Flex Friday! Your Photos & the Giveaway Winner!

Wednesday: 7.5m 7:44/pace tempo 

Thursday: 18m 8:30/pace (pace ranged from 8:25-8:40)

I’ll talk about my long run tomorrow, I wanted to post a few more pictures from the weekend when my mom was visiting because we had a pretty fun time. After the Nationals game on Sunday we went to see the almost blooming cherry blossom trees and a few monuments. We also love to point out how the monument looks like a penis—especially with the tree placement at the base. Just sayin…


Cameron and I got a kick out of our Thomas Jefferson selfie… the memorial was neat, if you’re into statues and stuff. I always feel like I’m supposed to be all ooooh and aahhhh over statues, but i’m not. I’m over it in 10 seconds. The walls were my favorite though, all important stuff you read in textbooks as a student finally come full circle.


I just loved this 🙂


Now it’s time for the Flex Friday pics & winner! I want to say that I did an awful job at promoting the protein giveaway (i was super distracted all week with mom here, dress shopping and the 18 miler), but the pictures I received are amazing and I appreciate the submissions and all my readers! For future giveaways give it a go and enter! The blog is still fairly new and your odds of winning are fantastic!

from my Instagram

from my Instagram, me and my mom!

Elise on a run! She’s training for her first marathon —Chicago!

Michele is in the pink on the right at her first 5k last fall!


Megan running a race!

I love that all the pictures ended up being running pics, i’m so proud of the running community! Drumroll…and the winner is…

MEGAN! – Check your email!

I kinda like showcasing my readers on the blog, so this won’t be the last time. Hang on to a few race pics or flex photos and hopefully we’ll keep this going!

When is your next race!?

May 3 & 4th

What’s the weather like?

Spring is finally here!! …i think!