10 lower back

Friday: 2m elliptical, 2mile run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 50 minutes of basketball (don’t worry there are pictures), 2.4m run–don’t worry i will recap this 🙂

Total Miles: 6.8m watch out world!