Tuesday: 15.4m 8:26/pace, 10 abs

Wednesday: 3.4m Garminless, 30 Core

Thursday: 7.4m fartlek, 7:57/pace, 20 min triceps/back

Well my knee is feeling better. Wanna say hi? At least if it scars it will be a face.


Anywho! It’s Friday, so you know what that means? The weekend of course, but also, usually, the last time people fit in a good workout before Monday (unless you’re a runner cause you know long runs happen during the weekend which makes runners so awesome). So it’s time for Flex Friday!! WOO!


If you would like to be entered in a giveaway for a Perfect Fit Protein sample pack, send me a picture of you working out, running, holding a yoga pose, stretching, flexing etc and you will be entered! I’ll do a post with your pictures next Flex Friday because i’m always super proud of my readers and their accomplishments.

Perfect fit

 **Giveaway starts now and ends Thursday 4/10 at midnight, to enter send me a pic to shesgoingforspeed@gmail.com with “Protein giveaway” as the email title & also tell me if you want your photo featured on the blog or not.

Tomorrow morning i will be at the start of Ben’s Run 5K with Gold’s Gym! I’ll be warming up runners and of course doing what I do best, talking about running. If you’re interested in running/walking or bringing me coffee and chatting 😉  check out www.bensrun.org for the event details!

What are your weekend plans? 

Long runs?