Random Acts of Wednesday

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.5m easy 9:22/pace

Wednesday: 5m tempo (1m warm up, 3m @ 7:44/pace, 1m cooldown) + 15 min legs (offset lunges, TRX pistol squats & dead lifts)

First random of today: I did a short leg workout after a tempo run today. I have never been good about training legs and running all in the same week. But i recently read about how you SHOULD workout legs after a hard running workout. You can read about why here!

File_000 (21)

2nd Random: I received a very cool Christmas gift–> Foot Cardigan! I’m getting a fun pair of socks for 6 months. Such a good gift idea!

File_000 (25)

File_000 (27)

3rd Random: I’m a very well fed runner.

File_000 (26)

Burger & baked fries

Random #4- I tried cupping over Christmas. And I liked it. 🙂

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Random #5 I found a package of Christmas cookies on clearance for $1. Not too random, but does anyone else follow the rule that if you eat a cookie over the sink it doesn’t count?
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It also doesn’t count when you’re walking and eating cookies.

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