Back At It

Monday: 20min upper body, 3m easy 9:00/pace

Last week I began running after 8 days completely off. I did an easy 3 miler on a gorgeous Sunday, because i couldn’t help myself and felt fantastic. Usually after a race some pain is nagging or lingering, but this time nothing! After a few more easy running days this past week I can honestly say I still have a spring in my step and do not feel at all worn down.

We finally got a chance to celebrate Cameron’s 26th birthday. Yes, I’m a cradle robber. But don’t worry, our mental capacity evens it out. I took him to a few special places, one of which is a favorite restaurant of ours called Jaleo, in Bethesda, Maryland.20151114_182125


We went here to celebrate an anniversary almost 3 years ago, and once in a while we do special occasions and splurge on all the decadent tapas..like the octopus, we were in love with this dish…and I thought mine had a cute face. I’m weird, get over it.

20151114_184506a pitcher of red sangria & of course dessert.20151114_185500

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.19.00 PM

The following Tuesday a special package came in the mail…You can send my Awesome Wife Award to the PO Box. Thanks.


I haven’t decided what’s next. I’m sure i’m not the only runner at the end of their season that doesn’t know what distance to conquer next. I guess I haven’t felt this satisfied after a racing year to relax and enjoy a time away from a schedule. Not that i’m not thinking of running every second of the day, or wondering what marathon i’ll try to BQ or which half marathon I’ll attempt a 1:30… but it’s fun to consider all options. 🙂

Monday: 20min upper body

Tuesday: 6.9m 8:06/pace

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4m easy 8:45/pace

Friday: 40min lower body

Saturday: 11.3m easy 8:15/pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 22.1

How much time do you take off after an goal race?

How long do you wait to start putting new races on  your schedule this time of year??