Spending Time With Mom in NC!

Monday: 7m easy 9:00/pace
Tuesday: 2 x 3 @ 95#, 105# Push Jerks, 4 x 12 @ 115# Back Squats + 6m easy 8:36/pace
Wednesday: 6 x 6 deadlift + 5.1m easy 9:30/pace 

Life is crazy busy right now. I’ve been traveling around, spending time with some very important people and making time for a few things that I’ve pushed aside, like painting and practicing piano. The blogging might be sparse these days, but it’s all for making room for creativity and recovery. My workouts are sort of killing me right now even though i’m not training for anything specific, other than getting strong and running long of course! I kinda love it, kinda hate it, probably gonna ramble on a future blog about it 😉

My trip out to Asheville, NC was short, sweet and needed! I wanted to hike and visit a few breweries while in town. My mom (Linda) and I stopped first thing at Sierra Nevada! Travel tip: if you fly into Asheville, Sierra Nevada Brewery is less than a 5 minute drive away!

And it’s huge…

File_000 (407)

with tons of beers on tap…

File_000 (375)

great food! (Below is Pigs Cheek Flatbread and Veggie Flatbread)


I flew in later in the evening, so after our dinner and beer tasting we pretty much got settled in mom’s apartment and went to sleep. So did her little girl Maggie, who looks like an Ewok. fullsizerender.jpg

She’s a sweetheart and we took her for walks around her usual lake loop in Black Mountain, NC the next morning before heading out for, what else? Coffee…


The Dripolator has been a long time favorite since I was in 8th grade! I lived in Black Mountain for a short period of time, but my mom and sister have lived there longer so i visited often. It’s still and always will be one of my favorite places to trek back to.

File_000 (381)

I ordered a Cubano (frothed half n half, sugar & sea salt). I’ve started adding sea salt to my coffee on a regular basis when it’s available, it’s pretty incredible. And for the amount of water loss I’ve had “heat training” this summer, i can use the extra sodium right? lol


Mom caught me pouring a 2nd cup of coffee that morning. Need to hire her to full time to blog, cause I need to start double fisting java.


Is it me or is it kinda funny to do selfies with your parents?IMG_7502

Finally we were caffeinated enough to drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway and find some hiking and views to take pictures of…


My mom pointed out how our hands are doing the same thing… apples don’t fall far.

File_000 (410)

File_000 (467)

File_000 (412)img_7523.jpgFile_000 (423)

And we drove up to Mount Mitchell, took pictures at the summit then found a nearby trail to hike. It was such a beautiful day!

File_000 (430)

File_000 (465)

and onto the hike!

File_000 (453)File_000 (454)

File_000 (474)File_000 (455)File_000 (457)

It’s alright here I guess…File_000 (440)

Next up we went to downtown Asheville and stopped at Lexington Glassworks. It’s an amazing glass blowing studio where you can watch the artists work and they’ll talk about the process to the crowd. There were a ton of cool things for sale….and they had a bar serving beer while you hang out. <–that seemed dangerous but the space is huge, so i guess the chances that you’ll bump into stuff and have to buy it is slim? Maybe? Haha

File_000 (533)

Then we were onto Wicked Weed Brewery!

File_000 (492)

I ordered a cucumber beer, super refreshing on a warm day after hiking. Travel Tip: Wicked Weed does not do sampler flights on weekends!File_000 (491)

But I was happy with the beer and the chocolate porter I got for dessert!

File_000 (482)

Lunch was the bison buger & sweet potato fries. Literally my favorite burger/fry combo.File_000 (493)

We spent lots of time shopping, checking out local art, drinking coffee, and walking the dog around the lake…

File_000 (520)

no idea what this was, but it’s across the street from Wicked Weed and I loved the art.

File_000 (494)

File_000 (495)

The next morning we headed to Oskar Blues Brewery, which had a huge outdoor patio to listen to live music, play corn hole (or bags depending on what part of the country you’re from), a food truck and an outdoor bar. We spent a few hours here because the weather was incredible and apparently I need to be outside a minimum of 2-5 hours a day haha.

