How to Get Through Peak Week & My Favorite Pumpkin Cookies

Monday: 6.9m easy 8:32/pace

Tuesday: 9m interval (8 x 1000s- 3 @ 6:48/pace, 3 @ 6:44/pace, 2 @ 6:40/pace – 2min recovery jog in between)

Wednesday: 25 min shoulders/back

Good Morning! I think i’m super excited about blogging again since I bought my new pretty desk. So hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing from me a few times a week rather than once in a while.

Let’s talk about PEAK WEEK! This is generally the week before you begin to taper. For those of you who are newer runners, tapering is when you cut back on overall running volume to gain the fitness from your training and are well rested and ready to run your best on race day morning.

Peak week is tough for a few reasons: This is your highest mileage week. You are getting up at ungodly hours in the morning or staying at the gym or out on the trails later than usual to fit training into your everyday life. It is mentally challenging and physically demanding to make it to and get through peak week after building mileage for 8, 10, 12 or 16 weeks!


not excited to repeat the 1000s workout.

Here is how I handled it and how i’m handling it a second time (if you recall on my last post, i accidentally thought last week was my peak. whoops)

  1. Plan out time for your workouts. Schedule these runs in and don’t skip unless necessary. You won’t really have an extra day to makeup a run.
  2. Take one day at a time. Each day focus on the workout at hand. Do not overwhelm yourself or wonder how you’re going to run again the next day.
  3. Run your easy days freaking easy. If your easy runs are slower than normal it’s okay!
  4. Go to sleep earlier. Focus on the recovery.
  5. Eat like you’re an athlete and get some good nutrition in. HRG always says junk in = junk out. If you eat junk, your workouts will be junk.
  6. Focus on your race day “A” goal. It will push you to finish your workout, trust me. Remind yourself why you’re doing this, a PR? because you love running? so you can run the race comfortably? Qualify for Boston?

Always remember, it’s not about hitting each workout perfectly–that rarely happens for me. Focus on the effort over everything. If the effort is there, you will have a successful peak week. And if you take it one day at a time with a little extra sleep, you won’t be dragging or bite the head off a co-worker or spouse.

Recovering with LE

Recovering with LE

Now for the fun! My favorite pumpkin dark chocolate chip cookie recipe! I make these cookies every year and they are always the best dessert no matter where I take them. The only tweak i make is adding way more cinnamon than required. I love cinnamon and I like the flavor to come through. Again, never had any complaints 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.42.45 AM

No these aren’t healthy, I’m still learning to bake so i’m not doing substitutions for a healthier cookie just yet. If you try these and change any of the recipe, let me know how they turn out!



Now I have to repeat a long tempo today, wish me luck. Last difficult run before an easy 11 miler this weekend, THEN I get to taper! Haha!

Best tip to make it through Peak Week?

Favorite holiday treat?

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I made it rain! (and i didn’t even have to dance)

Remember my last post?? Well a day later it started raining, pouring and the temps have dropped about 15 degrees. I’d rather run a race in light rain and cooler weather over hot & humid any day of the year. One of my favorite races was Cincinnati’s Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon and it started off in a downpour and misted/showered the whole time. Instead of getting upset that it was raining, i put my iPod in a ziplock bag, looked up at the sky and laughed. Besides squishy shoes, I enjoyed the rain. It kept me cool the entire race and made me feel like a kid dodging puddles and trying not to slip.

the very wet Flying Pig 1/2

i’m actually smiling at the finish 🙂

I will be drawing inspiration from that race to get me through Balitmore’s wet hills tomorrow morning. My only goals are to enjoy the race, SMILE, and try to stay around an 8:15 pace <—and if this doesn’t happen i’m not going to be upset, it’s just an easy pace I can hold comfortably, but with slick roads you never know!

Here’s a few tips for running a race in rain:

Put your electronics in Ziplock bags–cell phones, ipods, mp3 players etc. Put these in ziplock bags if using them. If they’re going in your checked bag–put them in a ziplock.  Your bag could leak and get your things wet. Better to be safe with your expensive items. If possible, leave them in the car.

Garbage bags/Rain Poncho- Before the race begins, its much more comfortable to sit on dry garbage bags than the wet ground. You can also wear these to stay dry & warm before the race starts. I’ve seen people start their race or run the whole race wearing a poncho or bag.

Bring dry clothes/shoes/socks & towels-– have these dry items in your car ready for you to change into.

Anti-chafe stick/friction cream– whatever you have use it, especially on your toes/feet/chest/thighs, if possibly carry it along the race and reapply

Stay away from cotton or clothes that get heavy when wet.

Wear a hat/visor–to keep rain out of your eyes if it’s pouring.

Picture the End- If running in the rain is tough, uncomfortable and just not fun for you, try picturing the hot shower you will get once you’re finished and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or whiskey 😉 that’s waiting for you at home.

I picked up the Cosmic Run’s bibs and shirts for the 5k I will be doing tomorrow night, which I hope will happen. I’m hoping my legs will still move to complete 3.1 more miles in the same day haha.

Shirt, Bib & Glow Stick necklace!

Shirt, Bib & Glow Stick necklace & tattoos!

This week has been a real easy running week, just a lot of rest, foam rolling & stretching. Here’s me bored in between clients, just stretching and waiting for the races this weekend…


Also, it’s about that time of year to make my famous Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. Okay, not mine, more like Food Network’s, but I can follow a mean recipe. 🙂 Okay, not even, cause I accidentally used the wrong recipe. It wasn’t as good as last years, but it’s my first batch and they still turned out awesome! As soon as I get the right recipe I’ll be sharing.


Alright, gotta get my race gear laid out for tomorrow, hope everyone is having a great Friday!