A Much Needed Staycation

Monday: 6m fartlek 7:26/pace, 35 min biceps/back, 30 min abs

Tuesday: 5m easy 8:10/pace

Cameron surprised me by booking a hotel in Georgetown over the weekend for a staycation! We had bad luck both to and from Gtown with the train just sitting for 20 minutes.. which led to pictures like this..


and 5 minutes later the fun wore off which led to pictures like this…

We finally made it to the hotel & got cleaned up for our dinner res (how douchey fancy do I sound?) at Neyla, a very good Mediterranean place.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.50.27 PM

I loved the wallpaper in the hotel bathroom! Whenever I’m wearing real people clothes, I have to document it.

We ordered a sampler meal at Neyla, with a little of everything and a pitcher of white sangria.

Later we ended up at a bar…


Which led to us walking down M street to the Exorcist stairs. I know it’s a strange thing, but our first night together was spent strolling M street & these stairs. One day i’ll tell ya the story!

The next morning we went for a run along the canal.



And then afterward, Baked & Wired for coffee & cupcakes. Seriously Cameron nailed our weekend.



The rest of our day was spent shopping and walking and more food.

g town

Thunder Burger! Also, best fries ever, i ate every. single. one.


I highly recommend taking a staycation if taking a real vacation just can’t happen with budget or timing. We needed this!

Anyone ever Staycation? Where?

How many miles today?