File_000 (502)

File_000 (496)

Stairway to Beer Heaven. File_000 (512)

We had the salmon sandwich and fries- soooo good!File_000 (514)File_000 (499)File_000 (509)

File_000 (505)File_000 (504)

We did so much walking I didn’t even feel the need to go for a run or workout. Ok, i mean, i squeezed in all my workouts in before I left but you know what I mean. I love being active while on vacation!

File_000 (524)File_000 (519)

Asheville was so much fun and hanging out with my mom was perfect. I can’t wait to go back and hit up some more breweries and hikes!

Last Week

Monday: 6m easy 8:32/pace
Tuesday: 7m intervals 10 x 400s (6:15p)
Wednesday: Crossfit, 5m easy 9:25/pace
Thursday: 10m long 9:36/pace
Friday: 1.5hr conditioning
Saturday: 1 hr upper body (Bench press)
Sunday: Rest/ 3m easy walk

Total Miles: 28

What’s your favorite repeat getaway city?

Summer vacation plans?




Colorado Continued & Utah! Vacation Part II + PRO Compression Winner!

A few last pictures from Colorado, then we headed down a scenic route to Utah. These final few Colorado pictures were taken by Cameron’s cousin, Kyle! You can check out his photography HERE.


Kyle dubbed this photo he took of us “the mountain grope.” We are all weirdos.


Blurry, but captured the Utah sign!


Our first campsite was right on the Colorado River outside of Moab, Utah. This was our view..at night. The moon was full and so bright, Kyle got a pretty cool shot with the stars & clouds.

And this was my picture the next day in the AM. You can still see the moon on the left!



During the first day in Moab, we did a fair share of exploring, Kyle & Elise took us to see Petroglyphs, an old gravesite, a waterfall…

20150901_122455 20150901_122612

Saw graves dated from the late 1800s, kinda cool, kinda creepy, always a little sad.


After our waterfall visit, the sky turned super dark and made for some beautiful pictures…


20150901_180801 (1)


And our drive through Arches National Park, where we would go hiking on our 2nd day in Moab!



20150901_185453 (1)

We never got bored driving through this area. It was WAYYY too pretty! I have so many pictures these posts will be continuing through the week!

Now onto the PRO Compression winner!!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 6.27.04 PM

MIchael, send me an email at shesgoingforspeed@gmail.com as soon as possible!

Week of 9/14/15-9/20/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.7 easy 9:20/pace + 2m walk w/LE

Wednesday: 20 min upper body

Thursday: 5m easy 8:03/pace

Friday: 4m easy 9:10/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 11m easy 8:11/pace

Total Miles:  25.7, 2 walking



Monday: 20min hips/glues/core, 1m walk with LE

Tuesday: 7m interval 6 x 1000m (1.5m warm up 2 x 1000m @ 6:53/pace, 2 X 1000s 6:48/pace 2 x 1000s 6:44/pace .5 cool down, 2 min recoveries in between)

Wednesday: Rest, 1m walk w/Le

Thursday: 5m easy 9:01/pace

Friday: 7m tempo 7:59/pace

Saturday: Pure Barre + 2.5m walk w/LE

Sunday: 12m easy 8:05/pace + 1m walk w/LE

Total Miles: 31 running, 5.5 walking

Did anyone race this weekend? 

Where’s the next vacation you plan on going?


Camping in Nebraska, Hiking in Colorado (Vaca PT 1)

Monday: 10m long 8:45/pace

Sorry i’ve been missing, I took a vacation! For my birthday this year, I asked Cameron if we could finally go with his cousin Kyle & wife Elise, out west on their annual camping trip through Colorado & Utah. They’ve been trying to get us to go for years, and the timing never worked out. From now on we will make the time to go on this trip! It was by far the most fun, adventurous, laugh-filled, breath-taking trip i’ve ever been on.

Aaaaand the longest car ride i’ve ever taken. Starting from Maryland and resting in Ohio for a night where my extended family lives was our first part of the trip.

My grandparents Stan & Helen

My grandparents Stan & Helen

Once we made it to Indiana (where Kyle & Elise are from) we slept & hit the road on the bright! 5:00am riding across the most boring states in all the land… Illinois–> iowa –> Nebraska –> where we finally stopped for the night and camped. Had to document the very first tent i’ve ever set up!



the most exciting part of Nebraska!

