I’ve Got that Summertime Sadness

Tuesday: 6.6m treadmill intervals (pace ranged from 7:30-6:00), 15 min abs

Wednesday: 4.25m easy 8:41/pace, 30 min TRX upper body, 30 min yoga

Thursday: 7.2m hill workout, 15 min abs

Every time that Lana Del Rey song plays at the gym i get a little blue. I’m so ready for a pair of shorts, a bathing suit and a beach! Maybe it’s because I’ve been cooped up in the gym and apartment too long. (Or maybe it’s because my Jamaican tan lines are finally beginning to fade.) I did manage an outdoor hill run yesterday, but i was still struggling with icy patches and packed snow. It will be 45 degrees tomorrow so i’m saving my 12 miler for the nice weather & wet trails!

I finally ended up buying some handheld water bottles (per my coach’s suggestion) and I wish I’d done this a loooong time ago. I used to go without water for like 95% of my runs. If i were running over 10 miles I’d bring a small Gatorade or carry a bottle, all the other runs I’d just deal with it. Now I have a bottle for short & long runs, plus the pouch comes in handy <—get it!?


I found these ones at Marshall’s for $10 & $8. Immediately afterward I went into Sports Authority and they were selling the same bottles for $30! So excited I made the purchase I can tell that hydrating during my run is helping me maintain energy throughout the entire run. Simple I know, I just needed to do it to realize it. I mean, I chug water during my strength training days, why would running be any different?


after a treadmill run

I’m trying to make a solid effort to drink more water throughout the day. Especially since my workouts are getting tougher and my weekly mileage is beginning to going up. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces + more when you’re getting your sweat on. There’s always a ton of debate if things like coffee, juice, milk counts toward this. I think as long as the majority of your liquids are from water you’re good. If you want more information on daily hydration, Megan has a really helpful blogpost on the topic.


just because this made me happy

How’s your water intake? 

Any tips or tools you use as a reminder to drink more?