The next day we finally crossed into Colorado & once we made it to Estes Park we took off on our first hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. I can only say good things about this hike. It was long (10.5 miles!) and the terrain changed over and over again. It honestly never got boring and the weather was perfect. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!




we did not intend to match! whoops


the sunset!

the sunset!

After a night of camping in Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park, we set out toward Utah, but first taking the scenic route up the mountains where it got pretty cold, but made our pictures pretty cool.



me taking photos of the photographer taking pictures of the professional photographer…






more to come!


Week of 8/24/15-8/30/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7m combo workout -2m warm up, 3m @ 7:35/pace + 4 x 2:00min @ 5k pace 6:27

Wednesday: 4.5m easy 9:25/pace, 10min core

Thursday: 5.5m interval run

Friday: 9.5 long 8:16/pace

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10.5m hike in Colorado (Rocky Mountain National Park)

Total Miles: 26.5 running + 10.5 hiking


Week of 8/31/15-9/6/15

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 1m hike

Wednesday: 6.3m hike in Arches National Park

Thursday: 7m fartlek 7:50/pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 7m running + 7.3 hiking

What’s the longest car ride you’ve ever taken?

Anyone been to Rocky Mountain National Park? 


This Oughta Warm You Up

Monday: Rest/traveling

Tuesday: 6m easy 8:40/pace

Wednesday: 7.3miles interval work- 6 x 1000m progressive repeats (6:44, 6:39, 6:33, 6:27, 6:22)

Thursday: Rest/snow day

I’m getting so tired of reading Facebook, IG, texts, blogs where complaining about winter just doesn’t end. Apparently for the DC area, this finally is the end. We just got another 5 or so inches and it’s still coming down. Next week will begin my annual tradition to Boycott Winter. Which entails me putting my winter coat in storage, shopping for a new swimsuit and planning vacations. If you want to read about how I broke up with winter last year you can read it here 🙂

Instead of complaining about winter (even though by not complaining, i’m obviously still complaining ahhhhhh!) Let’s take a look at some fun, warmer weather pics from my weekend trip to Los Angeles. On our first morning we went on a hike/walk/whatever workout you SoCal’ers call it..


My very pretty, newly blond sister, Abbie & Cameron

To the left of them & the picture was this:

20150228_114922Then Abbie drove us up Mulholland Drive to see the Hollywood sign cause it was a close drive.

don't mind my crazy hair

don’t mind my crazy hair

Sunday it rained off and on all day, but I was determined to get Cameron to the beach…It down poured the entire drive, but i saw -literally- a silver lining in the clouds and kept thinking, it might not raining at the beach…

20150301_173139 So we parked our rental car at the empty beach at an already paid for meter, and headed toward the sand.


We watched the few people hanging out, waiting for the sun to show up. It did and it was glorious. The east coast gets the sunrise, but i’m not a morning person, so this was heaven.



As much as I wanted to run out in LA, I didn’t want to take time away from visiting with my sister & her fiance on a short trip and also didn’t want to stress over fitting in a long run. I crammed all my workouts in and did a long run in the a.m. before my flight. Which was stressful and exhausting, but so worth the relaxing weekend.

Last Week’s Recap

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7m 2 x 2 tempo (2miles @ 7:03/pace, 2 @ 6:58 – one mile warm up, one mile recovery in between, and 1 cool down), 3000m row.

Wednesday: 4 Rounds, 25 Pull Ups (assist machine) and 1m easy 8:40/pace (total 100 pull ups, 4 miles)

Thursday: 5.5m intervals 8 x 400s ( 2 @ 5:52/pace, 2 @ 5:45, 2 @ 5:39, 2 @ 5:37), 15min core

Friday: 10m easy 8:13/pace

Saturday: 8m walking/hiking

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles: 26.5 + 8 walking

Sunrise or Sunset?

East Coast or West Coast?

Coffee or Coffee? exactly, coffee is the only answer.

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Vitamins: What I take!

Monday: 10 long miles 8:27/pace

Happy Monday! I started off my day with 2 eggs with spinach & mushrooms, bacon, toast, coffee, water & vitamins. If i don’t have eggs (yolks included) I feel off. I am a creature off habit and eat almost the same thing everyday. I don’t talk much about food on the blog, which I hope to change, but the fact is, I don’t like to cook. Cameron is definitely the head chef of this household. Breakfast is my deal though and I can cook a mean morning cuisine.

I generally eat pretty balanced meals, but there are days were all I want are cookies and cereal, or where I have a few beers or  we’re in between grocery store visits and out of vegetables. So, I take a few vitamins to fill in any nutritional gaps I have during the day. Most people will have opinions on vitamins and whether they work or if they’re a waste of money. Please do your own research and figure out what works (or doesn’t work) for you.

Remember, vitamins are not replacements for real food, they are supplements for what your body is missing or low on. (I think of vitamins as a type of nutritional insurance.) I wanted to share the vitamin supplements I take, and why I take them. Look, they even lined up and smiled for the camera all on their own!


Women’s Multi-Vitamin: I like to think this as the nutritional gap filler since it has a little bit of everything. I especially take it for the Calcium & Iron.

Glucosamine: It is a natural compound found in healthy cartilage (Mayo Clinic),  taken for joint health. I had no idea what Glucosamine was until it kept popping up in other running blogs I’ve been reading. I started taking this in July and have had almost ZERO joint pain in my knees and hips. Even after my last race I had no joint pain, only muscle soreness. If I had to choose to take one supplement for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Super B-Complex: Helps convert food to energy, supports normal functioning of the nervous system with added antioxidants and immune system support (taken from the back of the Nature Made label). I take this one with my lunch to give me a Vitamin-B boost before going into work for the day.

Fish Oil: Omega-3s!! The fatty acids help with heart health. I’ve also read, I believe in Runner’s World, that Fish Oil helps bring down inflammation in the lungs and nasal passages which help those with seasonal allergies (um, ME!).

Biotin: This helps support healthy skin & hair as well as metabolizing carbs, proteins & fats. I’m trying to grow my hair out and I’ve already noticed a difference since taking this.

In the morning I take the multi-vitamin & Glucosamine. Before work I take the Super-B Complex, and at dinner I take the Fish Oil & Biotin. I split up my vitamins throughout the days because I want them to absorb with each meal. I feel like if I take the full group all at once I might overload my system and pee most of them out. I’ve noticed since splitting up my intake I’ve had more consistent energy all day.

Energy that helps us do this:


and this:

Those pictures our from our hike yesterday and yeah, Cameron’s pic is much more impressive than mine, but I climbed up there to sit down ok?!

What Vitamins/Supplements does everyone take daily? 

Did you get your Monday run or workout in??


Hockey, hiking & my workout summary 9/23-9/29

This weekend started off very similar to last weekend. We went to another Capitals pre-season game because tickets were dirt cheap. I’m feeling spoiled and will probably be sad when next friday comes and we don’t go to a game.


Cameron & his parents, my future in laws

Cameron & his parents, my future in laws


The next morning I had to get up early for the TRX training class. It was an 8 hour class full of great information and lots of working out. It was so exhausting and i’m sore in places I haven’t been in a while.  I can’t wait to get to work this week and test out my new knowledge of the TRX course in the gym. The instructor showed me a few exercises to stretch out my chest, and workout my back because runners tend to have their shoulders pulled forward (I do for sure).

Even though my body was sore Cameron and I went on an early morning hike. (okay, it was noon, but on a Sunday it feels early). He wanted to make it back in time to watch football, which is cool with me cause that means more time to talk to you guys! Take a look at a few pictures from our hike…




love how calm the water was. and there were some people repelling down the side

love how calm the water was. and there were some people repelling down the side

My weekly workout summary:

Monday: 8 min leg workout

Tuesday: 5.5 mile run 8:27/pace, 10 min abs + foam rolling

Wednesday:  6 mile easy run 8:26/pace

Thursday: 15 min Triceps, 15 min abs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Full Body TRX (2+ hours)

Sunday: 4 mile hike

Total Miles: 11.5 + 4 mile hike

My mileage was a little low for my liking this week, but my legs were wrecked from this week’s workouts and it’s always hard for me to get back into running 4-5 days a week after a race . RIght now football is on the tv, I just had a cup of hot chocolate, and after a weekend of cross training I’ll be ready to run tomorrow.

Did everyone have a cup of coffee today? It’s National Coffee Day!